GPAT 2023 physical pharmacy syllabus pdf

GPAT 2023 physical pharmacy syllabus is available here. Download Physical pharmacy gpat syllabus pdf. On this page you can download the pdf of physical pharmacy syllabus which is the one of the subject of GPAT. You can also download the other subject syllabus pdf as well for your GPAT-2023 exam.

GPAT 2023 physical pharmacy syllabus pdf
GPAT 2023 physical pharmacy syllabus pdf

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Physical Pharmacy Syllabus:

The topics and details of physical pharmacy subject is given below in the table. However, you can also download the pdf after that if you needed.

1. Matter, properties of matterStates of matter, change in the state of matter, latent heat and vapor pressure, sublimation-critical point, eutectic mixtures, gases, aerosols- inhalers, relative humidity, liquid complexes, liquid crystals, glasses state, solid crystalline and amorphous polymorphism.
2. Micromeritics and powder rheologyParticle size and distribution, average particle size number and weight distribution, particle number, methods of determining particle size and volume, optical microscopy, sieving, sedimentation, determining surface areas, permeability, adsorption, derived properties of
powders, porosity, packing arrangement densities, bulkiness and flow properties.
3. Surface and interfacial phenomenonLiquid interface, surface and interfacial tensions, surface free energy, measurement of surface and interfacial tension, spreading coefficient, adsorption and liquid interfaces, surface active agents, HLB classification, solubilization, detergency, absorption at solid interfaces, solid gas and solid-liquid interfaces, complex films, electrical properties of interfaces.
4. Viscosity and rheologyNewtonian systems, law of flow, kinematics viscosity, effect of temperature, non- Newtoniansystems, pseudoplastics, dilatant, plastic, thixotropy in formulations, determination of viscosity and thixotropy by capillary, falling ball, rotational viscometer, application of theology in pharmacy
5. Dispersion systemsa. Colloidal dispersions: Definition, types, properties of colloids, protective colloids, application of colloids in pharmacy.
b. Suspensions and emulsions: Interfacial properties of suspended particles settling in suspension, theory of sedimentation, effect of Brownian movement, sedimentation of flocculated particles, sedimentation parameters, wetting of particles, significance of electrical properties in dispersions, controlled flocculation, flocculation in structured vehicles, rheological considerations, emulsions: types, theories, physical stability.
6. ComplexationClassification of complexes, methods of preparations and analysis, applications.
7. BufferBuffer equations and buffer capacity in general. Buffers in pharmaceutical systems, preparations and stability, buffered isotonic solutions. Measurements of tonicity calculations  and methods of adjusting isotonicity.
8. Solubilitya. Miscibility-influence of foreign substances
three component systems;
dielectric constant and solubility,
solubility of solids in liquids
ideal and non-ideal solutions
solvation and association in solutions
solubility of salts in water
solubility of slightly soluble and weak electrolyte
calculating solubility of weak electrolytes as influenced by pH, influence of solvents on the solubility of drugs
combined effect of pH and solvents, distribution of solutes between immiscible solvents, effect of ionic dissociation and molecular association on partition, extraction, preservatives action of weak acids in emulsions, drug action and distribution coefficient.
b. Concepts of dissolution and diffusion.
gpat 2023 physical pharmacy syllabus

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) : –

Who conducts GPAT?

The National Testing Agency (NTA) conducts the Graduate Pharmacy Aptitude Test (GPAT) entrance exam for admission to Master of Pharmacy (MPharm) courses.

How do you get a PhD in NIPER?

NIPER PhD Joint Entrance Examination 2022 Admission Procedure

Admission to the Ph. D Programme will be based on the combined merit obtained by a candidate in the entrance examination and interview. …

The candidates have to report to the Institute for Interview on scheduled date and time.

Is niper tough than GPAT?

As per the NIPER JEE exam analysis 2021 by the ‘Pharm Intelligence Academy’, the exam was very easy for students and was similar to GPAT . No logical and in-depth analysis questions were asked. Sanjay Malge, founder of Pharma Intelligence Academy, said that NIPER JEE cutoff 2021 will increase than last year.

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