Important topics for NDA (Paper I & II) Subjectwise – Chapterwise : TREND ANALYSIS 2022

Important topics for NDA | NDA Exam Important Topics | NDA 2022

Important topics for NDA (Paper I & II) Subjectwise – Chapterwise : TREND ANALYSIS

NDA Exam Important Topics (Paper I & II) Subjectwise - Chapterwise : TREND ANALYSIS

Aspirants who are willing to crack NDA examinations must acquire excellent clutch on Mathematical abilities as one-third of the total written test marks are determined by this section. The candidates have to attempt 120 questions carrying 300 marks in 2 hours and 30 minutes. Based on the analysis of previous years question papers, it can be concluded that the exam paper generally asks questions on following topics. Here along with the topic name we have also indicated the approximate number of questions, which are generally asked from there topics.


Number Algebra (25-35 Questions)

There are around 5-8 questions which are usually statement based from Sets, Relation and Functions, 8-11 questions are asked from Complex numbers and Quadratic equations, 4-8 questions are there from Arithmetic and Geometric progressions and 8-10 questions from Permutation and Combination Binomial theorem, Binary number and Logarithms.

Matrices And Determinants (3-12 Questions)

The questions from this topic are entirely based on 11th and 12th class syllabus including around 1-4 questions on finding determinant and 2-9 questions on Algebra of matrices.

Trigonometry (15-20 Questions)

Around 10-12 questions are based on simple trigonometric ratios and identities, 2-4 questions are there from Inverse trigonometry and 2-4 questions from Heights and Distances and Properties of Triangle.

Analytical Geometry of Two and Three Dimension (10-20 Questions)

There are around 4-9 questions based on rectangular cartesion system and straight line, 2-3 questions based on Circle, 2-3 question based on Conic Section, 2-5 questions based on three dimensional geometry.

Differential Calculus (20-25 Questions)

This section is one of the most important section and includes questions from various topics. Around 10-12 questions are asked from functions, Limits and continuity and differentibility, 4-6 questions are based on finding Maxima and minima, 6-8 questions are based on determining increasing and decreasing functions and the remaining question include Fundamentals of differentiation and its applications.

Integral Calculus and Differential Equations (8-12 Questions)

It is comparatively difficult section and around 4-6 questions are there from Definite and indefinite integrals and around 4-6 Area under the curves and the remaining questions are there from Differential equations.

Vector Algebra (5-8 Questions)

This is one of the most scoring section and includes around 3-4 questions from Scalar and Vector product of vectors and 2-4 questions on finding Two or three dimension vectors.

Statistics And Probability (16-20 Questions)

This section include tricky as well as calculative questions. Around 8-10 questions are there from Probability and around 8-10 remaining from Statistics which involves finding Mean, Median, Mode or other Central tendency of the given data.

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Paper Il of the NDA examination is General Ability Test which is of 600 marks. It is divided into two parts. Part ‘A’ is General English for 200 marks with 50 questions and Part ‘B’ is General Knowledge for 400 marks with 100 questions. Maximum time for this paper is 2 hour 30 minutes.


General English forms an essential part of General Ability Test’ of NDA exam which consists of 50 questions. On the basis of previous years’ papers, it has been observed that this section covers various topics.

Synonyms (5-10 questions),  Antonyms (5-10 questions) both are asked usually in word form not in sentence form. Spotting the errors (10-15 questions) deals with the errors in use of Prepositions, Noun, Pronoun, Adjective, Adverb, Verb, Tenses and Conjunctions etc. and candidate has to correct these errors. Sentence improvement (10-12 questions) has asked and questions with the use of phrasal verbs, idioms, sayings, correct form of verb etc. Fillers (6-10 questions) section deals with the most derivable word in the sentence to differentiate between similar words. Reconstruction of sentence and paragraphs (2-10 questions) is an easy section where candidate has to arrange the sentences in a proper order or sequence.

Important topics for NDA Science

Physics (20-25 Questions)

In science section, particularly physics plays an important role in NDA. As we go through the previous years’
questions, around 20-25 questions are asked from this section. By perceiveness of concept and segregating
the top son microscopic level, physics can be made easy.

  • From Units and Dimension, 1-2 questions are asked.
  • As in Kinematics section, around 3-4 questions are asked from Acceleration, Distance and Displacement.
  • From Newton’s Laws of Motion, around 1-2 questions are asked in this section like Momentum and impulse.
  • From Work, Power and Energy, around 1-2 questions based on kinetic and potential energy, Types of energy are asked.
  • From Gravitation and simple harmonic motion, 2-3 questions based on Effect of gravitation, eclipse and
  • weightlessness are asked.
  • From Light section, 3-4 questions are asked as from Image formation by mirror and lenses (concave and convex).
  • From Properties of Material, 1-2 questions are asked from Mechanical properties of solid and fluid and Thermal properties of matter.
  • Apart from all these sections, almost 6-7 questions are asked from one of the major topics i.e. Current electricity like series and parallel connection, Magnet, Thermal effect of electricity, Modern Physics and Nucleus or Radioactivity.

