Download Errorless Chemistry for IIT-JEE/NEET 2022 Latest Edition

You can Download Errorless Chemistry for JEE/NEET 2022 Latest Edition by single Click and start your preparation of JEE or NEET by today.

Errorless Chemistry is a very useful book by Universal Self Scorer. This book covers the whole syllabus of 11th and 12th with detailed theory. A good book helps us to understand all concepts easily. So we must give emphasis during choosing our books. Here is the universal self scorer chemistry pdf free download in english.

Download Errorless Chemistry for IIT-JEE/NEET 2022 Latest Edition
Download Errorless Chemistry for IIT-JEE/NEET 2022 Latest Edition

This book is based on the Syllabus and Exam Pattern Decided by NTA (National Testing Agency). This Book comprises of Set of Questions and answers on the current trend of JEE/NEET Prep.

Errorless Chemistry PDF: Download Universal Self Scorer Chemistry PDF | Errorless Chemistry is one of the most recommended books for IIT JEE Main and NEET Students.

Universal Self Scorer Chemistry is also very helpful for the preparation of various universities Entrance tests. Universal Self Scorer Chemistry book covers the complete syllabus for various competitive exams.

Benefits of errorless chemistry pdf :-

Tips and Tricks in the book are great. There are important points in the end after each chapter which helps with Quick recall and revision. Basically, there is a flood of questions here. In each chapter, no matter how easy/insignificant that chapter might be, in USS you will easily find 500–600 or maybe more per chapter. So Plenty of practice. There are questions of probably every type. From simple MCQ to assertion reason to integer type. Variety. There is a separate critical thinking and graphical section questions section. Nice segregation of questions.

Details of Errorless Chemistry PDF Book

  • Subject: Chemistry
  • Year: 2019
  • Name of Notes: Download Universal Self Scorer Chemistry PDF in English
  • Total Pages of the Notes: approx 1500-1700
  • Total Size of the Notes: 73 MB
  • Type of Notes: Ebook
  • Notes Format: Pdf File
  • Credit: Universal Self Scorer
  • Link Types: Google Drive Link

Is errorless chemistry good for NEET?

Yes, Errorless Chemistry book by NTA us very helpful in the preparation of NEET, AIIMS and other medical exams. The book has a comprehensive set of questions and answers based on current trends in the NEET, AIIMS and other Medical Exams.

Is errorless chemistry good for JEE?

Best chemistry book for IIT JEE. 5.0 out of 5 stars Helpful. This book is very helpfull for jee aspirant

Why Universal Self Scorer book?

Yeah that is a good question. We should ask our self this question every time before choosing a book.This books has some features which makes it a worth for every students. Here mentioning some unique features which the Universal Self scorer have and definitely it will make your preparation easier.
This book is written by the experts of Universal Self scorer by keeping an eye on the latest trends of NTA.
It explains comprehensively all the concepts and formula
The best part is it contains 9500+ questions which will give you ample opportunities to come across different question types.
NTA Based Syllabus & Guidelines
MCQs from all last 40 years of India Wide Exams with Solutions
JEE Main & Advanced Papers, NCERT Exemplars, KVPY and more
Exhaustive Theory with Sub-chapter wise Division
All the questions have been graded topics wise and level wise for you to practice seamlessly
The last, not the least it contains all the questions from NCERT Exampler, KVPY, last 30-year neet questions which makes it a perfect book for every aspirant.

Recommended book which you can purchase at best price from below :-

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Download Errorless Chemistry for IIT-JEE/NEET 2022 chapterwise here :-

01-Chemical ArithmeticDownload PDF
02-Atomic StructureDownload PDF
03-Chemical BondingDownload PDF
04-SolutionDownload PDF
05-Solid StateDownload PDF
06-Gaseous StateDownload PDF
07-Nuclear ChemistryDownload PDF
08-Chemical Equilibrium.Download PDF
09-Ionic Equilibrium.Download PDF
10-Thermodynamics and ThermochemistryDownload PDF
11-Chemical KineticsDownload PDF
12-electrochemistryDownload PDF
13-Redox reactionsDownload PDF
14-Surface ChemistryDownload PDF
15-Chemical PeriodicityDownload PDF
16-General Principle of Extraction of MetalDownload PDF
17-Hydrogen and it’s compoundDownload PDF
18-S and P Block ElementsDownload PDF
19-D and F Block Elements-Download PDF
20-Coordination chemistryDownload PDF
21-Chemical AnalysisDownload PDF
22-Purification and organic compoundsDownload PDF
23-General organic chemistryDownload PDF
24-HydrocarbonsDownload PDF
25-Halogen Containing CompoundsDownload PDF
26-Alcohol, Phenol, and Ether-Download PDF
27-Aldehydes and KetonesDownload PDF
28-Carboxylic acids and Their derivativesDownload PDF
29-Nitrogen containing CompoundsDownload PDF
30-PolymersDownload PDF
31-BiomoleculesDownload PDF
32-Chemistry in ActionDownload PDF
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