IMPORTANT puzzle reasoning questions with answers pdf

In this article, we provided reasoning puzzle questions pdf for SBI Clerk, Puzzle for SBI PDF, IBPS PO Puzzle PDF, IBPS PDF Clerk for PDF and puzzle for similar banking exams. Therefore, candidates can download the puzzle questions for banking exam perspective along with their solution below which will help them in their preparation of reasoning paper of competitive exam .

IMPORTANT puzzle reasoning questions with answers pdf
IMPORTANT puzzle reasoning questions with answers pdf

Puzzles are one of the important topics in reasoning. As we all know that reasoning questions play a major role in competitive exams such as banks, insurance, SSC and railways. Candidates who are very well prepared for puzzels reasoning topic can easily score 7 to 10 marks in reasoning section. But the important thing is that candidates should do traditional preparation and practice question. Both give you confidence and the ability to solve new pattern puzzle reasoning question in competitive exams. Candidates will have to practice high -standard puzzle questions along with PDF answers provided below which will help you alot in your preparation. Candidates need to practice as much questions of the puzzle reasoning topic which will help them to get accuracy in their question solving .

Reasoning puzzle questions with answers for competitive exams:

All competitive exams in the government sector include reasoning type puzzle questions. Also, the puzzles question tests the candidate’s preparation for the exam. As a result, students should be practice to solve these puzzle questions to improve their performance or get good marks in their exams.These questions of reasoning in english with solution help you in order to speed up your pace in the exam, you need to solve these reasoning puzzle questions and answers to know your weak point and needed to improve that .

Here, you need to practise with answers to the puzzle questions so that you can check your errors and mistakes which will help you alot in various competitive exams like SSC, banking exam and other competitive exams. Generally, 1-2 reasoning puzzles questions are asked in competitive exams, this is an important topic of reasoning of SSC and from the point of view of banking exams.

Overview of puzzle reasoning questions with answers pdf :

Puzzles are designed to check one’s mind ability that how he/she would going to sort out the confusion and finding an efficient or correct way to solve it. Puzzle simply implies as confusion . This reasoning topic is one of the important part of almost every competitive exams .

Puzzle Questions are generally categories as :

  • classification (Grouping based on attributes)
  • Comparison order based on weight , age , height , marks etc
  • Sequential ( week days , floor)
  • Family ( blood relation , profession)
  • Miscellaneous ( direction , train)

You will find above category puzzle question in your reasoning paper of competitive exam . You must prepare for every category questions to master the puzzle topic .

Tips to solve puzzle Questions :

To solve that puzzle reasoning question you can follow the following steps:

  • To solve puzzle read the basic information carefully .
  • Go through each line carefully and make graph according to it whether it position or negative statement for Example A doesn’t travel in Train (A-train X)
  • Relate the previous information with other information.
  • Start the puzzle where maximum date is being provided so that you may solve it efficiently.

Other government exam study materials :-

Download top 50 puzzle reasoning questions with answers pdf below :

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How do you solve a reasoning puzzle fast?

you can follow following step to solve the question fast :
First of all, look at the clues. Don’t try to solve the puzzle without reading the clues. Clues are clues for a reason.
– Break the puzzle into bite-size pieces. For instance, when solving a logic puzzle, break every section into pieces. When trying to solve a crossword puzzle, break every word into pieces.
– Work on one piece at a time. If a section of the puzzle doesn’t seem to fit, work on other pieces until you have enough information to know whether or not that piece is correct.
– Once you have enough of the puzzle done to start piecing together the remaining pieces, use logic to figure out which pieces go where.
– If a piece seems to fit, but doesn’t, try adjusting the other pieces until that piece fits.
– Use process of elimination. If a piece is incorrect, you can move on to the next piece and try to solve that one.

How can I be perfect in solving difficult puzzles for reasoning part in bank exams?

Reasoning is a game of wits and presence of mind! Yes, it is true and it might seem as the greatest of the challenge after English Section’s surprises but yet this one can easily be dealt with. You just need correct practice and hardwire your brain to quickly make decisions of what to attempt and what to leave.
The difficulty of the exam is increasing day by day and in order to stand in the current scenario you have to upgrade yourself from good to better and from better to best. So, here i am with the five important steps to keep in mind while solving the puzzle.
If we go through the puzzle the things we should keep in mind and the steps we should follow to solve are as follows:
• First of all, read the first para quickly don’t spend much time in reading the first paragraph very deeply. Because in the first paragraph you are provided with the basic info like people and things (like their names, their sitting arrangement, their direction and other specific information).
• Moving further after knowing the basic information go through the whole puzzle quickly.At this time you just need to notice that regarding which particular variable most of the information is given and then you have to start your puzzle with that particular variable.
• Now after getting the Start Point of the puzzle, start reading it again from the second paragraph carefully and start placing things according to the information. While moving ahead, you might start getting many possibilities in which the person can be arranged. You need to make all the possibilities and move forward. After certain time, the possibilities will start getting cancelled. But you need to be patient till that time.
• When you move further in the puzzle you will find some information that will not fit in the solution at that particular point of time. For such information, you can write that in coded language separately which will come handy later. Then at last relate all the coded information to the solution and come to the final solution cancelling all the cases.
• At times, you may stuck in the situation when the puzzle remain unsolved and this is the crucial time as you had spent time in this puzzle and didn’t come up with solution so, you get nervous and from here you are left with two choices either you leave puzzle there or try to read it once again to catch the point you missed before. But while going through the puzzle again you need to stay calm. If you get nervous at that time, then there is a good chance that you miss the information again.
Remember..practice is what makes a person perfect. so, keep practicing start working smart.hope these tricks and points will help you out to crack puzzle in shortest time. For your practice we have provided practise question which you can access easily on

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