GPAT Pathophysiology Syllabus PDF Download Free 2022

GPAT Pharmaceutical Analysis Syllabus PDF Download | GPAT Pathophysiology Syllabus download

Download GPAT Pathophysiology Syllabus

GPAT Pharmaceutical Analysis Syllabus PDF Download Free

In this Syllabus post of Pathophysiology for GPAT exam , which is a national level entrance exam for those students who want to take admission into a good college or university across the country for Pharmacy courses. GPAT stands for Graduate Pharmacy Aptitude Test so only those students  are eligible  for this entrance test who have  done their graduation with a good marks form Science stream. So, for every exam syallbus is one the primary  thing to crack the exam, that’s  why here you will get GPAT Pathophysiology Syllabus in very detailed form.

GPAT Pathophysiology Syllabus contains mainly topics like Basic principles of cell injury and adaptation, Basic mechanisms of inflammation and repair, Disorders of fluid, electrolyte and acid-base balance, Disorders of homeostasis: white blood cells, lymphoid tissues, and red blood cells related diseases, Immunopathology including amyloidosis, Infectious diseases, Neoplastic diseases, Pathophysiology of common diseases and Laboratory tests for Liver function tests and kidney function tests . Below the full detailed GPAT Pathophysiology Syllabus is given : –

Detailed GPAT Pathophysiology Syllabus

1. Basic principles of cell injury and adaptation

Causes, pathogenesis and morphology of cell injury, apoptosis and necrosis.

2. Basic mechanisms of inflammation and repair

Pathogeneses of inflammation. Chemical mediators in inflammation. Pathogenesis of chronic inflammation. Repair of wounds in the skin, factors influencing healing of wounds.

3. Disorders of fluid, electrolyte and acid-base balance

4. Disorders of homeostasis: white blood cells, lymphoid tissues, and red blood cells related diseases.

5. Immunopathology including amyloidosis

a) Host parasite Relationship

  • normal microbial flora of human body, infection vs. disease, Pathogenicity vs. Virulence, Koch & Rivers Postulates, Reservoir of infection-sources of infection, Portals of Entry, Portals of exit, vectors of infection, communicability of disease, recognized symptoms of microbial disease, classification of immunity.
  • External defense mechanism of host: Skin, Mucus membrane, chemical Secretions, Naturally occurring microbial flora.
  • Internal defense Mechanism: Inflammation, fever, natural killer Cells, Phagocytic Cells, Soluble mediators-complement Lymphokines, Interferons.

b) Immune response :

  • Specific immunity & immune response
  • Humoral immunity antibody response, mediators of Humoral immunity, basic structure of antibody, antibody classes & functions, maturation of immune response, immunologic memory.
  • Antigens: specificity & Immunogenicity, Natural vs. artificial Antigens, Soluble, cellular antigens, thymus independent antigen, adjuvant.Page 38 of 54
  • Hypersensitivity and its types
  • Cellular immunity: Transplantation immunity, Cellular immunity to viruses, Implications of T-cell response. Acquisition of specific immunity: Natural vs. Passive acquisition. Mechanism of autoimmunity. Classification of autoimmune diseases in man. Transplantation and allograft reactions, mechanism of rejection of allograft. Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS).

6. Infectious diseases

Hepatitis – Infective hepatitis.
Sexually transmitted diseases (syphilis, gonorrhea, HIV). Pneumonia, typhoid, urinary tract infections. Tuberculosis. Leprosy. Malaria. Dysentery (Bacterial and amoebic).

7. Neoplastic diseases

Disturbances of growth of cells. General biology of tumors, differences between benign and malignant tumors. Classification of tumors. Historical diagnosis of
malignancy. Etiology and pathogenesis of cancer. Invasions, metastasis, patterns of spread of cancer. Environmental carcinogenesis.

8. Pathophysiology of common diseases

  • Parkinsonism. Schizophrenia. Depression and mania
  • Stroke (ischemic and hemorrhage). Hypertension. Angina. Myocardial infarction,
  • CCF. Atherosclerosis.
  • Diabetes mellitus.
  • Peptic ulcer and inflammatory bowel disease. Cirrhosis and alcoholic liver diseases.
  • Acute and chronic renal failure.
  • Asthma and chronic obstructive airway diseases.

9. Laboratory tests for Liver function tests and kidney function tests

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Download GPAT Previous Year Question Paper pdf with Solutions [1998-2022] free

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) : –

Is GPAT required for NIPER?

Yes, GPAT/GATE is must to take admission in any course in NIPER. Yes, also you require a good rank in Gpat as Niper jee is abandoned by government of India

Is GPAT necessary for M Pharm?

It’s not compulsory to qualify gpat for doing MPharm . But if u qualify gpat u will have opportunities to study in top most colleges of India . in addition to that u will get stipend which is 12400 rupees per month for 2 years and also u no need to write an entrance test for studying PhD

Is there any negative marking in GPAT?

GPAT 2022 Marking Scheme

There will be negative marking of 1 mark for each incorrect response. Marks will not be awarded in case of not attempting the question. The questions marked with more than one answer will be considered for negative marking.

How many times we can give GPAT exam?

Any times, there is no age restrictions. Qualification is B. Pharmacy completed, final year candidates also can apply. Qualified candidates will get 12000 per month upto 24 months.

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