[Latest] cat syllabus 2023 pdf download

Download CAT official syllabus 2023 pdf. Here, you can easily download the CAT syllabus pdf and kick-start your CAT preparation. Syllabus is the first guide which each of the aspirants look before starting their preparation of the desired exam.

The CAT syllabus helps you to understand the areas which needed to focus and which needed to be left so that it would be easier for you to practice questions and build the concept.

CAT official syllabus pdf 2023 | common admission test syllabus pdf
CAT official syllabus pdf 2023 | common admission test syllabus pdf

For better and easily understanding, the CAT syllabus pdf is divided into 3 sections and discuss below, whose pdf can be also downloaded from below.

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CAT syllabus 2023 pdf download

You can easily download the syllabus by clicking on the download button below, or you can check out the brief syllabus below in this article. If you are looking for any specific study material, let us know by commenting.

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CAT Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension VARC official Syllabus:-

CAT VARC syllabus is further divided into two subsection one is Verbal ability and other is Reading Comprehension the brief syllabus of both the section are as follows, you can download the pdf for detailed syllabus :-

CAT reading comprehension syllabus-

  • Current Affairs 
  • Business and Economics
  • Literature
  • Science and Culture  
  • Abstract Topics and Fiction
  • Historical Events
  • Mythology

CAT verbal ability syllabus:-

In verbal ability from following topics, the question is asked for CAT entrance exam for MBA :-

  • Essence of short paragraph/summary
  • Jumbled paragraphs
  • Odd sentences in jumbled paragraphs
  • Error correction in the verb, noun, pronoun, adjective, adverb, and other parts of speech in sentences
  • Correcting the sequence of sentences in articles such as giving the correct usage of conditional statements, time clauses, reported speech, and passive writing
  • Use of vocabulary in selecting the correct pair of words
  • Filling in blanks with appropriate vocabulary
  • Use of vocabulary in RC passages to identify the right synonyms and antonyms
  • Completing the last statements of paragraphs
  • Critical reasoning
  • Analogies
  • Usage of phrasal verbs
  • Facts, inference, and judgement Sentence completion
  • Irrelevant sentences

CAT Quantitative Aptitude (Quant.) Syllabus 2023 :-

CAT Quantitative aptitude syllabus is basically CAT math’s syllabus. In QA the syllabus from where the questions are asked in the exam were similar somewhere to other general competitions quantitative aptitude syllabus. The brief syllabus of CAT Quantitative Aptitude from topics from which questions are asked is given below, you can see the pdf for more details.

Coordinate GeometryMensurationLCM & HCF
Set theory & FunctionQuadratic and Linear EquationsProbability
Number SystemAveragesComplex Numbers
Ratio, Proportion & VariationSpeed, Time and DistanceGeometry
Compound InterestProfit, Loss and DiscountAlgebra
TrigonometryNumber System Shortcut for CATRemainder Concepts
Permutation and CombinationFactorialsPolygons
Progressions and SeriesArithmetic ProgressionRelatives speed
CirclesPower cycleQuadrilaterals
Geometric progressionPoints, lines and planesSet

Cat 2022 syllabus of DILR (Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning):-

CAT DILR section is divided into two parts, Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning. The brief syllabus pdf of CAT DILR syllabus is given below :-

CAT Data Interpretation Syllabus :-

In Data Interpretation from following topics, the question is asked for CAT entrance exam for MBA :-

Tables and ChartsComparison of data for various years and ages
Graph, Bar diagramData analysis, comparison of various years, groups, and classes
Tables, Pie chartDecoding and determining the data of missing period, taking clues, and interpreting the missing links
Graphs, ChartsData analysis and finding conclusions, making future projections

CAT Logical Reasoning Syllabus :-

In Logical Reasoning from following topics, the question is asked for CAT entrance exam for MBA :-

SyllogismsPuzzlesCritical Reasoning
Blood RelationsCoding-DecodingStatement & Assumption
Direction sense testInference & Seating ArrangementRanking

Cat syllabus pdf- Question distribution :-

As we all know CAT entrance exam syllabus is divided into three section QA, DILR & VARC the distribution of question among all the three section is given below :-

CAT Exam SectionTotal questionsNumber of MCQs (Negative marking)Number of Non-MCQs (No negative marking)
Section-1: Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension (VARC)24195
Section-2: Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning (DILR)20128
Section-3: Quantitative Ability (QA)22148


How many subjects are in cat ?

CAT Entrance exam is consisting of 3 subjects, or you can say section which are VARC (Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension), QA (Quantitative Aptitude), and DILR (Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning). Among the 3 section the question is divided, from VARC section 24 question were asked, from QA 22 question asked and while from DILR 20 question is asked in the entrance exam of CAT common admission test. The detailed syllabus of 3 section can be access by clicking here

How to complete cat syllabus in 2 months ?

Completing CAT syllabus in 2 months is quite possible reason after discussing from a Cat topper according to him one can crack exam by studying for 300-500 hours only which is possible by anyone in 2 months. So according to this to crack CAT is two month one need to study at least 5 hours a day for straight 2 months also if you’re already studying for other exam whose syllabus is similar to cat syllabus then you can easily crack CAT exam in 2 months.

what is the syllabus of cat ?

Cat entrance exam syllabus for MBA is consisting of VARC (Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension), QA (Quantitative Aptitude), and DILR (Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning). The detailed syllabus of CAT can be accessed from here.
The syllabus of VARC is consisting of Verbal ability and Reading Comprehension, Quantitative aptitude syllabus is consisting of number system, algebra etc. while Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning is consisting of bar graph, pie chart and other reasoning type questions.

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