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Download Latest edition Universal Self Scorer Errorless Physics pdf free. Here, you can download both part-1 and part-2 of USS errorless physics for free. The book is especially designed for IIT-JEE and NEET competition exam and have a huge demand among those students.

Universal Self Scorer Errorless Physics
Errorless physics pdf for jee and neet

Universal Self Scorer Errorless Physics pdf is a must-use book for neet and IIT-JEE (Jee mains and JEE advanced) aspirants. Errorless physics is the best book with every explanation and all topic covered with all formulas and lots of questions.

Overview of errorless physics pdf :-

The universal errorless physics pdf is a perfect choice for those NEET and IITJEE aspirants who want to practice maximum types of mcq’s that could be potentially asked in NEET or IIT-JEE exam , it contains a set of all the previous year MCQs of national exams like NEET , JEE, KVPYs, Manipal entrance exams, VITEE etc.

Errorless Physics PDF 2022 – Volume 1 & 2 is as per the NTA pattern & based on NCERT curriculum. This book is a part of Universal Books while published as Universal Self Scorer errorless physics pdf book . This book contains all the previous 33 years papers. To save student’s valuable time, no repeated and similar type objective questions. This book is 100% solved with explanations. Objective questions are sub-chapterwise divided & level wise graded with exhaustive theory.

Chapter content of Errorless Physics pdf book :-

  • Chapter1: Vector
  • Chapter 2: Unit Dimension And Measurements
  • Chapter 3: Motion In One Dimension
  • Chapter 4: Motion In Two Dimension
  • Chapter 5: Newton Law Of Motion
  • Chapter 6 : Friction
  • Chapter 7: Work, Power And Energy
  • Chapter 8 : Rotational Motion
  • Chapter 9 : Gravitation
  • Chapter 10 :Elasticity
  • Chapter 11 : Surface Tension
  • Chapter 12 :Fluid Mechanics
  • Chapter 13 : Themometry,T.E&Cal
  • Chapter 14 : K.T.G
  • Chapter 15 : Thermodynamics
  • Chapter 16 : Transmission Of Heat
  • Chapter 17 : S.H.M 
  • Chapter 18 : Wave And Sound
  • Chapter 19 : Electrostatics
  • Chapter 20 : Electric Current 
  • Chapter 21 : Heating & Chemical Effect Of Current
  • Chapter 22 : M.E.C
  • Chapter 23 : Magnetism
  • Chapter 24 : E.M.I
  • Chapter 25 : A.C
  • Chapter 26 : Electrons, Photons , Photoelectric Effect And X-Ray
  • Chapter 27 : Atomic And Nuclear Physics
  • Chapter 28 : Electronics
  • Chapter 29 : Communication
  • Chapter 30 : Ray Optics
  • Chapter 31 : Wave Optics
  • Chapter 32 : Universe

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Details of Universal Self Scorer Errorless Physics books pdf :-

Publication universal self scorer
No. of pages1562
Quality very good
File typePDF
File size 74 MB
Book name errorless physics pdf

Download universal errorless physics book pdf 2022 below :-

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Is Errorless Physics pdf a good book for the 2023 NEET?

Errorless Physics pdf book is nothing but a giant question bank containing all the previous year questions of various medical and engineering exams.
It is definitely good for those students who like to solve huge amount of numerical to gain an understanding of the topic.
The only downside is that it is very time-consuming, and you would be lost in an avalanche of numerical unless you know exactly which type of questions that needs to be solved, since there are many repetitions of the same type. Further, this book will not develop any theoretical knowledge, apart from giving you some shorthand formulas.
In conclusion, this book should be practiced only after you have completed a particular topic from other books like – DC Pandey / HCV / Coaching modules and then know exactly which type of questions you need to practice.

How is errorless physics for NEET aspirants?

Errorless books are the best study materials for NEET 2023 preparations. And since NEET syllabus 2023 is based on the NCERT syllabus of Class 11 and 12 with Physics, Chemistry, and Biology as the main topics covered.
The Errorless Physics book comprises a comprehensive theory of each chapter, 7500+ fully solved questions based on current trends in the NEET and other Medical Exams including KVPY, NCERT Exemplars, and Last 32 Years of Medical Examinations.

Which book is better for the NEET 2023 physics: DC Pandey or Errorless Physics?

Well Errorless and DC pandey both are very classic books, but the difference lies in the fact that Errorless is way too vast.
If you are a person who can burn the midnight oil then Errorless is for you as it covers almost all type of questions which maybe asked in NEET but DC pandey is also a fulfilling source to study.
Another suggestion being make one of your friend buy the book different from you so that you can exchange information if anyone of you both find something worth in your respective books.

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