GPAT previous year question papers with solution pdf download

Here, you will get GPAT previous year question papers with solution pdf to download for free. GPAT previous year questions paper pdf from year 1998 to 2022 is provided here, which anyone can download easily from below in this article.

Previous year question paper is one of the important study material of GPAT which must be used by every aspirant since it give you an idea about the difficulty level and exam pattern of GPAT exam.

Download GPAT Previous Year Question Paper pdf with Solutions [1998-2021] free

GPAT previous year question papers with solution pdf download
GPAT previous year question papers with solution pdf download

Previous year question paper is one of those study materials which every star teachers and topper would recommend you to check out for preparing for the exam. The PYQs give you a clear idea of the exam pattern and question difficulties of your GPAT exam.

The previous year questions paper of GPAT also give you the idea of the topics from which questions are frequently asked in your exam, which helps you to analyze which topics you need to focus more and which topics you need to focus less or leave it. Eventually, which help you score good marks because of your better analysis of the exams.

Some Memory-based question of GPAT

Candidates can go through the previous year’s memory-based questions of the GPAT exam below.

  1. Mesh size in lycopodium spore method is ….?
  2. The pungency of zingiber rhizomes due to which components?
  3. pH calculation by Henderson hasselbalch 0.1M NaOH 50ml in 100ml 0.1M ch3cooH..pka acetic acid was given
  4. What is the full SFI index?
  5. What is the HPMC use?
  6. What is the Biological source of shellac?
  7. Wolf Kisner reaction was given …… identification of that reaction
  8. HNO3+H2So4 =?
  9. Size of lycopodium spores
  10. Aneurysm is ….?
  11. Amylopectin reacts with iodine gives ….. color?
  12. Clotting factors activated by Vitamin K are….?
  13. Identify the reaction order given (there may be the 2nd order equation)
  14. Calculation of Css I.V…equation (from biopharmaceutics section)
  15. Scavenger cell also called?
  16. Graves disease causes?
  17. Identify Alpha 1 blockers?
  18. Characteristics of microemulsion are …?
  19. Pair of alpha2 blockers
  20. Timolol structure
  21. Von Gierke’s disease occurs due to?
  22. Hospital formulary question
  23. Medline databases are?
  24. Identify false statement on Calcitriol
  25. 5 alpha-reductase inhibitor?
  26. Soda ash also called as?
  27. Antiviral property of neem due to?
  28. What is ELISA?
  29. Identify differentiated product from paracetamol, Zantac, ranitidine, isoniazid
  30. pM indicators used in ??
  31. Non-Newtonian viscometer
  32. Travelers diarrhea treated with?
  33. Which one of the following is not anti Tb drug ( streptomycin, gentamicin, isoniazid, clotrimazole )
  34. What is Suture?
  35. Avicel is also known as?
  36. Carboxymethyl cellulose used in tablets?
  37. Purpose of barometric leg in jet condenser?
  38. Uses of the chemical compound obtained from red scill ( rodenticide )
  39. Is microscopy observed in Alzheimer’s disease?
  40. To identify a protein, which probe is used?

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Download GPAT Previous Year Question Paper pdf with Solutions free

Download all GPAT previous year Question Papers as GPAT study materials. You and easily download and solve the questions and check the answers with the help of solution provided within the pdf.

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