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This book contains a variety of materials and exercises which will help learners to achieve the competency and learning outcomes set in the curriculum. Each unit deals with all language skills and the subject matters required to practice various language learning activities. There is uniformity in the presentation of the activities which will certainly make it convenient for the students. The teachers, students, and other stakeholders are expected to make constructive comments and suggestions to make it a more useful learning material.

In this post you will get access to download these books in pdf format for free, you do not have to pay a single penny for it. Then read the full post and get these all books in one place for free. Now All the Books of Class 1 in English, as well as Nepali Languages, are listed below with a table of contents and some pdf details of each textbook.

So, Now get the soft copy of the material from below and enhance your preparation …

Subject-wise Books PDF Download

01. DOWNLOAD Class 1 Mero Nepali Book PDF FREE

02. DOWNLOAD Class 1 Mero Ganit Book PDF FREE (Maths)

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03. DOWNLOAD Class 1 English Book PDF FREE

04. DOWNLOAD Hamro Serofero Class 1 Book PDF FREE

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