Geomatics Engineering (GE) Gate Previous year Questions Papers (2022) DOWNLOAD free

Geomatics Engineering (GE) Gate Previous year Questions Papers (2022) DOWNLOAD | Gate Geomatics Engineering Previous Years Question Papers pdf download

The Paper contains General Aptitude (GA) section (15 Marks) as applicable for all papers of GATE 2022. Rest of the Paper consists of two parts covering the syllabus: Part A (55 marks) and Part B (30 marks). Part A is compulsory for all the candidates.
Part B contains two optional sections: Section I and Section II. Candidates have to choose any one of these during the examination. No separate score and ranking will be provided based on selection of sections.

Geomatics Engineering (GE) Gate Previous year Questions Papers (2022) DOWNLOAD

Geomatics Engineering (GE)

IIT Kharagpur has recently introduced Geomatics Engineering as a new paper in GATE 2022Geomatics Engineering (GE) Syllabus 2022 will consist of two major sections- General Aptitude and Core Subject (Part A and Part B). The students need to mandatorily attempt Part A. However, they will have a choice in Section I or Section II of Part B. The students who opted for Geomatics Engineering (GE) as their primary paper can appear for Civil Engineering (CE), Geology and Geophysics (GG), Environmental Science & Engineering (ES), or Mining Engineering (MN) as their second paper. 

GATE Geomatics Engineering (GE) Syllabus 2022 will include Remote Sensing, GNSS, GIS, Maps, Land Surveying, Digital Image Processing, and other topics from graduation level. Since the paper has been newly introduced and the mock tests are difficult to find, the students are advised to consult their mentors for GATE Preparation 2022. With the right guidance, the students can surely ace the exam. 

What is Geomatics Engineering? 

Geomatics is a professional discipline. It involves measuring, designing, developing, and operating systems for collecting and analyzing geospatial data and processes of land, oceans, natural and manmade infrastructures. The geomatics professionals use the latest satellite, laser, acoustic, and information technology in doing so. 

GATE 2022 Exam Pattern : Geomatics Engineering

If you are preparing  for this exam from Geomatics Engineering  then first you  must know about the complete details of the examination like syllabus, number of Questions ,types of questions etc. to go straight forward towards your goals. There is a fixed pattern of conducting the GATE exam for almost every subjects.

Mode of ExaminationOnline Computer Based Test (CBT)
Exam Duration 3 Hours (180 Minutes)
Sectional Time LimitNone
SubjectGeomatics Engineering (EC)
Total Number of questions65
Language English 
Total Number of Questions65 Questions
Type of QuestionsMultiple Choice Questions (MCQ);
Multiple Select Questions (MSQ);
Numerical Answer Type (NAT) Questions
Total Marks100 Marks
Marking Scheme1 or 2 marks for the each correct answer For 1 mark MCQ, 1/3 mark will be deducted for a wrong answer;

For 2-mark MCQ, 2/3 mark will be deducted for a wrong answer;

And for MSQs and NATs there is No any negative marking

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GATE Exam Pattern for Geomatics Engineering 2022

  • Mode of Examination: Online
  • Duration of exam: 3 hours
  • Type of questions: MCQs, MSQs, & NATs 
  • Total Sections: 3 sections i.e. General Aptitude, Mathematics, Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE) based Questions 
  • Total questions: 65
  • Total marks: 100 marks
  • Negative marking: for MCQs only

SectionNumber of QuestionsDistribution of MarksTotal Marks
General Aptitude10(5 x 1) + (5 x 2)15
Geomatics Engineering Part A (Mandatory)36(17 x 1) + (19 x 2)55
Geomatics Engineering Part B19(8 x 1) + (11 x 2)30

GATE 2022 Negative Marking : Geomatics Engineering

Type of QuestionCorrect AnswerIncorrect Answer
MCQ1 or 2 Marks⅓ for 1 mark questions
⅔ for 2 marks questions
MSQ/NAT1 or 2 MarksNo Negative Marking

GATE Geomatics Engineering (GE) Syllabus 2022: Important Topics

Candidates who wish to ace GATE GE 2022, need to go through the detailed syllabus. General Aptitude Syllabus for GE will remain the same as other papers. Meanwhile, given here is the detailed syllabus of all the three sections in GATE GE. 

