M. laxmikanth Indian Polity Notes by desire IAS

 M.  laxmikanth Indian Polity Handwritten Notes by desire IAS 

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Download M. laxmikanth Indian Polity Handwritten Notes if you are looking for it and pursuing  to become a IAS officer . Indian polity is one of the import subject for your preparation of UPSC exam ,many student look for indian polity book by M. laxmikanth and their notes for their preparation so due to high demand of students we have brought the notes pdf for you all.

Anyone who are pursuing for UPSC or preparing for their UPSC exams are familiar with the M. laxmikanth Name , he is one of the most popular or you can say that best author for the Indian polity . His book Indian polity 5th edition is one of the finest and best edition for preparation of various exam such as  IAS,IPS,IFS,UPSC,PSC,Civil Services,UGC-Net And you can say that for All Indian Govt Exams .

About author M laxmikanth :-  

M. laxmikanth is a trainer and author of various books helpful in preparation of goverment exam such as UPSC , IAS , civil services and many other . He had written various book like for UPSC Civil Services Preliminary Examination, Indian Polity, and Public administration and many other . His best seller book for which he become so much popular is Indian polity which is one of the best book in the market of preparation of polity and constitution for UPSC .

Importance of Indian polity and constitution :-

It is one of the most important subject for your preparation in UPSC preliminary examination which includes GS paper-1 and GS paper-2 . Indian polity and constitution covers almost 40% of the Questions of General Studies Paper-I which make it the most important part to prepare for the exams . As the number of question is large the same way the syllabus or you can say that the portion you need to study is also large / big which make it one of the most time consuming and difficult subject for preparation of UPSC .

What is polity or Indian polity or what we study in it ?

If you are fresher or just gathering information about subjects which you study in preparation of IAS preparation then I will tell you about polity .In polity you have to study about political framwork of india (The Politics of India works within the framework of the country’s Constitution) it is important since you are going to be collector who must know their local political system. In General Studies Paper – I, Polity and constitution hold the major portion of the whole syllabus and questions come every year. Almost 40 % of the total questions of this paper comes from this section which makes it the most and foremost important part to prepare.

Is laxmikanth enough for Polity ?

Many students who are new in the field of Upsc preparation normally ask that is M. laxmikanth Indian polity is enough for their General Studies Paper 2 or for their IAS Prelims and the answer is that  laxmikanth Indian polity is not enough but yes it is essential for your preparation .Everyone must refer Indian polity of  M. laxmikanth for their preparation it will help them alot or you can say that it is best but to become a IAS officer you must have to be best in all aspect of the subject so you must refer some other book such as NCERT political science book of class 11 and 12 ,Introduction to the Constitution of India written by DD Basu  and many other stuff such as newspaper and indian constitution .



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NAME  :  handwritten notes of indian polity by M.  laxmikanth
Total Pages  :   171  pages
Language  :  Hindi
Size (in MB)  :   42 MB

DOWNLOAD HERE  M. laxmikanth Indian Polity Notes by desire IAS 


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Strategy and Tips to study Polity :- 

1) Indian polity syllabus is very large  as you all know so you must start you preparation atleast about 5-7 month before your exam . If you had time and started your preparation more before then it is also good for you.

2) If you are going to give your first attempt or you are a beginner in indian polity subject then first go through NCERT books of class 11 and 12 . They will help you to gather a basic knowledge of Polity .

3) If  you  already  had  a  basic  knowledge then  its  time  to  go  through  advance knowledge , and  then  best  book  for  advance  knowledge  is  laxmikanth  Indian polity  as  i mentioned  above. I  had  provided you  their  notes  which  would  definitely  help  you  in  your  preparation .

4) The correct way to read Laxmikanth indian polity is to read the article thoroughly which will help you to gather deep knowledge and it is recommended to read the chapters and article 3 to 4 time so that you can extract the knowledge in depth .

5) Once  you  had  read  the  chapter  and article  then  the  time  comes  to  make  notes (which i am providing  you  above)  and highlight  the  keyword  and  topics  which  is imported  or  include  current  issues  in  a pragmatic  way .

6) If you have no idea how to think which topic is imported and how the question is asked in the exam then you have to check some of the previous years question paper of indian polity and constitution and analyze them to understand the way question are asked.

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