Modern Algebra by A R Vasishtha pdf

Student looking for modern algebra by A R Vasishtha book pdf will find this post useful. Those who are looking for a textbook to learn modern algebra can use Krishna series modern algebra book pdf which is written by A R Vasishtha who don’t need any introduction.

Modern Algebra by A R Vasishtha pdf
Modern Algebra by A R Vasishtha pdf

Modern Algebra by A. R. Vasishtha covers the study of algebraic structures, which is also known as abstract algebra and come with the name as abstract algebra book. Both modern algebra & abstract algebra refers to same subject matter and are interchangeable. So, you should not get confused with that. The modern algebra book by krishna publication is very helpful for various from academics to competition of graduation as well as of post-graduation level.

Modern Algebra by Krishna Series PDF:

A R Vasishtha modern algebra book is specially designed for students of Honours and Postgraduation of all Indian Universities and for various Competitions like IAS, IIT JAM, GATE, CSIR NET etc. in which math is the main subject and based on the syllabus of math of graduation and post graduation. The book is well designed to help any beginner to understand the concept of abstract algebra in a easy way. So, if you are a beginner and wanted a book which is power pack and have every thing to learn the concept of abstract algebra for academics or for competition then modern algebra by krishna series could be a good choice.

The book is covered with comprehensive theory in easy language of all the topics which is well elaborated with examples. The book also provide you numerous of questions for practice whose solution & answers is also given which help you to clear your doubt if you got stuck.

Additionally, as in the senior standard we all understand the importance of using multiple study resources for understanding & building the concept, you can also use other publication and author book such as modern algebra by khanna and bhambri pdf, modern algebra by arumugam and isaac pdf free download other then krishna series modern algebra provided below in this article.

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Content Overview of Modern Algebra by A R Vasishtha pdf:

The modern algebra by a r vasishtha cover all the chapter of the modern algebra needed by an aspirant. Have a look over the list below!

  • Chapter 01. Some Basic Set Theoretic  Concepts
  • Chapter 02. Groups
  • Chapter 03. Groups (Continued)
  • Chapter 04. Rings
  • Chapter 05. Rings (Continued)
  • Chapter 06. Vector Space
  • Chapter 07. Vector Space (Continued)
  • Chapter 08. Modules
  • Chapter 09. Extension Fields and Galois Theory

These are are the chapters which you will found in the modern algebra book pdf which is further divided into topics so that it would be easier for you to go through the book. For more detailed content overview of the book you can refer to chapter content page of the textbook.

Download Krishna Series Modern Algebra by A R Vasishtha Below:

Book nameModern algebra (Abstract algebra)
PublicationKrishna series
AuthorA R Vasishtha
Size42.5 MB
Useful for Graduation, post-graduation , IAS, IIT JAM , CSIR NET etc


Hope you are able to download the ar vasishtha modern algebra book pdf easily via the google drive link provided in this article. Overall it is one of the finest book for learning the concept of abstract algebra and the author have designed it in such a way that it ensure its relevancy with all the type of learns, from basic to advanced. It have detailed theory which is well elaborated with illustration for better explanation and provided bunch of practice problems along with answers and solution. In case you faced any issue in downloading then let us know in the comment. If you have any feedback or suggestion then put it in the commen, it help us to work better for you guys.

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