CUET [Syllabus] for ANTHROPOLOGY pdf download 2022

Here you will get detailed syllabus of CUET (UG) anthropology syllabus pdf / CUCET Anthropology syllabus pdf download . CUET earlier known as CUCET conducted by NTA for admission in various under graduate and post graduate courses of various central universities such as DU, JNU, Jamia Millia, BHU, AMU .

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CUET ANTHROPOLOGY syllabus pdf download 2022

According to NTA the Domain subject of CUET section-2 contain class-12 portion of that particular subject , so that it will be easy for students to prepare for boards and CUET simultaneously .The CUET Anthropology domain subject syllabus of Undergraduate test is provided below in details .

The exam level of Anthropology of CUET (UG) is of class-12 level and contain MCQs questions have four option out of which one option is correct which you need to chose .

CUET anthropology official syllabus for UG:

The syllabus is divided into unit given as follow :

Unit-1: Physical Anthropology:

(i) Preliminary knowledge of Humangenetics. Mendel’s Laws of heredity Monohybrid and Dihybrid ratio.
(ii) Definition of Race and Racial criteria,significance of skin colour,Eye form and colour,Head form, and ABa blood groups as racial criteria.
(iii) Racial classification,distinctive physical features and geographical distribution of the major racial groups of man:Caucasoid,Mongoloid,Negroid and Australoid.

Unit-2: Prehistoric Archaeology:

  1. Tool Making: Techniques of manufacturing core and flake tools, primary and secondary flaking, pressure flaking, grinding, and polishing. Material used in making prehistoric tools.
  2. Tool families: Pebbletools, Handaxe, Cleaver, Scrapers, Microliths, Points, Blades, Awl, Graver, Celts, Sickles, Spear-head, Arrow-head, and bone tools.
  3. Prehistoric Cultures: A brief outline of the following prehistoric cultures of the Paleolithic, Mesolithic and Neolithic periods
  4. A comparative study of the salient features of Paleolithic and Neolithic cultures.

Unit-3: Material culture and economic Anthropology :

  1. Economic life: meaning and aspects, characteristic features of the primitive or simple economic system.
  2. Subsistence economy: domestication of animals-pastoralism,agriculture-shifting cultivation, horticulture, terrace cultivation, and plough cultivation.
  3. A brief outline of the method of hunting, fishing and agriculture with reference to various communities of North East India as far as practicable

Unit-4: Social Anthropology and Ethnography:

  1. Social Anthropology :
    1. Family: Definition, forms, and types: nuclear family, joint family, a family of orientation, family of procreation, monogamous and polygamous(polygynous and polyandrous).
    2. Cluster relationship in a nuclear family
    3. Rules of residence: Patrilocal, matrilocal, neolocal, avancolocal, bilocal, matri patrilocal Rule Of Descent: Patrilineal and matrilineal descent.
    4. Functions of family, social nature family
  2. Ethnography :
    1. Abrief outline ofthe land and people of North-East India.
    2. Study of material culture and economic life of the following communities
    3. The Garo: Shifting or Jhum cultivation.
    4. The Mishing: Plough cultivation
    5. A study of social organization of the Ao Naga and the Apatani.

Unit-5: Ecology :

  1. Meaning and definition of ecology and environment.
  2. Elements of the environment: Solid, liquid, and gas
  3. Physical or abiotic environment, biological or biotic environment and socio-cultural environment.
  4. Man as the main agent to disturb the ecological balance.

Exam pattern of CUET Anthropology :

The basic exam pattern of CUET UG anthropology or any specific domain subject is that it consist of total 50 question out of which you need to answer 40 questions in 45 mins . Each correct answer will reward you 5 marks , 1 marks will be deducted for every wrong answer and no marks will be deducted or given to un-attempted question .The paper will be of total 200 marks and Computer based test will be conducted . In the examination MCQs question will be asked as per the syllabus prescribed by NTA of specific subject as given above .

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How do I choose the subjects in CUET ?

You have to chose subject by visiting the website of the University where you wanted your admission and read carefully the details relating to courses offered, eligibility, subjects that should appear in, for admission to the desired course, reservation, admission policy, etc so that according to that you can known which subject is need to be selected or chosen. Your choice of subjects/Language/General test will depend on the requirements of the desired University for the desired course. You can opt for any one or more of the subject in CUET as per the requirements of the University desired.

Is CUET (UG) – 2022 score important for admission in Central University ?

Yes. For getting admission in Central Universities CUET (UG) – 2022 Score is compulsory. Admission in affiliated colleges will also be based on CUET (UG) – 2022 Score only.

How many Universities can I select while applying for CUET ?

There is no cap on the number of Universities that you may select, at the time of applying. However the maximum number of tests to be taken remains 9 only i.e.
2 Languages+6 Domain Specific Subjects+1 General Test
3 Languages+5 Domain Specific Subjects+1 General Test.
Flexibility is provided to help a candidate apply for many Universities depending on their eligibility conditions

What is the Exam pattern of CUET (UG) – 2022 Exam?

CUET (UG) – 2022 offers a bouquet of Languages/Subjects/General Test
covering most of the subjects/languages offered by most of the Universities. Candidate has to choose the test he is required to appear in , as required for admission to the desired course in the desired University.
CUET (UG) – 2022 will consist of the following 4 Sections:
 Section IA – 13 Languages
 Section IB – 20 Languages
 Section II – 27 Domain specific Subjects
 Section III – General Test
Choosing options from each Section is not mandatory. Choices should match the requirements of the desired University.

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