GPAT Biotechnology Syllabus PDF Download Free 2022

GPAT Biotechnology Syllabus PDF Download | GPAT Biotechnology Syllabus download

Download GPAT Biotechnology Syllabus

GPAT Biotechnology Syllabus PDF Download Free

GPAT Biotechnology Syllabus PDF – In this post of Syllabus we elaborate the Biotechnology Syllabus of GPAT which is a national level competitive exam through which Students can get admission in Pharmacy courses in different colleges and universities across  the country. We all know the importance  of syllabus for any  exam or course,  this is the only thing which gives us a right path  to study for the exam in other word we can say Syllabus is one of the most important tool to crack any examination, because it gives you the exact and proper Orientation of what to study or how much you have to study for the exam. So , here  you will get  the detailed GPAT Biotechnology Syllabus .

The major topics contains in GPAT Biotechnology Syllabus are Plant Cell and Tissue Culture , Structure of plant cell, DNA, Genes and chromosomes, Animal Cell Culture, Fermentation Technology and Industrial Microbiology, Recombinant DNA Technology, Process and Applications and Biotechnology Derived Products. Below the full detailed GPAT Biotechnology Syllabus is given : –

Detailed GPAT Biotechnology Syllabus

I. Plant Cell and Tissue Culture
Structure of plant cell, DNA, Genes and chromosomes.

A. Cell and tissue culture,

a. Requirements.
b. Callus culture, suspension culture, batch culture.
c. The concept of somatic hybridization, somatic embryogenesis.

B. Processes and applications,

a. Isolation and immobilization of enzymes and plant cells and application.
b. Protoplast and cell fusion.
c. Germplasm conservation.
d. Production of secondary metabolites by plant tissue culture.
e. Gene transfer techniques.

II. Animal Cell Culture

Introduction to animal cell culture, medium used in ATC. Use of FCS, primary culture, secondary culture, cell line. Cloning: concept and application with technical hurdles. Transgenic animals as a source of food, organs and tissues, concept of xeno transplant.

III. Fermentation Technology and Industrial Microbiology

1. Fermentation as a biochemical process, types of fermentation.
2. Fermenter – working and construction, accessory components, modification.
3. Fermentation monitoring and in situ recovery of products.

IV. Recombinant DNA Technology

Basic concepts
a) Introduction.
b) Role of a restriction endonuclease, DNA ligase, DNA polymerase, Reverse transcriptase.

V. Process and Applications

a) Constructing Recombinant DNA molecules.

DNA Clones sources of DNA for cloning.
DNA vectors, role of expression vectors.
Host cell for recombinant work.
Method for screening and selecting transformants.
Expression of foreign genes.
Uses of recombinant DNA.

b) PCR and applications.

Human gene therapy concept and applications.

c) Drug delivery systems in gene therapy.

VI. Biotechnology Derived Products

a) Sources and upstream processing.

Escherichia coli as a source of recombinant, therapeutic protein.
Additional production systems : Yeast, Fungal production systems, Transgenic animals, Transgenic plants, Insects cell-based systems
Upstream processing.

b) Downstream processing.

Product analysis : Introduction, Protein-base contaminant, Removal of an altered form of the protein of interest from the product stream.
Determination of protein concentration.

c) Immunological approaches to detection of contaminant, Endotoxin and other

pyrogenic contaminants.
Pyrogen detection.
DNA as a contaminant.
Microbial and viral contaminant.
Viral assays.
Miscellaneous contaminants.
Validation studies.

d) Production and purification of recombinant proteins like, Insulin, Growth hormones, somatostatin, interferons, only examples of recombinant blood products.

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Download GPAT Previous Year Question Paper pdf with Solutions [1998-2022] free

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GPAT Previous Year Question papers with solution PDF Download | …

What is meant by GPAT?

GRADUATE PHARMACY APTITUDE TEST (GPAT) is a national level entrance examination for entry into M. Pharm programmes. Till 2018, it was conducted by All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) every year as per the directions of Ministry of Education (MoE), Government of India.

What is GPAT exam eligibility?

Eligibility For GPAT 2022
Applicant must be a citizen of India. They must be Bachelor’s degree holders in Pharmacy (4 years after 10+2, including lateral entry candidates). Those who are in the final year of B. Pharmacy course are also eligible for appearing in GPAT exam.

What is GPAT qualifying marks?

Candidates who appear for the GPAT exam will be shortlisted on the basis of the cut-off marks, specified by the participating institutes. The cut-off of GPAT 2021 for the General category students was 186 marks. The GPAT 2022 cutoff varies for the various categories

is there any negative marking in GPAT 2022 ?

Yes, For every correct answer, +4 are awarded and -1 for every incorrect response

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