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Iitjam study material 2021 ,Career Avenues study material pdf

IITAM STUDY MATERIAL 2021 of Career Avenues for IITJAM BIOTECHNOLOGY preperation, In this post you will get the Mathematics portion material of BIOTECHNOLOGY for free .

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IITJAM Biotechnology Marking Scheme 2022 Exam 

SectionsNo. of Questions Types of QuestionsTotal Marks
Section – I30 QMultiple choice questions (MCQs)50 Marks
Section – II10 QMultiple Select questions (MSQs)20 marks
Section – III20 QNumerical answer type questions (NAT)30 marks
Total 60 Q_100 marks


Here, you can confirm your eligibility for IITJAM BIOTECHNOLOGY 2022 Examination :

Age Limit : There is no any Age limit for IITJAM BIOTECHNOLOGY 2022
Required Marks : Thestudents shouldhave passed their Graduation / Bachelor’s degree with 

5.5 CGPA out of  10 or 55 % for General / OBC EWS /  (NCL) category students or Applicants

5 CGPA out of 10 or 50 % for SC / ST  & PwD category students or Applicants.
Appearing : Student in the final Examination of their bachelor’s can also apply for IITJAM BIOTECHNOLOGY 2022.
Nationality : Both the students (Indians as well as Foreigners) can apply  for IITJAM BIOTECHNOLOGY 2022


If you are preparing  for this IITJAM BIOTECHNOLOGY 2022 exam then you must have to know about the complete details of the exam to go straight forward towards your  goals. There is a pattern of conducting the IITJAM BIOTECHNOLOGY exam tabulated below : –

Mode of ExamimantionOnline (Computer Based Test)
Duration of Examination3 Hours
Total Number of Questions60 Questions
Total Marks100 Marks
Type of QuestionsMultiple Choice Questions (MCQ),

Multiple Select Questions (MSQ)  and 

Numerical Answer Type (NAT) Questions.


The Biotechnology (BT) test paper comprises of  Biology, Chemistry,
Mathematics and Physics.

》BIOLOGY (10+2+3 level)

• General Biology :

Taxonomy; Heredity; Genetic variation; Conservation; Principles of ecology; Evolution; Techniques in modern biology.

• Biochemistry and Physiology :

Carbohydrates; Proteins; Lipids; Nucleic acids; Enzymes; Vitamins; Hormones; Metabolism – Glycolysis, TCA cycle, Oxidative Phosphoryation; Photosynthesis. Nitrogen Fixation, Fertilization and Osmoregulation; Vertebrates-Nervous system; Endocrine system; Vascular system; Immune system; Digestive system and Reproductive System.

• Basic Biotechnology :

Tissue culture; Application of enzymes; Antigen – antibody interaction; Antibody production; Diagnostic aids.

• Molecular Biology :

DNA; RNA; Replication; Transcription; Translation;  Proteins; Lipids and Membranes; Operon model; Gene transfer.

• Cell Biology :

Cell cycle; Cytoskeletal elements; Mitochondria; Endoplasmic
reticulum; Chloroplast; Golgi apparatus; Signaling.

• Microbiology :

Isolation; Cultivation; Structural features of virus; Bacteria; Fungi; Protozoa; Pathogenic micro-organizms.

》CHEMISTRY (10+2+3 level)

Atomic Structure: Bohr’s theory and Schrodinger wave equation; Periodicity in
properties; Chemical bonding; Properties of s, p, d and f block elements; Complex formation; Coordination compounds; Chemical equilibria; Chemical thermodynamics (first and second law); Chemical kinetics (zero, first, second and third order reactions); Photochemistry; Electrochemistry; Acid-base concepts; Stereochemistry of carbon compounds; Inductive, electromeric, conjugative effects and resonance; Chemistry of Functional Groups:  Hydrocarbons, alkyl halides, alcohols, aldehydes, ketones, carboxylic acids, amines and their derivatives; Aromatic hydrocarbons, halides, nitro and amino compounds, phenols, diazonium salts, carboxylic and sulphonic acids ; Mechanism of organic reactions; Soaps and detergents; Synthetic polymers; Biomolecules – amino acids, proteins, nucleic acids, lipids and carbohydrates (polysaccharides); Instrumental techniques – chromatography (TLC, HPLC), electrophoresis, UV-Vis, IR and NMR spectroscopy, mass spectrometry.

》MATHEMATICS (10+2 level)

Sets, Relations and Functions, Mathematical Induction, Logarithms, Complex numbers, Linear and Quadratic equations, Sequences and Series, Trigonometry, Cartesian System of Rectangular Coordinates, Straight lines and Family, Circles, Conic Sections, Permutations and Combinations, Binomial Theorem, Exponential and Logarithmic Series, Mathematical Logic, Statistics, ThreeDimensional Geometry, Vectors, Matrices and Determinants, Boolean Algebra,Probability, Functions, limits and Continuity, Differentiation, Application of Derivatives, Definite and Indefinite Integrals, Differential Equations.

》PHYSICS (10+2 level)

Physical World and Measurement, Elementary Statics and Dynamics,
Kinematics, Laws of Motion, Work, Energy and Power, Electrostatics, Current electricity, Magnetic Effects of Current and Magnetism, Electromagnetic Induction and Alternating Current, Electromagnetic waves, Optics, Dual Nature of Matter and Radiations, Atomic Nucleus, Solids and Semiconductor Devices, Principles of Communication, Motion of System of Particles and Rigid Body, Gravitation, Mechanics of Solids and Fluids, Heat and Thermodynamics, Oscillations, Waves.


