CUET (UG) entrepreneurship Official syllabus , exam pattern

here you will get CUET (UG ) Entrepreneurship syllabus . Dowload Entrepreneurship official CUET Undergraduate syllabus pdf provided by National testing agency . Entrepreneurship syllabus is among one of the domain subject syllabus of CUET from which student can choose maximum 6 subject for their exam .Entrepreneurship domain subject syllabus will help you to understand the topic which you need to study to prepare for your CUET(UG) TEST .

CUET (UG) entrepreneurship Official syllabus
CUET (UG) entrepreneurship Official syllabus

CUET (UG) Entrepreneurship syllabus is divided into 7 units . Entrepreneurship is one of the main subject which you can select in CUET section-2 from among 27 domain subject offered in CUET . The domain subject you choose must be as per the requirement of your desired undergraduate course of specific central universities. According to NTA the syllabus of Domain subject is totally similar to class-12 syllabus so that it would be easy for students .The detailed CUET Entrepreneurship syllabus is provided below .`

Entrepreneurship syllabus of CUET undergraduate :

The syllabus of Entrepreneurship of CUET is divided into units as follw :

Unit 1: Entrepreneurial Opportunity 

 Sensing Entrepreneurial Opportunities 
 Environment Scanning 
 Problem Identification 
 Idea fields 
 Spotting Trends 
 Creativity and Innovation 

Selecting the Right Opportunity 

Unit 2: Entrepreneurial Planning 

 Forms of business organization- Sole-proprietorship, Partnership, Company 
 Business Plan: concept, format. 
 Components: Organizational plan; Operational plan; Production plan; Financial plan; Marketing plan; Human Resource planning 

Unit 3: Enterprise Marketing 

  • Marketing and Sales Strategy 
  • Branding, Logo, Tagline Promotion Strategy 

Unit 4: Enterprise Growth Strategies 

  • Franchising: Concept, types, advantages,limitations. 
  • Mergers and Acquisition: Concept,reasons, types.

Unit 5: Business Arithmetic 

  • Computation of Working Capital 
  • Inventory Control and EOQ Return on Investment (ROI) and Return on Equity (ROE)  

Unit 6: Resource Mobilization 

  • Capital Market- Primary 
  • Angel Investor: Features 
  • Venture Capital: Features, funding.

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Exam pattern of CUET (UG) Entrepreneurship :

The CUET (UG) section-2 exam of entrepreneurship consist of total 50 questions comprise of 5 marks each out of which candidates need to answer only 40 questions which make Entrepreneurship domain subject paper of total 200 marks. In the exam you will get about 10 optional questions which you leave also there will be negative marking for each wrong answer and no marks will be deducted for un-attempted questions.

What is the question paper pattern for the CUET (Central University Entrance Test)?

The ministry of education (MoE) has concluded the Common University Entrance Test will include four sections:
Section I A: Langauge Test (13 Languages)
Section I B: Langauge Test (20 Languages)
Section 2: Domain-specific test
Section 3: General test
The exam is conducted in computer-based test mode and different shifts.
Section 1A: Language Test
There will be a total of 50 questions on each language, out of which you have to attempt 40 questions.
The duration of each language paper is 45 minutes.
The question paper includes MCQ-based questions based on Reading comprehension. (based on different types of passages–Factual, Literary, and Narrative, [Literary Aptitude and Vocabulary]).
Section 1B: Language Test
Those who want to choose other languages like Kashmiri, French, Konkani, Spanish, Bodo, German, Dogri, Nepali, Maithili, Persian, Manipuri, Italian, Santhali, Arabic, Tibetian, Sindhi, Japanese, Russian, Chinese, and Sanskrit must attempt the section 1B paper.
Section 2: Domain-specific Test
This section has 27 subjects, of which you have to choose six domains you wish to pursue in your UG course.
There would be 40 questions to be attempted out of 50.
The duration would be 45 minutes for each domain-specific subject.
The question paper includes MCQ-based questions.
Section 3: General Test
General tests will include:
General Knowledge
Current Affairs
General Mental Ability
Numerical Ability
Quantitative Reasoning (Simple application of basic mathematical concepts)
Arithmetic/ algebra
Geometry/ mensuration/ statistics
Logical and Analytical Reasoning
This section will have multiple-choice questions based on NCERT textbooks, and there is a negative marking for each wrongly answered question.

what is the difference between CUET and CUCET?

There is no difference between CUET and CUCET. The full form of CUET is Common University Entrance Test which is the new name of Central University Common Entrance Test. National testing agency ka responsible authority which will conduct Common University Entrance Test. National Testing Agency has now made it compulsory for students to take admission in 45 central Universities through CUET. The national testing agency will release the application forms for the entrance examination on April 6, 2022.

How should I prepare for Current affairs and GK portion of CUET (central universities entrance test)?

The way which you can use to prepare for current affairs and GK portion of CUET are as follows :
1. Read newspapers every day: Newspapers are the best source for staying up to date on current events, and they can help candidates improve their knowledge of both national and international issues.
2. Read magazines: Many magazines present current events in a chronological order, complete with images, charts, and tables. These are a great way to stay up to date on current events while also helping you prepare for your bank exam.
3. Watch news channels on a regular basis: In addition to the aforementioned tips, such as reading newspapers and magazines, watching news channels on a regular basis is a good idea. Because we remember visuals better than text, watching the news will undoubtedly aid in the retention and supplementation of your current affairs knowledge for bank preparation.

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