IIT-JEE Complete Organic Chemistry etoos video lecture for JEE Main,JEE Advanced & NEET by SG Sir

Download IIT-JEE etoos video lecture Complete Organic Chemistry for JEE Main,JEE Advanced & NEET by SG Sir

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Download IIT-JEE etoos video lecture Complete Organic Chemistry for JEE Main,JEE Advanced & NEET by SG Sir Shashank Garg sir google drive , mega drive link at totally free .

Organic Chemistry is a branch of Chemistry responsible for the formation, structure, and reaction of carbon-containing chemicals. A solid foundation in this field is required to gain admission to accredited institutions of Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs). But it is often seen that students face very difficult in this topics for preparing for IIT-JEE , NEET , JEE main etc. Just talking about Organic instills unimaginable fear in the minds of students.


Shashank Garg (Mr. SG sir) completed his M.Sc. in science from MKU University. after helping students by being part of the Vibrant and Bansal classes, he has teamed up with the Etoosindia group to reach students through the online learning method. Mr SG has been on the show for the past 12 years


Mr. SG will work on the critical thinking skills of the students, the strategies he uses to articulate this fascinating idea. He made a concerted effort to create a climate that would help students to stay young and enthusiastic about learning and refining what is being taught, especially in the classroom.


Download JEE Etoos video lecture Complete Organic Chemistry For JEE Main, JEE Advanced & NEET by SG SIR


SG Sir is known for his systematic and scientific teaching which raises the academic levels of the student. This course by SG Sir focusses on JEE Organic Chemistry syllabus.


  • Master the concepts of JEE Organic Chemistry.
  • Specially designed questions of General Organic Chemistry topic will provide lucid explanation and develops problem solving skills.
  • Designed and Developed by the experienced faculty of KOTA .
  • Lecture videos are enriched with basic and advanced concepts.
  • One can start from the basics and gradually expand his/her knowledge and understanding of Organic Chemistry.

This course by SG Sir helps students to shape their overall thinking ability on organic chemistry with his vast knowledge and clear fundamentals.


Q) Why cut off marks low for a tough exam like JEE?

No it’s not necessary that cutoffs for JEE Main has gone low so the college cutoff will go low. Actually the JEE Main cutoff has gone low because the JEE Main board has to qualify 2.2 lakh candidates for JEE Advanced. So the requisite number of candidates have to be qualified. Since the 2.2 lakh students have secured marks above the cutoff, that is why the cutoff has been decided as such. The college cutoffs will roughly hover around last year cutoffs only.


Q) How do I prepare for Organic Chemistry for the JEE?


Organic Chemistry is one of the most interesting subjects in JEE syllabus. I never got bored in an Organic chemistry class- thanks to my wonderful teacher.

Coming to the point, Organic Chemistry doesn’t involve much learning, and is mainly based on understanding concepts. Most questions would be easy to solve(except a few, which are always there in any paper) provided you have studied well. I’ll be telling you chapterwise syllabus and how to prepare for it. I would give you links to some books in the end, and you can buy the books without having to waste time on searching(I searched for the latest editions and put them here).

Make good class notes. This is very important. Organic is best taught by a teacher. Remember all kinds of effects, their exceptions, their preference orders, etc. Making short notes turns out very useful later on.

So, the main areas you’ll study are

1. Basics of Organic Chemistry-

This itself is a big topic. It involves topics like Nomenclature, Isomerism(stereo and structural), Electronic Effects, Acidic and Basic strengths, bonding in Organic compounds, basics of Organic reaction mechanisms, Practical Organic Chemistry. Now these are some really important topic and every coaching class has a different way to approach them. We were taught these concepts as and when they were required. You should follow whatever approach you are being taught. If you attend a proper coaching, then concentrate on their teaching and sheets. If not, then there are plenty of books out there, to help you, keep reading.

2. Reaction part

This is the essence of Organic Chemistry. 90% of questions asked in Organic chemistry are from reactions. This includes Hydrocarbons, Aromatic compounds, Alcohols, Phenols and Ethers, reactions of acids, Grignard Reagent, Oxidation/Reduction, etc. The list is very long. There are a lot many reactions in this section. But panic not. These are taught in a very structured way in Coachings /Books. Follow their way, and be regular.

Remember stuff up as soon as they are taught. Maintaining a reaction+mechanism+exception diary helps. Revise it everytime before you sit to study Organic Chemistry. Constant revision is the key here. Understand the mechanisms really well. A lot of questions are asked in JEE(Advanced) based on mechanism. They would change the reaction a bit and they will ask you the product. You can solve it only if you have an understanding of the mechanism.

So, the main thing is- keep all the reaction, reagents, and exceptions on your tips, and have a good understanding of mechanisms. Practice them by writing them down till you remember them. Solve a huge number of problems as they will help you remember the facts.

Also, a good understanding of Basics of Organic Chemistry is also important, otherwise you won’t be able to move ahead. So strengthen that first.

Self study people can pick up a good book(keep reading) and start from there. Try to obtain a good coaching material to practice from. Youtube tutorials can help you understand mechanisms.

3. Biomolecules and miscellaneous part-

This is relatively easy. It is important, as at least 1-2 questions are asked from the chapter ‘Chemistry in everyday life’. Just mug up this chapter from NCERT. This is it. It will cover Boards, JEE main, and JEE Advanced all at one go. Then comes biomolecules. This is an interesting chapter, and JEE has asked some really tough questions from this chapter. Remember all Amino acid structures, if you can, as there was a question in JEE 2014 based on this. There are lots of concepts and structures, specially in Carbohydrates and Proteins, be familiar with them.


There are lots of good books available in the market. But it is tough to choose which one to follow. I would say any of these books is good to follow, but some books have an upper edge over others. If you are going to a good coaching, then nothing can be better than that, because they have great question bank, so I recommend to find some coaching study material with solution if possible




1.》Arihant 41 Years JEE (Main and Advanced) question paper FREE PDF DOWNLOAD HERE 




3.》Allen NEET Biology Modules of class 11th & 12th PDF FREE DOWNLOAD HERE 


4.》Galaxy PHYSICS Books (Vol – 1, 2, 3 & 4) For IIT JEE ( Mains and advance ) PDFs FREE DOWNLOAD HERE 


5.》Disha publication jee main chapterwise DPP sheets FREE DOWNLOAD HERE 


6.》ABC Chemistry book PDF FREE DOWNLOAD HERE   


7.》Etoos Maths Lectures by Garvesh Bhardwaj (GB) sir for IIT-JEE , JEE-mains & jee advance




9.》Allen 2021 DLP Modules for Chemistry PDFs FREE DOWNLOAD HERE 


10.》Nitin Vijay (NV SIR) electric current full video lecture free to WATCH/DOWNLOAD HERE 


11.》Allen study material Biology modules PDFs FREE DOWNLOAD for NEET / AIIMS / JIPMER etc. 


12.》Disha Publication NEET / AIIMS (2021) Objective Questions Bank For PHYSICS, CHEMISTRY & BIOLOGY BOOK PDF FREE DOWNLOAD HERE 


13.》Disha Publication 10 Mock test with detailed solution for jee mains BOOK PDF FREE DOWNLOAD HERE


14. VK jaiswal inorganic chemistry for Jee-mains , JEE advance (IIT) , Neet and Aiims pdf download


15. Nitin Vijay (NV) sir video lectures of physics for IIT-JEE (Mains + Advance) & NEET , AIIMS google drive link





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DOWNLOAD Etoos organic chemistry lectures by Shashank Sir ( PS sir) for IIT-JEE ( Mains + Advance ) 



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