Chemistry (5-8 Questions)

Science section of NDA chemistry comprises around 15-18 questions. This section is classified into three sub-groups based on its properties.

  • From some basic concept of chemistry 8-10 questions are asked from physical or chemical changes, element, mixture and compounds, Law of chemical combinations, atomic structure and redox reaction.
  • From organic section 6-7 questions are asked from carbon and its compounds, fertilizers, air and water, carbon dioxide and some important chemical compounds.
  • From 2-3 questions are asked Acid base and salt, chemical equivalent and classification of element.

Biology (6-8 Questions)

In NDA exam nearly, 6-8 questions are asked from biology. These questions can be categorised into many topics.

  • From ‘The Living-World’, 1-2 questions are asked from Animal and Plant kingdom covering Biodiversity and Taxonomy
  • From Health and Nutrition section, 2-3 questions are asked such as Vitamins and Its deficiency disorders, Diseases and Its diagnosis.
  • From Genetics and Cell-biology, 1-2 questions are asked such as about all organ cells, blood, DNA and Human organs.
  • From Animal and Plant Morphology and Physiology, 1-2 questions are frequently asked. Sometimes, 1-2 questions are asked from Economic zoology and Economic botany.

Important topics for NDA General Studies

History (20-23 Questions)

After analysing the previous years’ question papers of the NDA examination, we have derived that around 22-25 questions are asked from the History section. The section has been splitted into four sub-parts.

  • From Ancient History, 3-4 questions are asked from topics like Harappan civilisation, Buddhism and Jainism, Mauryan empire and the Gupta age, South Indian Empire.
  • Around 4-5 questions cover the Medieval History of India. It consists of important topics like attacks of various rulers, Delhi sultanate (5 Sultanate dynasties and administration), Mughal empire (its important aspects like Land Revenue System, Art and Architecture) and Bhakti and Sufi saints like Kabir, Nanak, Nizamuddin Auliya, etc.
  • From Modern History, 9-10 questions are asked with focus on 1857 Revolt, Socio Religious Reform movement, Formation and Sessions of Congress, Freedom movement, Books and Authors, etc.
  • Around 3-4 questions are asked related to events of World History like Renaissance, Revolutions like Russian, American, Germani and French Revolution, World War I and II, etc.

Geography (22-24 Questions)

After due analysis of previous years’ question papers, we can conclude that approximately 22-24 questions are asked from Geography. This section can be divided into three broad sections to analyse the pattern of questions asked in the exam.

  • Indian Geography has important weightage in the exam. 2-3 questions are asked from topics like origin of Earth, Time zone, Types of rocks, Mountains, etc. Further, 2-3 questions are related to structure and composition of Atmosphere, Oceans, Cyclones and Anticyclones, etc. Apart from this, 7-8 questions cover topics like important industries, mineral and power sources in India, agriculture pattern in India, etc.
  • Concepts of World Geography are also a part of this portion. Around 4-5 questions are based on Drainage and Climate pattern of the World, and important Minerals and Energy resources of the world.
  • The Environment and Ecology part is also covered in this section. About 4-5 questions are asked from areas like Natural vegetation of India and the world, National parks and Wildlife sanctuaries in India, etc.

Polity (10-11 Questions)

Analysing the previous years’ question papers, it can be asserted that polity has its due place with a good number of 8-10 questions in the exam. Various aspects of polity have been asked in the following way:

  • Around 2-3 questions are asked from the Constitution of India from the topics like Preamble, Fundamental Rights and Duties, Directive principles of State Policy.
  • The Executive and Legislature has been allotted 2-3 questions which cover President and its powers, Sessions of Parliament, difference between Ordinary and Money bill, State Legislature, etc.
  • About 1-2 questions are from Judiciary with focus on Supreme Court and High Court, Writ jurisdiction, Lokpal and Lokayukta, etc.
  • Around 1-2 questions are also asked from Constitutional and Non-constitutional bodies like Central Vigilance Commission, Election Commission, NITI Ayog, National Human Rights Commission, etc.
  • Apart from this, one can find 3-4 questions from topics like Constitutional amendment acts, Schedules and Articles in the Constitution of India, Local Self-Government, etc.

Economy (5-6 Questions)

Around 6-8 questions are asked from the Economy section with focus on the Indian economy. The areas which are given importance in the question paper include Economic Planning in India, concepts like Poverty, Demographic dividend and National Income, Banking Sector in India, etc. Few questions are also asked from various Government policies and schemes and Economic issues of the current importance.

General Knowledge And Current Affairs (6-8 Questions)

The General knowledge and Current affairs has been given weightage to around 6-8 questions. One can find questions related to National and International events, Persons in news, Sports, Places, Awards And Books and Authors.

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