NTA CUET (UG) Home science syllabus pdf download

Here you will get CUET Home science syllabus in details . We have provided here NTA CUET undergraduate test home science syllabus . Download CUET Home science official syllabus pdf from below .

NTA CUET (UG) Home science syllabus pdf download
NTA CUET (UG) Home science syllabus pdf download

CUET Home Science Syllabus 2023 has been released by National testing agency. The syllabus for the Home Science domain is available on the official portal of Common University Entrance Test (CUET)i.e. https://cuet.samarth.ac.in.  Aspirants can find the syllabus PDF on the official website as well as on this page. Candidates can read the complete home science syllabus of CUET below .The syllabus of the Home Science domain details all the units and topics that would be included and asked in the examination are given below .

CUET Home science official syllabus :

The syllabus is divided into units and chapters as follows :

Unit I: Nutrition, Food science and Technology

  1. Clinical nutrition and Dietetics
    a) Significance
    b) Diet Therapy objectives.
    c) Role of nutritionist
    d) Types of diets
    e) scope and career
  2. Public Nutrition and Health
    a) Concept of Public Health and nutrition.
    b) Nutritional Problems in India.
    c) Strategies to tackle nutritional problems.
    d) Scope and career
  3. Catering and food services management
    a) Types of food service system
    b) Management in food Services.
    c) scope and career
  4. Food Processing and technology.
    a) Basic concepts – food science, food Processing food technology, food Manufacturing
    b) Development of food processing and technology and its importance
    c) Classification of processed food.
    d) Scope and career.
  5. Food Quality and safety
    a) Basic Concepts – food safety, food contamination food adulteration
    b) Food Standards Regulation – India (FSSAI, Agmark) and International (CAC, WTO, ISO)
    c) Food safety management systems
    d) Scope and career.

Unit II: Human Development: Lifespan Approach :

  1. Early childhood care and education.
    a) NCF (Principles and objectives.
    b) Concept of crèche, day care centre and Montessori schools.
    c) View point of Psychologist – Piaget and Vygotsky
    d) Scope and career.
  1. Special Education and support services
    a) Disability
    b) special Education methods
    c) scope and career
  2. Management of institutions and programmes for children, youth and elderly
    a) Children: Vulnerable, programmes
    b) Youth: Vulnerable, programmes
    c) Elderly: Vulnerable, programmes
    d) Scope and career

Unit III: Fabric and Apparel:

  1. Design for fabric and Apparel
    a) Design Analysis – structive and Applied
    b) Elements of design.
    c) Principles of design.
    d) Scope and career.
  2. Fashion design and Merchandising
    a) Fashion terminology – Fashion, style, Fad, classic.
    b) Fashion Development – History and Evolution
    c) Fashion Merchandising
    d) Scope and career
  3. Production and quality control in the Garment Industry
    a) Stages of apparel production
    b) Quality Assurance in the Garment Industry
    c) Scope and career
  4. Care and Maintenance of fabrics in Institutions
    a) Laundry equipment – Washing drying and ironing
    b) Institutional laundry
    c) Scope and career

Unit IV: Resource Management

  1. Human Resource Management
    a) Significance and functions of HRM
    b) Scope and career
  2. Hospitality Management
    a) Concept of different hospitality establishments
    b) Guest Cycle
    c) Departments in Hospitality organizations Front Office, Housekeeping, food and beverages
    d) Scope and career
  1. Consumer Education and Protection
    a) Consumer Problems.
    b) Consumer Protection Act (2019) – consumer rights and responsibilities
    c) Standard Marks – ISI, Agmark, FSSAI, Hallmark, silk Mark, Wool Mark, Eco mark
    d) Voluntary consumer organizations
    e) Scope and career.

Unit V: Communication and Extension

  1. Development of communication and Journalism
    a) Basic concepts- Development, Development Journalism, and Development communication.
    b) Methods of communication
    c) Scope and career.
  2. Media management, Design, and Production
    a) Media planning
    b) Media designing and production.
    c) Media evaluation and feedback
    d) Scope and career

Unit VI: Career Options after Home Science Education

Career options of self and wage employment in various fields of Home Science.

What are the subjects in home science, & what is its future scope?

There are two ways to answer this question: First, in terms of the topics or sub subjects covered under the head of Home Science. Second, in terms of career opportunities available to Home Science majors.
First, the sub subjects covered under Home Science :
a. Nutrition / meal planning/Diet therapy
b. Food Science / Food Preservation / Food Service Management
c. Dress Designing / Textile designing/Fashion Technology,
d. Applied Economics / Personal Finance/Budgeting / Consumer Education
e. Human Psychology / Personality Development
f. Housekeeping / interior Design
Institutions / Colleges cover a few or all of the above sub subjects at various levels of education starting from the basics to advance courses. Basically you touch most of the topics mentioned above at basic levels and based on your interest and skills, you can master in any one or two professionally and plan your career accordingly.
Second, in terms of career opportunities available :
a. Nutritionist /Dietitian : with hospitals/ Hotels/ Corporate / can practice on your own
b. Hospitality Industry : Can become a chef or or open your own restaurant / food joint / catering business / Tiffin service
c. Become a dress designer / Textile Designer / Fashion Designer
d. Become an Interior Designer : Mostly they practice independently
e. Manage the Housekeeping Department of a hospital / hotel /Corporates / Residential institutes

Can I prepare for the CUET 2022 in less than 30 days?

According to the priority of subjects, below are section-by-section plans and preparations that you can take off one by one.
Day 1 – General Test (Language Preparation)
This is the section that needs your most attention. Even if you must be preparing it and updated on the current affairs, there will always be some things that you can catch up on every day.
Adapt the habit of reading editorials every day. My suggestion will be to read “The Hindus” newspaper and choose other local languages if it’s not English. Even without actually dedicating your day to language-based preparation, you will automatically get prepared for reading comprehension and vocabulary building.
Day 2 – General Test
Again 2nd day will be the same where you’ll try to grab as much as information you can.
Day 3 – General Test, Language Based
Here you can divide your hours between general tests and language-based preparations. Give your time here more towards reading and preparing for other topics like rearranging parts, choosing the correct word, synonyms and antonyms, etc.
Day 4 – Language-Based, General Test, Domain Specific
This is where you can start attempting various test papers now to check your language knowledge (if it’s English). And read local lessons for other languages and read local newspapers.
Give maximum time to language then GT and start revising Domain subjects that you studied in 12th already.
Day 5 – Language-Based, General Test, Domain Specific
Again repeat the same process, same as Day 5, and keep going.
Day 6 – Domain Specific, Language Based, General Test
Now change your ratio of dedicating time to a particular subject, give maximum time to Domain Specific subject now as you are two days away from the exam now and then practice language again and at last update yourself with the general test.
Day 7 – Domain Specific = Language Based = General Test
The final day, spend a maximum of time and give your best shot to your preparation this day where you’ll focus on revising all the things, attempting mocks/tests/samples, and exploring affairs.
8 hours each day can still make it possible!
You can divide your plan as you like depending on your interest and knowledge of sections. This is just a brief plan for those who are not able to start the preparation for any unforeseen reason.

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