GATE Geomatics Engineering (GE) Syllabus 2022: Part A (Mandatory)

Engineering MathematicsSurveying measurements, Accuracy, Precision, Most probable value, Errors and their adjustments, Regression analysis, Correlation coefficient, Lease square adjustment, Statistical significant value, Chi square test. Anything on probability? 
Remote SensingBasic concept, Electromagnetic spectrum, Spectral signature, ResolutionsSpectral. Spatial, Temporal and Radiometric, Platforms and Sensors, Remote Sensing Data Products – PAN, Multispectral, Microwave, Thermal, Hyperspectral, Visual and digital interpretation methods 
GNSSPrinciple used, Components of GNSS, Data collection methods, DGPS, Errors in observations and corrections.
GIS Introduction, Data Sources, Data Models and Data Structures, Algorithms, DBMS, Creation of Databases (spatial and non-spatial), Spatial analysis – Interpolation, Buffer, Overlay, Terrain Modeling and Network analysis. 

GATE Geomatics Engineering (GE) Syllabus 2022: Part B

Part B of GATE Geomatics Engineering Paper will consist of two sections- I and II, Candidates can choose any one of the following sections. The choice of choosing one of the two sections can be made during the exam.

GATE Geomatics Engineering (GE) Syllabus 2022: Part B (Section I)

MapsImportance of maps to engineering projects, Types of maps, Scales and uses, Plotting accuracy, Map sheet numbering, Coordinate systems- Cartesian and geographical, map projections, map datum – MSL, Geoid, spheroid, WGS-84.
Land SurveyingVarious Levels, Levelling methods, Compass, Theodolite and Total Station and their uses, Tachometer, Trigonometric levelling, Traversing, Triangulation and Trilateration.
Aerial PhotogrammetryTypes of photographs, Flying height and scale, Relief (height) displacement, Stereoscopy, 3-D Model, Height determination using Parallax Bar, Digital Elevation Model (DEM), Slope.

GATE Geomatics Engineering (GE) Syllabus 2022: Part B (Section II)

Data Quantization and ProcessingSampling and quantization theory, Principle of Linear System, Convolution, Continuous and Discrete Fourier Transform. 
Digital Image ProcessingDigital image characteristics: image histogram and scattergram and significance; Variance-Covariance matrix, Correlation matrix and their significance.
Radiometric and Geometric CorrectionsRegistration and Resampling techniques.
Image Enhancement Contrast Enhancement: Linear and Non-linear methods; Spatial Enhancement: Noise and Spatial filters
Image TransformationPrincipal Component Analysis (PCA), Discriminant Analysis, Color transformations (RGB – IHS, CMYK), Indices (Ratios, NDVI, NDWI).
Image Segmentation and ClassificationSimple techniques.

Download Gate Geomatics Engineering (GE) Previous year Questions Papers pdf

YearsQuestion Papers
2022DOWNLOAD PDF (coming soo…)

NOTE : – If you need anything else more like ebooks, video lectures, syllabus  etc regarding  your Preperation / Examination  then do 📌 mention in the Comment Section below. 

What is the scope of Geomatics Engineering (GE)?

  • Some PSUs such as ISRO, DRDO, and Meteorology departments accept candidates from the Geomatics Engineering department. They offer high packages along with job security and other perks. In these PSUs, the candidates can earn up to 11 lakhs annually.
  • Some institutes like CEPT University, IIT Dhanbad, Delhi, and Roorkee offer M. Tech in Geomatics Engineering. These institutes will provide in-depth and practical knowledge of basic concepts of Geomatics Engineering. The students of this course can get employed as GIS Developers, GIS Analysts, GIS Managers, etc.
  • Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS): GNSS has proven to be a major catalyst in revolutionizing applications needed in daily life. The graduates of this field use advanced GPS applications on land, sea, or in the air for different navigation applications. 
  • Remote Sensing: Remote Sensing devices are set up on satellites to collect images of the earth. It is used for detecting forest fires, identifying oil spills, etc. The organizations carry remote sensing professionals to do so.
  • Hydrographic Surveying: This field measures, detects, and describes features on the seafloor that affect marine construction and navigation. Both government and private companies hire professionals in this field to carry out the task.
  • Engineering surveys: Geomatics professionals monitor the structural stability of large dams, bridges, tunnels, etc. These surveys are vital for projects which are in the stage of planning, construction, and operation

Advantages of solving GATE Previous Question Papers

  • By solving GATE previous year question papers, candidates will be able to get an idea about the nature of questions that will be asked in the exam.
  • Also, by solving previous years GATE question papers, students will be able to establish how much weightage is given to topics and sections.
  • Apart from getting acquainted with the nature of questions and weightage to topics, candidates appearing for the entrance exam can improve on other important attributes relating to the exam such as management of time, ability to solve tricky problems, keen eye for details, speed of solving questions and a lot more.
  • Along with solving the GATE previous year question papers, candidates are also advised to refer to the GATE syllabus 2022 to get in-depth knowledge of topics and subjects from where the questions were asked in the exam.

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