[PDF] GPAT 2023 Clinical Pharmacy and Therapeutics Syllabus PDF Download

Download GPAT 2023 Clinical Pharmacy and Therapeutics Syllabus pdf. Here you will get subjectwise GPAT syllabus pdf to download for free.We have provided GPAT official syllabus divided into subjects which are further divided into chapterwise to easily understand it whose PDF is also available which anyone can download easily.

GPAT Clinical Pharmacy and Therapeutics official Syllabus pdf:

GPAT Pharmaceutical Analysis Syllabus PDF Download Free
GPAT Clinical Pharmacy and Therapeutics official Syllabus pdf:

Gpat 2023 official syllabus consist of total 19 subjects out of which Clinical Pharmacy and Therapeutics subject syllabus is discussed in this post along with its pdf via google drive link. You can also download other subect syllabus pdf from below.

The syllabus is provided separately so that it would be easier for aspirants to remember the syllabus and focus on one subject at a time. Sometime it make difficulty for looking on a desired subject of the the syllabus but individual subject syllabus solve that issue.

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GPAT 2023: Clinical Pharmacy and Therapeutics Syllabus:

The syllabus of subject Clinical pharmacy and therapeutics consist of following chapters and topics as follow, you can download this in pdf format from below.

  • 1. General Principles, preparation, maintenance, analysis of observational records in clinical Pharmacy.
  • 2. Clinical trials, type and phases of clinical trials, placebo, ethical and regulatory issues including Good clinical practice in clinical trials.
  • 3. Therapeutic drug monitoring, adverse drug reaction (ADR), types of ADR, Mechanism of ADR. Drug interaction, Monitoring and reporting of ADR and its significance.
  • 4. Drug information services, Drug interactions.
  • 5. Drug interaction in pediatric and geriatric patients, drug treatment during pregnancy, lactation and menstruation.
  • 6. Pharmacovigilance, Therapeutic drug monitoring, Neutraceuticals, essential drugs and rational drug usage.
  • 7. Age-related drug therapy: concept of posology, drug therapy for neonates, pediatrics and geriatrics. Drugs used in pregnancy and lactation.
  • 8. Drug therapy in gastrointestinal, hepatic, renal, cardiovascular and respiratory Disorders.
  • 9. Drug therapy for neurological and psychological disorders.
  • 10. Drug therapy in infections of respiratory system, urinary system, infective meningitis, TB, HIV, malaria and filaria.
  • 11. Drug therapy for thyroid and parathyroid disorders, diabetes mellitus, menstrual cycle disorders, menopause and male sexual dysfunction.
  • 12. Drug therapy for malignant disorders like leukemia, lymphoma and solid tumors.
  • 13. Drug therapy for rheumatic, eye and skin disorders.
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