GPAT 2023 physical chemistry syllabus Pdf download

Here you will get GPAT latest complete syllabus pdf to download. If you are looking for GPAT physical chemistry syllabus pdf then you are at right page. Below in this article you can download it in pdf format for free.

Syllabus is very important study material needed to start preparation for any exam to get an idea about the topics which need to be covered while preparation or which need to be left.

Download GPAT Physical Chemistry Syllabus

GPAT Physical Chemistry Syllabus PDF Download Free

Download GPAT Physical Chemistry Syllabus PDF – We all know the importance  of syllabus for any  exam or course,  this is the only thing which gives us a right path  to study for the exam in other word we can say Syllabus is one of the most important tool to crack any examination, because it gives you the exact and proper Orientation of what to study or how much you have to study for the exam.

So , here  you will get  the detailed GPAT Physical Chemistry Syllabus. The major topics contains in GPAT Physical Chemistry Syllabus are  Composition & physical states of matter, Colligative Properties, Refractive index, Solutions, Electrochemistry, Ionic equilibrium and Kinetics . Below are the full detailed GPAT Physical Chemistry Syllabus and its pdf.

GPAT 2023- Physical chemistry syllabus:

The detailed syllabus of GPAT physical chemistry is mention below in the table you can also download the pdf if you wish below it.

Chapter nameDetailed syllabus
1. Composition & physical states of matterIntermolecular forces & their impact on the state of the matter. Various physical properties of  matter, dipole moment, dielectric constant, Van Der Waal’s equation & critical phenomenon, liquefaction of gases, aerosols.
2. Colligative PropertiesThe liquid state, vapor pressure, ideal & real solutions. Raoult’s law, elevation of boiling point, depression of freezing point, osmotic pressure, determination of molecular weight based on colligative properties.
3. ThermodynamicsFirst, second & third law of thermodynamics. Thermochemical laws, isothermic & adiabatic processes, reversible processes, work of expansion, heat content, enthalpy, heat capacity. Gibb’s & Helmholtz equation & chemical potential.
4. Refractive indexRefractive index, specific refractivity, molar refractivity, refractometers.
5. SolutionsSolubility, factors affecting solubility, solubility curves. Types of solutions, effect of co-solvency, pH & other factors on solubility. Solubility of gases in liquids, liquids in liquids, & solids in liquids, critical solution temperature, law of partitioning & its applications. Solute-solvent interactions. Expression of the concentration of pharmaceutical solutions & calculations.  Molarity, molality, mole fraction & percentage expressions.
6. ElectrochemistryProperties of electrolyte solutions, electrolysis. Faraday’s law of electrolysis, electron transport, electrical cell, single electrode potential, concentration cells, half-cells & half-cell potential, types of half cells, sign convention, Nernst equation, salt bridge, electromotive series, standard potential, SHE. Measuring the relative voltage of half cells, Calculation of standard potential. Reference & indicator electrodes. Standard oxidation-reduction potential.
7. Ionic equilibriumTheory of conductivity, equivalent conductance, mobility of ions, specific conductance.
8. Chemical Kinetics,Order of reactions, derivation & internal form of rate laws, molarities of reaction, derivation of rate constants.
Gpat physical chemistry syllabus 2023

Download GPAT physical chemistry syllbus PDF below:

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) : –

Is Gpat necessary for niper?

Yes, GPAT/GATE is must to take admission in any course in NIPER.

Is coaching necessary for GPAT?

No coaching is not necessary . It is totally upto you wether you prefer coaching or self study. Mostly gpat qualifiers are cracked the exam through self study.

How many times we can give GPAT exam?

Any times, there is no age restrictions. Qualification is B. Pharmacy completed, final year candidates also can apply. Qualified candidates will get 12000 per month upto 24 months.

Is GPAT score valid for PhD?

GPAT score will be valid for three years for admission to the Master program at NIPER. What is the validity of GPAT score for PhD program at NIPER? Candidate should have valid GPAT score for PhD Admission . The valid score for their Master’s program or after would be considered.

What is difference between GPAT and niper?

Graduate Pharmacy Aptitude Test (GPAT) is an entrance examination for admissions to M. Pharm courses in state colleges after completion of B. Pharm. NIPER-JEE is the entrance examination for admission to M.S (Pharm), etc.

Can Pharm D students write GPAT?

No you are not eligible for the GPAT exam, to apply for GPAT, you need a Bachelor’s degree holders in Pharmacy (4 years after 10+2, including lateral entry candidates) OR those who are in the final year of B. Pharmacy course are eligible to appear for the GPAT exam.

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