How do I start the preparation for IITJAM biotechnology 2022 examination ?

Biotechnology as a field is an amalgamation of Biology and Technology. In Biotechnology, aspirants are educated on what procedures can be done to modify living organisms. Candidates who want to pursue Biotechnology as a discipline at the master’s level can consider appearing for IIT JAM 2020. Conducted by the IITs on a rotational basis, IIT JAMis the means through which aspirants can secure admission in MSc and integrated Ph.D. programs offered at IITs.

In the last year 2020, about 60,000 students took the IIT JAM Biotechnology exam and as candidates can see there are a limited number of seats in the Biotechnology course through the science entrance exam. Thus, candidates need to have a strategy in place to crack IITJAM BIOTECHNOLOGY 2022 to secure admission in the Biotechnology course.

Prep Tips to Crack IIT JAM Biotechnology Paper

Candidates can go through the tips mentioned below in order to formulate a strategy to crack the JAM exam paper for Biotechnology.

Be acquainted with IITJAM BIOTECHNOLOGY exam pattern

To score well in IIT JAM Biotechnology paper, aspirants need to know the exam pattern for the exam. IIT JAM pattern is such that candidates need to attempt Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs), Multiple Select Questions (MCQs) and Numerical Answer Type (NAT) questions. The total number of questions that aspirants need to attempt in the Biotechnology paper is 60 questions.

Know the marking scheme

Candidates are informed that there is negative marking in IIT JAM 2020. Aspirants need to be doubly sure of the marking scheme of the exam. This is necessary to ensure that they score maximum marks in the test and avoid negative marking as much as possible.

Know IIT JAM syllabus

Study important topics

To score well in IITJAM BIOTECHNOLOGY 2020 course admissions, aspirants need to be well acquainted with the important topics from which questions with maximum weightage are asked in the exam.

Read important books

Candidates should prepare a list of important books for exam prep. Here, candidates should go through one or two important books and thereafter prepare well for each section of this science exam.

Solve past years’ papers & mock tests

Candidates should solve as many sample papers, mock tests and previous years papers as possible. This will help aspirants know their level of preparation as well as increase their speed of attempting questions in IITJAM BIOTECHNOLOGY exam.

If you want to download the previous years QUESTION PAPERS with solutions then


Benefits of Solving IIT JAM Previous Years’ Question Papers

• By  practicing  the  IIT JAM  papers  of  last years,  you’ll  be  able  to understand  the  IIT JAM  Exam  Syllabus  and  Pattern.

• By solving the last years IIT JAM  papers, you’ll find an idea about the questions that what kind of questions were asked and what kind of questions can be asked.

• Also By continuous practicing of  the IIT JAM last years papers, you’ll be able to  rectify your sharpness, accuracy, capacity  and  also time management skills.

Important topics for IITJAM Biotechnology Prep 2020

Aspirants can go through the list of important topics that they should consider studying thoroughly while preparing for the IITJAM Biotechnology exam admissions. The topics along with weight

How many seats are there in IITJAM biotechnology ?

IITsNumber of Seats

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Career Avenues, IITJAM study material 2021 BIOTECHNOLOGY Pdf

CH 01 : – Linear Algebra

CH 02 : – Calculus

CH 03 : – Vector Calculus

CH 04 : – Differential Equations

CH 05 : – Numerical Methods

CH 06 : – Probability & Statistics

CH 07 : – Complex Number

Q.) Is IITJAM biotechnology tough ?

Answer : – Most of the candidates complete their post-graduation in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics. So, the number of aspirants who appear in the IIT JAM Biotechnology subject is slightly lower than that of other subjects. But there are only limited seats in each subject, which makes it difficult to crack the exam.

Q.) Is there any Age limit in IITJAM BIOTECHNOLOGY ?

Answer : – There is no any Age limit for IITJAM Biotechnology 2022.


NOTE : – If you need anything else more like ebooks, video lectures, syllabus  etc regarding  your Preperation / Examination  then do  📌mention in the Comment Section below. 



In the IITJAM minimum, how many marks are required for getting admission in an IIT for an MSc ?

It varies from subject to subject and category to category.. For example to get a seat in geology in iit, 65+ score is required for a general student. For Chemistry 50+ and for math and physics it must be 40 to secure a seat it iit through jam.

Obc category cut off generally 2–4 mark less than general, but for sc/st cut off is60–70% of general cutoff.

Now another thing, cut off is not predictable without considering the question level. But there is about 400-450 seats in each physics, chemistry and math in iits through jam. In geology it is more than 100 and i don’t have idea about biotech and statistics. Besides there are more seats in nits and some central universities and also 20 seats in bhu added this year. You can also get a seat in IISC, IISER Kolkata, IISER Bhopal, IISER pune and NISER with a rank 100+ followed by interview at respective institute in physics. So to get a seat through IIT-JAM, you must have a rank lower than 1500 in physics and math. For example with 22.33 marks i got 1688 rank in my first attempt(physics), and could get some nits too in spot. But for iit it must be 40+ and for old iits the score must be 50+(physics and math). Thank you.


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