Class 5 English Book PDF Download Nepal

Download Class 5 English Book PDF of Nepal for free. This English Book covers good enough materials which will help students to achieve the competency and learning outcomes set in the curriculum.

Every Chapter is Designed in a very interesting And well manner so that students can easily memorise the concepts as well as feel active/energetic during the study. There is uniformity in the presentation of activities which will surely make it convenient for the students. Teachers, students and other stakeholders are expected to give constructive comments and suggestions to make it a more useful learning material.

class 5 english book pdf nepal

Download Class 5 English Book PDF for free

Book nameEnglish Book
AuthorsGovernment of Nepal
Ministry of Education, Science and Technology
Curriculum Development Centre
Sanothimi, Bhaktapur
Grade 5
Total Pages114 Pages

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Table of Contents Class Grade 5 English Book:

  • Unit 1 : Expressing wants 1
  • Unit 2 : Expressing reasons 12
  • Unit 3 : Describing locations 21
  • Unit 4 : Talking about future 31
  • Unit 5 : Describing people 39
  • Unit 6 : Describing time 48
  • Unit 7 : Describing quantities 58
  • Unit 8 : Describing possessions 67
  • Unit 9 : Checking and confirming 75
  • Unit 10 : Talking about months and seasons 83
  • Unit 11 : Narrating events 92
  • Unit 12 : Talking about picnic 100
  • Listening texts 107


The aim of developing and revising the school curricula and textbooks is to make education purposeful, relevant and functional. Education should impart the desired knowledge and skills to the students. Apart from this, it imparts values and moral standards such as nationalistic feelings, discipline, self-reliance and basic functional skills of language, maths, science, information and health. Along with these, students are expected to appreciate arts, and tolerance among different languages, religions and cultures. In relation to this, there has been an increasing demand for English to start at the beginning of primary education.

To meet this demand, the government decided to introduce English as a subject from Grade One, starting in the academic year 2003. The present English textbook for Grade Five contains materials that give children enjoyable activities for learning English. Language skills are introduced systematically throughout this book, focusing particularly on listening and speaking skills for this grade. It is believed that the lessons and exercises given in the book will give children enough opportunities to practising different language skills.

It is equally true that the book in itself is not adequate to achieve its set goals unless there is an active teaching and learning environment. Hence, it is expected that the teachers will follow the instructions given in this book.

EXAMFLAME is not the owner of the material, we picked this material from the Internet and attached them to this post. We do not want to violate any kind of copyright law.  And if anybody has any issue/problem then please contact us at [email protected], or you can also leave a comment below with your original proof to request to remove the link/file/pdf/video.

This book, originally written by Jaganath Awa, Krishna Raj Hamal and Deo Narayan Mukhiya has been edited by Bishnu Prasad Parajuli of the Curriculum Development Centre. The art editing and layout concept of this book was done by Shreehari Shrestha by making it four colours. Curriculum Development Centre would like to thank the members of the English Subject Committee and other subject experts for their help in developing this book.

Generally, a textbook is an important tool for teaching and learning. It is expected that experienced teachers and enthusiastic students can achieve the learning outcomes of the curriculum by using this book along with various other resource materials. In practice, a textbook is used and considered the main resource material. Therefore, attempts have been made to bring this book up to the standard. Teachers, parents, students and all concerned stakeholders are requested to send their constructive suggestions to improve this book in future editions.


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