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Hey , are you struggling to find CDC Grade 2 English Book PDF then Relax now because you are at a right place Where All the CDC Books of Grade 1 to 12 are available. And you all can download it for Free , nothing will be Charged for it . Share the Post as well as website with your friends . so that they can also get these all materials. So, in this post you can get the CDC Grade 2 English Book in the PDF Format. This is a English Learning Book for Grade 2 by which In Nepal, every year a lot of students learn English Step by Step in very simple and interesting way .

Download CDC Grade 2 English Book PDF for Free

CDC Class 2 English Book PDF Download Free 2022 - Examflame

This is the Official Government Book of English for Grade 2 in Nepal published by the Government of Nepal. So , All the students of Grade 2 in the Nepal use this book to learn English in their starting Period . Then you can also learn English in a very Simple and catchy way . So, To download this Book you just have to read the Full post and then get your book for free . The Book contains materials in English Language . Now the Book of CDC Grade 2 English Book is given below with Book description, table of contents and some the Book PDF details.

This CDC Grade 2 English Book covers a good enough materials which will help Students to achieve the competency and learning outcomes set in the curriculum. Every Chapter Designed in a very interesting And well manner so that students can easily memorise the concepts as well as feel active / energetic during study. There is uniformity in the presentation of activities which will surely make it convenient for the students. Teachers, students and other stakeholders are expected to give constructive comments and suggestions to make it a more useful learning material.

So, Now you can download the CDC Grade 2 English Book in the PDF Format from below …

Download CDC Grade 2 English Book PDF for Free


Curriculum Development Centre (CDC) revises curricula and textbooks on a regular basis to make education relevant to changed context. Keeping to the tradition, the new Basic Level Curriculum (Grades 1-3) developed as an integrated form is based on the guiding principles of National Curriculum Framework 2019. To see their relevance and practicalities, both the curriculum and the book of Grade 2 were piloted in over 100 schools across the country in the academic year 2077 BS.

The curriculum has been updated on the basis of the feedback obtained from diff erent stakeholders. Likewise, this book has also been revised on the basis of the updated version of the integrated curriculum and as well as the feedback obtained from the piloting. The book is organized under eleven multidisciplinary themes and incorporates the competencies and the language functions outlined in the curriculum. Due to this, it is expected to help in integrated teaching and learning process. This book can be used as a textbook as well as a workbook.

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This book was initially developed by Prof. Dr. Laxman Gnawali, Mr. Ramesh Prasad Ghimire, Mr. Ramesh Dhakal and Mr. Uddhav Bhattarai. Based on the feedback received from piloting, it was revised and edited by a team of experts comprising Mr. Nim Prakash Singh Rathour, Mr. Nabin Kumar Khadka and Mr. Shankar Adhikari. Various people have contributed to bring this book in this form, notably; Dr. Lekha Nath Poudel, Mr. Tukaraj Adhikari, Prof. Dr. Bal Mukunda Bhandari, Dr. Gangaram Gautam, Dr. Gopal Prasad Pandey, Mr. Purna Bahadur Lamichhane, Mr. Gangadhar Hada, Mr. Mahendra Kumar Shrestha and Ms. Rani Jha.

The illustration of the book was done by Mr. Ujwal Tamang and Mr. Sonam Tamang and the layout design by Mr. Khados Sunuwar and Mr. Bhakta Bahadur Karki. The Centre would like to extend its sincere thanks to all the people who have contributed for the development of this book. An attempt has been made to make this book accessible and learner friendly. In order to make its eff ective use, the teacher needs to be a facilitator in the classroom . The Centre believes that it will also work as a self-access learning resource for the students. The Centre always welcomes constructive feedback for bringing improvements in its materials.

Table of Contents CDC Grade 2 English Book :

  • Before you begin – I 1-4
  • Before you begin – II 5-8
  • Me and My Family 9-36
  • Lesson 1 Birendra’s Family 10
  • Lesson 2 I Love My Family 15
  • Lesson 3 Uncle Shiva’s Family 19
  • Lesson 4 It’s Me 23
  • Lesson 5 My Body 27
  • Lesson 6 I Take Care of My Body 31
  • Assessment 1 35
  • My Daily Life 37-63
  • Lesson 7 Before School 38
  • Lesson 8 At School 42
  • Lesson 9 After School 46
  • Lesson 10 On Saturdays 50
  • Lesson 11 At the Zoo 54
  • Lesson 12 At a Fair 58
  • Assessment 2 62
  • My School 64-90
  • Lesson 13 Lunch Box Surprise 65
  • Lesson 14 Dentist at School 69
  • Lesson 15 Homework 73
  • Lesson 16 Durbar High School 77
  • Lesson 17 Unit Test 81
  • Lesson 18 We Are at School 85
  • Assessment 3 89
  • Our Environment 91-118
  • Lesson 19 My House 92
  • Lesson 20 My Garden 97
  • Lesson 21 My Village 101
  • Lesson 22 Weather 105
  • Lesson 23 Keeping Clean 108
  • Lesson 24 Using Numbers 113
  • Assessment 4 117
  • My Belongings 119-133
  • Lesson 25 Things I Have 120
  • Lesson 26 Colours and Objects 124
  • Lesson 27 My Clothes 128
  • Assessment 5 132
  • Our Culture 134-149
  • Lesson 28 Our Festivals 135
  • Lesson 29 Children’s Day 139
  • Lesson 30 Months of the Year 143
  • Assessment 6 148
  • Communication Technology and Market 150-168
  • Lesson 31 Shopping 151
  • Lesson 32 Talking on the Telephone 155
  • Lesson 33 What’s this? 159
  • Lesson 34 Making a List 163
  • Assessment 7 167
  • Fruits and Vegetables 169-182
  • Lesson 35 Fruits at the Market 170
  • Lesson 36 Vegetables at the Market 174
  • Lesson 37 Buying Fruits and Vegetables 177
  • Assessment 8 181
  • Hobbies and Interests 183-196
  • Lesson 38 I Like… 184
  • Lesson 39 We are on a Holiday 188
  • Lesson 40 Playing Games 192
  • Assessment 9 195
  • Birds and Animals 197-218
  • Lesson 41 Chicken Little 198
  • Lesson 42 Helpful Animals 203
  • Lesson 43 Birds and Animals 207
  • Lesson 44 What do Animals Eat? 212
  • Assessment 10 217
  • Word List 219
  • Learning Progression Chart 223


Book nameMy English Book
AuthorsGovernment of Nepal
Ministry of Education, Science and Technology
Curriculum Development Centre
Sanothimi, Bhaktapur
Grade 2
Total Pages232 Pages

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Curriculum Development Centre (CDC) : Introduction

Curriculum Development Centre (CDC), an academic centre, under the Ministry of Education of Nepal is established with an aim to develop curricula, textbooks along with other instructional materials for school education in order to achieve the national goals of education. This centre conducts annual as well as periodic discussion, interaction, dissemination programs on the usefulness of the instructional materials. Furthermore, it also conducts research-oriented programs to make school education relevant, practical and competitive. School education is considered as the foundation stone for the development of responsive and capable citizens.

Therefore, this centre which was initially established as Curriculum, Textbook and Supervision Centre in 1971 and named Curriculum Development Centre later in 1997, is determined to integrate the needs and interest of students in school education through learner centered teaching learning process from its inception. This Centre is headed by a Gazetted I class officer as the Executive Director and the centre teams with 60 staffs comprising of both technical and administrative fields. The office of this centre is located at Sanothimi, Bhaktapur.


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