[Free] IIT JAM Physics Test Series 2023 : Modern Physics – (Origin of Quantum Mechanics)

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[Free] IIT JAM Physics Test Series 2023 : Modern Physics – (Origin of Quantum Mechanics)

Now In this particular Post of IIT JAM Physics Test Series, you will get a test of the topic Origin of Quantum Mechanics of Chapter Modern Physics. There are total 15 Questions given below also Answers are attached at the end of the test so that you can verify your answers after completing the test. So, Practice these Questions and Do your Best. Also Solve IIT JAM Physics Previous Year Question Paper. And Don’t Forget to Share with Your Friends.

[Free] IIT JAM Physics Test Series 2023 : Modern Physics – (Origin of Quantum Mechanics)

Q1. A particle of rest mass m0 is moving uniformly in a straight line with relativistic velocity βc, where c is the velocity of light in vacuum and 0 < β < 1. The phase velocity of the de Broglie wave associated with the particle is :

  • (A) βc 
  • (B) c/β 
  • (C) c 
  • (D) c2

Q2. The black body spectrum of an object O1 is such that its radiant intensity (i.e. intensity per unit wavelength interval) is maximum at a wavelength of 200 nm. Another object O2 has the maximum radiant intensity at 600 nm. The ratio of power emitted per unit area by O1 to that of O2 is :

  • (A) 1/81
  • (B) 1/9 
  • (C) 9 
  • (D) 81

Q3. The speed of an electron, whose de-Broglie wavelength is equal to its compton wavelength, is (c is the speed of light)

  • (A) c 
  • (B) c/√2 
  • (C) c/2 
  • (D) c/2

Q4. If the uncertainty in the location of a particle is equal to its de-Broglie wavelength, then the uncertainty in its velocity V is

  • (A) V/2 
  • (B) V 
  • (C) V/
  • (D) V/3

Q5. The photoelectric threshold for tungsten is 2300 Å. The energy of the electrons emitted from the surface incident on the tungsten (h = 6.63 x 10-34 J-sec) is

  • (A) 2.39 x 10-12 joule 
  • (B) 2.39 x 10-19 joule 
  • (C) 1.48 x 10-19 joule 
  • (D) 3.56 x 10-19 joule

Q6. An electron has a speed of 300 m/sec accurate up to 0.01%. With what fundamental accuracy can locate the position of this electron (mass of electron, me = 9.1 x 10-31 kg, charge, e = 1.6 x 10-19 coulomb and Planck’s constant h = 6.64 x 10-34 joules / sec ) ?

  • (A) 2.4 cm 
  • (B) 1.2 cm 
  • (C) 1.8 cm 
  • (D) 3.6 cm

Q7. X-rays of 10.0 p.m. are scattered from a target. The maximum energy of the recoil electron (h/mc for electron is 2.426 ×10-12 m) is

  • (A) 3.27 x 10-15 joules 
  • (B) 6.54 x 10-15 joules 
  • (C) 5.64 x 10-15 joules 
  • (D) 2.37 x 10-15 joules

Q8. In Compton scattering, wavelength shift is towards

  • (A) shorter wavelength 
  • (B) longer wavelength 
  • (C) shorter or longer depending on the angle of scattering 
  • (D) shorter or longer side depending on photon energy

Q9. The photon energy for light of wavelength 3.1 x 10-7 m is [hc = 1.24 x 10-6 eVm]

  • (A) 3.1 eV 
  • (B) 6.2 eV 
  • (C) 2.4 eV 
  • (D) 4.0 eV

Q10. The uncertainty relation holds for the following situation

  • (A) holds for particles only 
  • (B) does not hold for microscopic particles 
  • (C) holds for both microscopic and macroscopic particles 
  • (D) depends on the nature of the particle

Q11. If the Broglie wavelength of an electron and proton are equal, then

  • (A) the velocity of proton is less than that of the electron 
  • (B) the velocities of proton and electron are equal 
  • (C) the velocity of proton is greater than that of the electron 
  • (D) the energy of electron is less than that of the proton

Q12. The position and momentum of a 1 keV electron are simultaneously determined. If its position is located to within 1 Å, what is the percentage of uncertainty in its momentum ?

  • (A) 0.61 
  • (B) 6.17 
  • (C) 61.73 
  • (D) 0.061

Q13. The photoelectric equation is derived under the assumption that

  • (A) electrons are associated with waves of wavelength λ = h/p where P is the momentum 
  • (B) light is emitted only when electrons jump between the orbits 
  • (C) light is absorbed in quanta of energy E = hν 
  • (D) light behaves like a wave

Q14. The number of electrons emitted increases if the incident light has

  • (A) higher frequency
  • (B) higher wavelength 
  • (C) higher intensity 
  • (D) lower frequency

Q15. The photoelectric threshold for a metal is 3000 Å. The kinetic energy of an electron ejected from it by radiation of wavelength 1200 Å is

  • (A) 3.1 eV 
  • (B) 12.6 eV 
  • (C) 6.2 eV 
  • (D) 21.4 eV

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