Electronics MCQ with Answers

If you are preparing for M.Sc. Level Entrance Exams like IIT JAM, JEST, TIFR, etc form Physics Subject then Electronics MCQs will be very useful for you. Through these MCQs you can revise your Electronics Unit. Because it is prepared as per the latest syllabus of Physics which is almost common for all these M.Sc. Level Entrance Exams.

Especially, on this page, the Electronics Unit is covered. Topic-wise MCQs are given to revise the syllabus serially. This unit contains mainly 6 major topics which are

  • 1. Network Theory
  • 2. Diode
  • 3. Transistor
  • 4. Digital Electronics
  • 5. Operational Amplifier
  • 6. Feedback and Oscillator
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Electronics MCQ with Answers

There are Topic-wise MCQs with Answers available for All the Units in the Chapter Electronics and those are given below in the Table. Go and practice Now!

S. No.Topics/UnitsTest Links
》 01.Network TheoryClick Here
》 02.DiodeClick Here
》 03.TransistorClick Here
》 04.Digital ElectronicsClick Here
》 05.Operational AmplifierClick Here
》 06.Feedback and OscillatorClick Here

NOTE:- If you need anything else like e-books, video lectures, syllabus, etc. regarding your Preparation / Examination then do 📌 mention it in the Comment Section below. 

    Tips to practice the MCQs

    • Take a sheet of Paper and write down numbers from 1 to 15 in for each test. (because each test contain 15 Questions)
    • Also Take a separate copy or page for Rough calculations .
    • Solve the Questions in a given time interval which you can choose yourself as per your preparation level .
    • Write your correct answer you think in answer sheet made by you by solving the Question .
    • Match your answers with the correct Answer key attached below at the end of this post .
    • Be honest with yourself and don’t forget to comment your marks below in the comment section.

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