CAT Question paper | CAT previous year papers with solution pdf

Download CAT previous year question paper with solution. Here you can download CAT [1991-2022] previous year question paper with solution pdf. CAT previous year papers is important study materials helpful in your preparations.

CAT previous year papers with solution pdf download [1991-2022]
CAT previous year papers with solution pdf download [1991-2022]

PDF Previous Year CAT Papers with Solutions [1991-2021] :-

Solving last year’s CAT question papers will provide candidates basic understanding of the question asked earlier and could come in the next year as well. Previous year question paper of CAT gives you important details of the assessment pattern, the type and level of difficulty of the questions asked in the test. CAT 2021 & 2020 papers were processed in 3 slots, while CAT papers 2019, 2018, and 2017 were held in 2 section. Students preparing for CAT 2023 should download last year’s CAT questions pdf along with solution for 2021, 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017, and more in the article below.

Before downloading the previous year question paper, everyone must check CAT syllabus, and understand the gradual changes in the CAT Paper pattern. CAT has started issuing CAT papers from 2017 onwards, which is why no official CAT question papers are available from 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016.

CAT Previous Year Question Paper with solution pdf below :-

Exam YearCAT Question PapersSolution of CAT
CAT Paper 1990Download HereDownload Here
CAT Paper 1991Download HereDownload Here
CAT Paper 1992Download HereDownload Here
CAT Paper 1993Download HereDownload Here
CAT Paper 1994Download HereDownload Here
CAT Paper 1995Download HereDownload Here
CAT Paper 1996Download HereDownload Here
CAT Paper 1997Download HereDownload Here
CAT Paper 1998Download HereDownload Here
CAT Paper 1999Download HereDownload Here
CAT Paper 2000Download HereDownload Here
CAT Paper 2001Download HereDownload Here
CAT Paper 2002Download HereDownload Here
CAT Paper 2003 Re- TestDownload HereDownload Here
CAT Paper 2003Download HereDownload Here
CAT Paper 2004Download HereDownload Here
CAT Paper 2005Download HereDownload Here
CAT Paper 2006Download HereDownload Here
CAT Paper 2007Download HereDownload Here
CAT Paper 2008Download HereDownload Here
CAT Paper 2009 With SolutionDownload HereDownload Here
CAT Paper 2010 With SolutionDownload HereDownload Here
CAT 2017 – Slot 1, 2 with solutionDownloadDownload
CAT 2018 – Slot 2DownloadDownload
CAT 2018 – Slot 1DownloadDownload
CAT 2019 – Slot 1DownloadDownload
CAT 2020 – Slot 1, 2, 3DownloadDownload
CAT 2021 PAPER– Slot 1, 2, 3Adding soonadding soon
CAT 2022 PAPER– Slot 1, 2, 3Updating soonUpdating soon

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CAT Previous Year Question Papers – PDF Download :-

An easy way to familiarize yourself with the CAT Question Paper pattern, difficulty level, and number of questions asked to resolve you need to follow as many previous CAT questions as possible. CAT testing is considered one of the most challenging and competitive tests in the country. Each year, many MBA applicants from across the country appear in the CAT examination.
The Indian Institute of Management administers conduct a common Admission Test (CAT) annually, to assess the eligibility of a candidate to enter IIMs and advanced B schools in India. Understanding the CAT test and its pattern is important before attempting these questionnaires. The test consists of three stages, each of which is 40 minutes long.

What are the best books for CAT ?

Along with the best previous year paper, the best book for preparation of CAT as suggested by toppers and experts is the major need of many aspirants and here we have recommended you the best book for CAT section wise as suggested by toppers and experts. For this, just visit here

What are benefits of CAT previous year papers?

We have seen that the questions that come in the CAT papers are different from the ones that come within mock. Moreover, the questions that come with mock test are very complex or very simple, unlike those that come with real CAT, its logical questions which can be understood after looking at the previous year paper.
In addition to this, CAT previous year papers help you to understand the syllabus you need to cover for CAT. The CAT does not define its syllabus, and we have no other source other than last year’s CAT papers to understand what the CAT syllabus really is about.

What is CAT Verbal ability syllabus ?

The verbal ability and reading comprehension syllabus of CAT includes :
Sentence Correction
Fill in the Blanks – Vocabulary words
Sentence Completion
Critical Reasoning
Fact, Inference & Judgement
Idioms and Phrases
Error Spotting

For more detailed syllabus of CAT 2023 visit here

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