Classical Mechanics By Takwale and Puranik Free Book PDF Download 2022

Download Classical Mechanics By Takwale and Puranik Book pdf for free | Classical Mechanics By Takwale and Puranik Pdf download | Classical Mechanics By Takwale and Puranik Mechanics

Download Classical Mechanics By Takwale and Puranik Mechanics Book pdf for free

Classical Mechanics By Takewale and Puranik Book PDF Download free

In this post you will get access to download the Classical Mechanics By Takwale and Puranik Book in pdf format for free, you do not have to pay a single penny for it. Then read the full post and get this book for free. Now the Classical Mechanics By Takwale and Puranik Book is given below with a Download link, table of contents, and some pdf details of the books.

About the Book

One of the most influential books for Newtonian mechanics if you wish to begin from a terribly basic level then you must positively go along with this book. Newtonian mechanics may be a fascinating introduction to vectors,  Newtonian mechanics, and also the special theory of relativity theory.  It provides the scholar a firm grounding for advanced courses on Electrodynamics, Quantum Mechanics,  nucleonics, etc. Additionally, Vectra covers several disabilities of walking topics like  Mechanics of Particles System, pure mathematics and Analysis, Edin Motion of Rigid Body. 

Formulation, Hamilton’s equations, particle collisions, and little oscillations of theory.  It involves a scientific treatment of the particle’s performance underneath differing kinds of forces and offers an associate integrated approach to fields and potentials within the inverse sq. law physical phenomenon.  an associate appendix is ​​included within the coordinated system and a comprehensive listing. The book fulfills the whole needs of postgraduate and college man students. 

There area unit many queries associated with issues at the tip of every chapter that ought to give you an exciting exercise for the scholar and also the teacher. In short, If you virtually wish to build up the elemental data or ideas, then go and transfer this book in pdf format. move into the bottom section and notice a  “DOWNLOAD HERE ”  Button click there then you may send it to my drive wherever you get the file. And please leave   your feedback within the comment section.


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Classical Mechanics By Takwale and Puranik Table of Contents

01. Vector Algebra

1.1 Addition of vectors, 1.2 Equality of vectors, 1.3 Unit vector, 1.4 Products of 2 vectors, 1.5 Resolution of a vector,  1.6 Definition  of a vector in terms of its components  vector product,  1.7 Vector Algebra in terms of the  components, 1.8 Surface area as a vector, 1.9 Distribution law for vector product,  1.10 Dyadic or tensor of rank 2,  1.11 Scalar triple product, 1.12 Reciprocal vectors,  1.13 Vector triple product,  1.14 Rotational quantities as vectors,   1.15 Rotation of coordinate axes, 1.16 Pseudovectors and pseudoscalars, Questions,  Problems

02. Vector Analysis

2.1 Differentiation of a vector with respect to a scalar, 2.2 Differentiation  with respect to time-computation of velocity and acceleration, 2.3 Integration of vectors, 2.4 Partial differentiation,  2.5 Gradient of a scalar point function, 2.6 Divergence of a vector, 2.7 The equation  of continuity, 2.8 Curl of a vector point function,  2.9 More about vector differential operator, 2.10 Illustration of curl of a vector-angular velocity,  2.11 Multiple del operations, 2.12 Irrotational and solenoidal vectors, 2.13 Some useful identities, 2.14 Gauss’s theorem,  2.15 Green’s theorem, 2.17 Stokes’ theorem, 2.16 Volume integrals of other types,  2.18 Physical significance of the curl of a vector,  Questions, Problems

3. Mechanics of a Single Particle and of Systems of Particles

3.1 Newton’s laws of motion, 3.2 Mechanics of a particle,  3.3 Equation of motion of a particle, 3.4 Motion of a charged particle in an electromagnetic field, 3.5 Mechanics of systems of particles, 3.6 Motion of a system with variable mass,   Questions, Problems

4. Inverse Square Law-Field and Potential

4.1 Laws of gravitational and electrostatic forces,  4.2 Gravitational and electrostatic fields and potentials, 4.3 Lines of force and equipotential surfaces, 4.4 Fields and potentials of dipole and quadrupole, 4.5 Potential and intensity due to a charge distribution in the form of a spherical shell, 4.6 Potential due to a charge distribution at large distances, 4.7 Field equations, Questions, Problems 

5. Motion in a Central Force Field

5.1 Equivalent one-body problem, 5.2 Motion in a central force field,  5.3 General features of the motion, 5.4 Motion in an inverse-square law force field, 5.5 Equation  of the orbit,   5.6 Kepler’s laws of planetary motion, Questions,  Problems

