Grade 3 English Textbook PDF Download

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Grade 3 English Textbook PDF Download

Book nameMy English Book
AuthorsGovernment of Nepal
Ministry of Education, Science and Technology
Curriculum Development Centre
Sanothimi, Bhaktapur
Grade 3
Total Pages248 Pages

Preface of Grade 3 English Textbook PDF

Curriculum Development Centre (CDC) revises curricula and textbooks on a regular basis to make education relevant to the changing contexts. Keeping to the tradition, the new Basic Level Curriculum (Grades 1-3) developed as an integrated form is based on the guiding principles of the National Curriculum Framework 2019. To see their relevance and practicalities, both the curriculum and the book of Grade 3 were piloted in over 100 schools across the country in the academic year 2077 BS.

The curriculum has been updated on the basis of the feedback obtained from different stakeholders. Likewise, this book has also been revised on the basis of the updated version of the integrated curriculum and as well as the feedback obtained from the piloting. The book is organized under eleven multidisciplinary themes and incorporates the competencies and language functions outlined in the curriculum. Due to this, it is expected to help in the integrated teaching and learning process. This book can be used as a textbook as well as a workbook.

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Table of Contents Grade 3 English Textbook:

  • Before you begin – I
  • Before you begin – II
  • Me and My Family
    • Lesson 1 Birendra’s Family
    • Lesson 2 I Love My Family
    • Lesson 3 Uncle Shiva’s Family
    • Lesson 4 It’s Me
    • Lesson 5 My Body
    • Lesson 6 I Take Care of My Body
      • Assessment 1
  • My Daily Life
    • Lesson 7 Before School
    • Lesson 8 At School
    • Lesson 9 After School
    • Lesson 10 On Saturdays
    • Lesson 11 At the Zoo
    • Lesson 12 At a Fair
      • Assessment 2
  • My School
    • Lesson 13 Lunch Box Surprise
    • Lesson 14 Dentist at School
    • Lesson 15 Homework
    • Lesson 16 Durbar High School
    • Lesson 17 Unit Test
    • Lesson 18 We Are at School
      • Assessment 3
  • Our Environment
    • Lesson 19 My House
    • Lesson 20 My Garden
    • Lesson 21 My Village
    • Lesson 22 Weather
    • Lesson 23 Keeping Clean
    • Lesson 24 Using Numbers
      • Assessment 4
  • My Belongings
    • Lesson 25 Things I Have
    • Lesson 26 Colours and Objects
    • Lesson 27 My Clothes
      • Assessment 5
  • Our Culture
    • Lesson 28 Our Festivals
    • Lesson 29 Children’s Day
    • Lesson 30 Months of the Year
      • Assessment 6
  • Communication Technology and Market
    • Lesson 31 Shopping
    • Lesson 32 Talking on the Telephone
    • Lesson 33 What’s this?
    • Lesson 34 Making a List
      • Assessment 7
  • Fruits and Vegetables
    • Lesson 35 Fruits at the Market
    • Lesson 36 Vegetables at the Market
    • Lesson 37 Buying Fruits and Vegetables
      • Assessment 8
  • Hobbies and Interests
    • Lesson 38 I Like…
    • Lesson 39 We are on a Holiday
    • Lesson 40 Playing Games
      • Assessment 9
  • Birds and Animals
    • Lesson 41 Chicken Little
    • Lesson 42 Helpful Animals
    • Lesson 43 Birds and Animals
    • Lesson 44 What do Animals Eat?
      • Assessment 10
  • Word List
  • Learning Progression Chart

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