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GPAT Biochemistry Syllabus PDF Download | GPAT Biochemistry Syllabus download

Download GPAT Biochemistry Syllabus

GPAT Pharmaceutical Analysis Syllabus PDF Download Free

GPAT Biochemistry Syllabus : – Here you will get the complete information  about the syllabus of Biochemistry for GPAT national level Entrance Examination of masters level of Pharmacy. This exam is very useful for those students  who want to take admission  into  a good college or university for  their Post Graduation in pharmacy. It opens a door for students to study pharmacy on masters level in good colleges. As  we all know the Syllabus of any exam is the key to start preparation for any exam.  So , in this post the syllabus of GPAT Biochemistry is given in very detailed form .

The major topics contains in GPAT Pharmaceutics Syllabus are Cell, Carbohydrates, Proteins, Lipids, Vitamins, Biological oxidations & reductions, Enzymes, Nucleic acids and Hereditary diseases. Below the full detailed GPAT Pharmaceutical Analysis Syllabus is given : –

Detailed GPAT Biochemistry Syllabus


1. Cell

Revision of ultrastructure of the cell, functions of various cellular constituents. Applications of biochemical principles to the pharmacy.

2. Carbohydrates

Types of carbohydrates, their functions, digestion, & absorption. Aerobic & anaerobic oxidation with energetics. Glycogenesis, glycogenolysis, & gluconeogenesis. Hexose monophosphate shunt [HMP shunt]. Diseases associated with carbohydrate metabolism.

3. Proteins

Different types of proteins. Their functions, digestion & absorption. Denaturation & its effect on biological activity. Renaturation of proteins. Urea formation, urea cycle, creatinine formation. Transamination & deamination. Proteins as enzymes.

4. Lipids

Different types of lipids. Their functions, digestion, absorption & metabolism. (Beta-Oxidation of fatty acids with energetics. Biosynthesis of cholesterol [from acetate], adrenocorticoids, androgens, progesterone, estrogens, & bile acids / salts. Ketone bodies, their formation & biochemical significance. Diseases associated with lipid metabolism.

5. Vitamins

Definition. Classification, structures [except B12] biochemical role, sources, daily requirements, & deficiency symptoms. Vitamins as co-factors in biochemical reactions.

6. Biological oxidations & reductions

Oxidation-reduction systems in the body their role. Oxidative phosphorylation & Electron transport chain. Cytochromes & inhibitors of the same.

7. Enzymes

Classification & their various roles. Enzyme co-factors. Enzyme kinetics. Michaelis-Menton equation along with its transformations. Double reciprocal plot. Factors affecting enzyme action. Enzyme inhibition, competitive & non-competitive, & kinetics.

8. Nucleic acids

Different types of nucleic acids [NAs] & their composition. Purine & pyrimidine bases, sugars, & phosphoric acid. Nucleosides & nucleotides. Formation of NAs & their backbone. Different ways of representing DNA & RNA molecules. Physico-chemical properties of NAs. Their stability in acidic & basic solutions. Isolation, purification & identification, buoyant density, sedimentation coefficient, & Svedberg constant of NAs. De-novo biosynthesis of NAs. DNA & the Watson-Crick model & its features.

DNA asthe bearer of genetic information. The Central dogma of molecular genetics & the processes defined in the same. Replication of DNA. Different types of RNAs with their special features & functions. Minor or rare bases. Transcription & translation. Different post-translational modifications of proteins. Triplet codon & the codon dictionary. Mutations. An introduction to different types of mutations. Their nature & repair.

9. Hereditary diseases.

Eliptocytosis, spherocytosis, HNPCC, diabetes insipidus.

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Download GPAT Previous Year Question Paper pdf with Solutions [1998-2022] free

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GPAT Previous Year Question papers with solution PDF Download | …

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) : –

What is GPAT exam eligibility?

Eligibility For GPAT 2022

Applicant must be a citizen of India. They must be Bachelor’s degree holders in Pharmacy (4 years after 10+2, including lateral entry candidates). Those who are in the final year of B. Pharmacy course are also eligible for appearing in GPAT exam.

What is GPAT qualifying marks?

Candidates who appear for the GPAT exam will be shortlisted on the basis of the cut-off marks, specified by the participating institutes. The cut-off of GPAT 2021 for the General category students was 186 marks. The GPAT 2022 cutoff varies for the various categories

How many questions are there in Gpat?

There are total 125 Multiple Choice Question.

What comes after clearing GPAT?

Students who clear the exam will be eligible for admissions to AICTE approved colleges accepting GPAT scores in India. The exam is conducted for admissions to 24000 seats of M. Pharma programs offered by as many as 841 participating pharmacy institutes.

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