6. Oscillations

6.1 Simple harmonic oscillator, 6.2 Damped harmonic oscillators,  6.3 Forced oscillations, 6.4 Coupled oscillations, Questions, Problems

7. Collisions of Particles

7.1 Elastic and inelastic scattering, 7.2 Elastic scatterings: laboratory and center of mass systems, 7.3 Kinematics of elastic scattering in the laboratory system, 7.4 Inelastic scatterings, 7.5 Cross-section, 7.6 The Rutherford formula,   Questions,   Problems 

8. Lagrangian Formulation

8.1 Constraints,  8.2 Generalised coordinates, 8.3 D’Alembert’s principle, 8.4 Lagrange’s equations, 8.5 A general expression for kinetic energy, 8.6 Symmetries and laws of conservation, 8.7 Cyclic or ignorable coordinates, 8.8 Velocity-dependent potentials of electromagnetic field, 8.9 Rayleigh’s dissipation function, Questions, Problems

9. Moving Coordinate Systems

9.1 Coordinate systems with relative translational motion 9.2 Rotating coordinate systems 9.3 The Coriolis force   9.4 Motion on the earth, 9.5 Effect of Coriolis force on a freely falling particle, Questions,  Problems

10. Motion of a Rigid Body

10.1 Euler’s theorem, 10.2 Angular momentum, and kinetic energy, 10.3 The inertia tensor  10.4 Éuler’s equations of motion, 10.5 Torque-free motion, 10.6 Euler’s angles,  10.7 Motion of a symmetric top, Questions, Problems

11. Variational Principle: Lagrange’s and Hamilton’s Equations

11.1 Configuration space, 11.2 Some techniques of calculus of variation, 11.3 Applications of the variational principle, 11.4 Hamilton’s principle, 11.5 Equivalence of Lagrange’s and Newton’s equations, 11.6 Advantages of the Lagrangian formulation-electromechanical analogies, 11.7 Lagrange’s undetermined multipliers, 11.8 Lagrange’s Equations for non-holonomic systems, 11.9 Applications of the Lagrangian method of undetermined multipliers, 11.10 Hamilton’s equations of motion, 11.11 Some applications of the Hamiltonian formulation 11.12 Phase space, 11.13 Comments on the Hamiltonian formulation, Questions, Problems

12. Canonical Transformations and the Hamilton-Jacobi Theory

12.1 Gauge transformation, 12.2 Canonical transformations,  12.3 Condition for transformation to be canonical, 12.4 Illustrations of canonical transformations, 12.5 Poisson brackets, 12.6 Canonical equations in terms of Poisson bracket notation,  12.7 Infinitesimal transformations,  12.8 Relation between infinitesimal transformations and Poisson brackets,  12.9 The Hamilton-Jacobi equations,  Questions,  Problems

13. Theory of Small Oscillations

13.1 General case of coupled oscillations, 13.2 Eigenvectors, and eigenfrequencies, 13.3 The orthogonality of eigenvectors, 13.4 Normal coordinates, 13.5 Small oscillations of particles on  string,  Questions,  Problems

14. Special Theory of Relativity

14.1 Newtonian relativity, 14.2 Michelson-Morley experiments, 14.3 Special theory of relativity, 14.4 Lorentz transformations, 14.5 Consequences of the Lorentz transformations, 14.6 Addition of velocities, 14.7 Variation of mass with velocity, 14.8 Mass- energy relation, 14.9 Space-time or Minkowski four-dimensional   continuum, 14.10 Four-vectors, 14.11 Compton scattering,  Questions,  Problems

Appendix A Coordinate Systems

A.1 Curvilinear coordinate, A.2 Orthogonal curvilinear coordinates, A.3 Element of surface area,  A.4 Volume element  A.5 Gradient in orthogonal curvilinear coordinates curvilinear coordinates, A.6 Divergence in orthogonal curvilinear coordinates, A.7 Curl of a vector in orthogonal curvilinear coordinates, A.8 Rectangular cartesian coordinates, A.9 Spherical polar coordinates,  A.10 Velocity and acceleration in spherical polar coordinates, A.11 Circular cylindrical or cylindrical polar coordinates, A.12 Velocity and acceleration in terms of cylindrical polar coordinates, Problems



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Download Classical Mechanics By Takwale and Puranik Book pdf for free


Book nameClassical Mechanics
Authors R. G. Takwale and  P. S. Puranik
Useful forB.Sc / M.Sc / Ph.D / etc..
Total Pages436 Pages
File size120.00 MB
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