Etoos Maths Lectures by Garvesh Bhardwaj (GB) sir for IIT-JEE , JEE-mains & jee advance

Etoos Maths Lectures class 11th & 12th by Garvesh Bhardwaj (GB) sir for IIT-JEE ,Jee mains & jee advance

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You can watch or download Garvesh Bhardwaj (GB) sir IIT-JEE (Mains & Advance) class 11th & 12th video lectures for free  in the Mega folder. Garvesh Bhardwaj (GB) sir completed his (AME) and M.Sc from Jodhpur University. He has worked with Allen, Career Point, Narayana, Motion. GB sir is teaching maths for almost 17 years. In his long career, he has assisted over more than 5000 students to beg a good rank in IIT. His uniqueness in explanations has made him famous amongst the students. He is one of the most famous teachers of IIT JEE mathematics across all India and Kota. Hence, You can Download the GB sir Etoos Maths lectures link for free.

kota IIT-JEE Video Lectures: Complete Mathematics Course for JEE MAINS & ADVANCED by GB sir

Get Kota’s Best iit-JEE Coaching at your doorstep. You can now prepare for IIT-JEE Exam at your home & your convenience with our exclusive designed video lectures.FACULTY INTRODUCTION:GB Sir (Mr.Gavesh Bhardwaj) completed B.Tech(AME)and M.Sc.(Jodhpur University). He is Mathematics champion for IIT-JEE Mains & Advanced with 15 Years of Teaching experience as Sr. faculty in various prestigious institutes Allen, Career point, Narayana etc. His exclusive approach and unmatchable teaching style has made him famous amongst students.COURSE DESCRIPTION:Get JEE complete Mathematics coaching with this video lecture
chapter covered :- 
  • Basic Maths , Logarithm , Quadratic Equation , Sequence and Progressions , Trigonometry Phase-1 , Trigonometry Phase- 2 , SOT , Straight Line , Circles , Permutations and Combination , Binomial Theorem , Relation & Function , Function , ITF , Limit , Continuity , Differentiability , Method of Differentiation , Indefinite Integration , Definite Integration , Application of derivative , Area Under the Curve , Differential Equation , Matrices and Determinants , Vector , 3D , Probability , Complex Number , Conic Section , Mathematical Logic , Set , Height & Distance , Statistics






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Mathematics is not about numbers, equations, computations, or algorithms: it is about understanding.”
To solve math problems, you need to know the basic mathematics before you can start applying it.
GB Sir unique teaching methodology helps the students to grasp the difficult problems and concepts in Mathematics very easily. His vast experience is the ultimate resource for students in the field of mathematics.
GB sir is known for his unique teaching enriched with motivational lectures. His unique and easy to comprehend approach to teaching the concepts makes memorization and recognition of tough formulas ” a walk in the park”.This course will equip you with the systematic methodology, improved aptitude motivation and confidence to crack IIT-JEE.You learn using video, audio and text a potent combination that engages all your senses. Keeping you active and involved. You will never forget what you learn through this course.


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DOWNLOAD Etoos Maths Lectures by Garvesh Bhardwaj (GB) sir for IIT-JEE ( Mains + Advance ) here:-

DOWNLOAD all chapter video lectures of Maths in one click from below :- 



chapterwise download button :- 

1.) Basic Mathematics – Download

2.)  Logarithm – Download

3.) Quadratic Equations – Download

4.) Sequence and Progression – Download



5.) Trigonometry Phase 1 – Download

6.) Trigonometry Phase 2 – Download

7.) SOT – Download

8.) Straight-line – Download

9.) Circles – Download

10.) Permutations and Combinations – Download

11.) Binomial Theorem – Download

12.) Set and Relation – Download

13.) Function – Download

14.) Inverse Trigonometric Function – Download

15.) Limit – Download

16.) Continuity – Download

17.) Differentiability – Download

18.) Method of Differentiation – Download

19.) Indefinite Differentiation – Download

20.) Definite Differentiation – Download

21.) Application of Derivatives – Download

22.) Area Under Curve – Download

23.) Differential Equation – Download

24.) Matrices – Download

25.) Determinants – Download

26.) Vector – Download

27.) 3D – Download

28.) Probability – Download

29.) Conic Section – Download

30.) Complex Number – Download

31.) Mathematical Logic – Download

32.) Height and Distance – Download

33.) Statistics – Download

GB sir Mathematics video lectures for jee mains and advanced free download, google drive link, direct link, mega link




NOTE : – If  you need anything  else  more  like ebooks , video lectures, etc. then  do  mention  in the  comment  section below.


Career Highlights of Garvesh Bhardwaj (GB) sir







  • Educational qualification: Garvesh Bhardwaj sir completed his (AME) and M.Sc from Jodhpur University.
  • Professional Background: He has worked with Allen, Career Point, Narayana, Motion.
  • Teaching Experience:  He opted for the profession of a math teacher 17 years ago and since then there’s no turning back.
  • In his long career, he has assisted over more than 5000 students to beg a good rank in IIT. His uniqueness in explanations has made him famous amongst the students.
  • His outstanding approach and friendly behavior towards his students are the major reasons for his high popularity.






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