GMAT 2023 Syllabus Download PDF – Check Section Wise GMAT Syllabus Here

Download gmat syllabus 2023 pdf. If you are looking for GMAT 2023 syllabus pdf then here you can download the syllabus as well as get the sectionwise question distribution of the exam.

Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) is a computer based test for your dream B-school, MBA. Students from all around the world gives GMAT entrances exam or their dream MBA college. The GMAT Exam is of 3.30 hours and of total 800 marks. There are total 4 sections in syllabus of GMAT which are as follows i.e. Analytical Writing Section, Quantitative Section, Verbal Skills and Integrated Reasoning section. Download GMAT Syllabus PDF section wise as per the new GMAT exam pattern from below.

GMAT 2023 Syllabus Download PDF – Check Section Wise GMAT Syllabus Here
GMAT 2023 Syllabus Download PDF – Check Section Wise GMAT Syllabus Here

GMAT 2023 Updated syllabus section wise :-

The GMAT syllabus is totally comprise 4 sections which are as follows:-

  • Analytical Writing
  • Integrated Reasoning
  • Quantitative Aptitude Section
  • Verbal Reasoning Section

The detailed syllabus of these section is given below ,

GMAT 2023 Analytical writing syllabus :-

Analytical Writing Assessment section is the first section of GMAT entrance exam for which candidate get 30 min for their answers . The GMAT Analytical writing covers the following topics :-

  • writing skills and abilities
  • Clarity and logic in your argument
  • Overall importance of your essay with respect to the given topic

More details is as follows :-

In this section you will have topics on which the candidate will have to write, or a passage may be given on which questions will be asked. On the basis of the passage, the candidate will have to answer. It is just a test of your writing style . This section is also further divided into two sub section which are as follows :-

  • Argument essay – In this you have to represent your argument in respect to the data given .
  • Issue essay – In this candidate have to write an essay in their own opinion in around 600 words for the issue given in your question . Remember this is a test of your writing style not your opinion .

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GMAT 2023 Integrated Reasoning (IR) Syllabus:

GMAT Integrated Reasoning is the latest addition in the syllabus of GMAT . This section is based on the reasoning type question of the data presented in graph or table format. In this section you will get 12 questions , and the Topics of Integrated Reasoning is given below :-

  • Multi-source reasoning – Here you need to examine data from multiple sources tables, graphics, text passages, or a combination of all the three , The responses might be yes/no, true/false, or multiple-choice questions.
  • Graphics interpretation – As the name here you have to interpret a graph or graphical picture .Candidate must understand the chart and fulfil the sentences supplied by selecting one of the pull-down menu alternatives.
  • Table analysis – Here you have to analyze the data given in various tables and answer the question. The question can be of yes/no and true/false responses types, with having several assertions to answer under each question.
  • Two-part analysis – You are given a question and many options to choose from. The two components fill the first two columns of the table, while the response alternatives occupy the third column. To complete one response from all the other options offered, you must select just one option under each component.

GMAT 2023 Quantitative Aptitude SYLLABUS :-

The GMAT Quantitative aptitude section is consist of total 31 questions which are further divided into two section which are problem solving an data sufficiency . The questions will be objective type and will have multiple choice answers. In this section the questions can be expected from the following math syllabus:

  • PROBLEM SOLVING :- Here you will get maths question which you have to calculate and give the answers .
  • DATA SUFFICIENCY :- This is the quite tricky part of GMAT 2023 Quantitative Aptitude SYLLABUS here you have to examine the data given in the question and answer whether the data given in question is sufficient or not .

The major Quant. topics which are important for GMAT 2023 are as follows :-

ProbabilityPermutation and combinationCoordinate geometry
Ratio and proportionAlgebraic expressions and equationsCircles
Simple and Compounded InterestArithmetic and geometric progressionsQuadrilaterals
Speed, time, distanceStatisticsTriangle
PercentageExponentsLines and angles
Number Properties  
Multiples and Factors  

GMAT 2023 Verbal Reasoning syllabus :-

There are total 36 verbal questions in Verbal Reasoning section of GMAT entrance exam . This section is further divided into 3 section Critical Reasoning, Reading Comprehension, and Sentence Correction. Through this section candidates are evaluated on Reading and understanding the written material, Reasoning and appraising the arguments and rectifying the written material in accordance with standard written English.

More detailed section wise syllabus of Verbal Reasoning syllabus are :-

  • Critical Reasoning :-   You need to find the premise, conclusion, assumption, etc in a short passage. There are total 14 question in this part.
  • Reading Comprehension :- Here you get a passage, and you need to answer the mcq question on the basis of the passage given.
  • Sentence Correction :- Here you have to correct the sentence. A part of the sentence is underlined, and five options are provided. You need to spot the error, and mark the right option.

The following topics are important in verbal reasoning section of GMAT :-

  • Basic Sentence structure: Nouns, Pronouns, Adjectives, Verbal Tense
  • Idioms & Idiomatic Expressions
  • Pronoun Agreement
  • Subject-Verb Agreement
  • Modifiers
  • Parallelism

Download gmat syllabus 2023 pdf:

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GMAT 2023 Question pattern / mark distribution :-

The question distribution among the 4 section of GMAT are as follows along with the timing is given below in table.

GMAT Test SectionNumber
of Questions
Analytical Writing Assessment section1 ques30 Min
Integrated Reasoning section12 Ques30 Min
Quantitative aptitude section31 Ques62 Min
Verbal Reasoning section36 Ques65 Min

The summary of type of questions comes in 4 section of GMAT are as follows, given in the below table.

GMAT Test SectionQuestion Types
Analytical Writing AssessmentAnalysis of Argument
Integrated ReasoningMulti-Source Reasoning
Graphics Interpretation
Two-Two Part Analysis
Table Analysis
Quantitative aptitude Data Sufficiency
Verbal Reasoning sectionReading Comprehension
Critical Reasoning
Sentence Correction

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