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Check here CUET GEOGRAPHY SYLLABUS for undergraduate test . Here you will get CUET geography , geology official syllabus as prescribed by NTA in details .Geography is one of the subject among 27 domain subject which you can choose in CUET (UG) section-2 exam .According to NTA the syllabus of Domain subject is totally similar to class-12 syllabus so that it would be easy for students .

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CUET (UG) geography / geology syllabus is divided into 10 units in two sections . Geography is one of the main subject which you can select in CUET section-2 from among 27 domain subject offered in CUET . The domain subject you choose must be as per the requirement of your desired undergraduate course of specific central universities. The detailed CUET geography , CUET geology syllabus is provided below .

CUET geography syllabus pdf download :

The syllabus of CUET (UG) domain subject GEOGRAPHY is divided into sections and unit as follows :

Fundamentals of Human Geography

Unit I: Human Geography: Nature and Scope

Unit II: People

  • Population of the world – distribution, density and growth;
  • Population change – spatial patterns and structure; determinants of population change;
  • Age-sex ratio; rural-urban composition;
  • Human development – concept; selected indicators, international comparisons.

Unit III: Human Activities

  • Primary activities – concept and changing trends; gathering, pastoral, mining, subsistence agriculture, modern agriculture; people engaged in agriculture and allied activities – some examples from selected countries;
  • Secondary activities – concept; manufacturing: agro-processing, household, small scale, large scale; people engaged in secondary activities – some examples from selected countries;
  • Tertiary activities – concept; trade, transport and communication; services; people engaged in tertiary activities – some examples from selected countries;
  • Quaternary activities – concept; knowledge based industries; people engaged in quaternary activities – some examples from selected countries.

Unit IV: Transport, Communication and Trade

  • Land transport – roads, railways – rail network; trans-continental railways;
  • Water transport- inland waterways; major ocean routes;
  • Air transport – Intercontinental air routes;
  • Oil and gas pipelines;
  • Satellite communication and cyber space;
  • International trade – Basis and changing patterns; ports as gateways of international trade, role of WTO in International trade.

Unit V: Human Settlements

  • Settlement types – rural and urban; morphology of cities (case study); distribution of megacities; problems of human settlements in developing countries.

India: People and Economy

Unit I: People

  • Population: distribution, density and growth; composition of population – linguistic, religious; sex, rural-urban and occupational – regional variations in growth of population ;
  • Migration: international, national – causes and consequences;
  • Human development – selected indicators and regional patterns;
  • Population, environment and development.

Unit II: Human Settlements

  • Rural settlements – types and distribution;
  • Urban settlements – types, distribution and functional classification.

Unit III: Resources and Development

  • Land resources – general land use; agricultural land use – major crops; agricultural development and problems, common property resources;
  • Water resources – availability and utilization – irrigation, domestic, industrial and other uses; scarcity of water and conservation methods – rain water harvesting and watershed management (one case study related with participatory watershed management to be introduced) ;
  • Mineral and energy resources – metallic and non-metallic minerals and their distribution; conventional and non-conventional energy sources;
  • Industries – types and distribution; industrial location and clustering; changing pattern of selected industries – iron and steel, cotton textiles, sugar, petrochemicals, and knowledge based industries; impact of liberalisation, privatisation and globalisation on industrial location;
  • Planning in India – target area planning (case study); idea of sustainable development (case study).

Unit IV: Transport, Communication and International Trade

  • Transport and communication – roads, railways, waterways and airways; oil and gas pipelines; national electric grids; communication networkings – radio, television, satellite and internet;
  • International trade – changing pattern of India’s foreign trade; sea ports and their hinterland and airports.

Unit V: Geographical Perspective on Selected Issues and Problems

  • Environmental pollution; urban-waste disposal;
  • Urbanisation-rural-urban migration; problem of slums;
  • Land Degradation.

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What is CUET?

The Common University Entrance Test (CUET) is an all-India test regulated by the National Testing Agency for enlistment in 45 Central Universities of India’s undergrad, coordinated, postgraduate, confirmation, certificate, and examination programs.
Who can apply – Students who complete the class 12 board exam.
Advantage of CUET: On the basis of your CUET score you will get admission to the Best central universities of India like DU, AMU, JNU, BHU, etc for Bachelor courses or some integrated bachelor+ Master like BSc, BA, BCom, LLB, BSc + MSc, BCA + MCAetc. Some universities also offer some BTech courses.
Before CUET: Before the CUET exam, you got admission to central universities on the basis of 12th class percentage or some universities to conduct their own entrance exam.

How many marks should I score in the CUET to get admission in Christ University?

CUET does not have a cut-off. The results solely depend on the combined performance in all the sections of your test. Further on, if you are selected, you will be required to give the SA and PI which will determine if you have a future in Christ.

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