All Subject NDA Handwritten Notes PDF Download 2023

UPSC NDA exam is one of the popular defence exam conducted twice every year in which lakh of student appears. To prepare for the vast syllabus of NDA, there is the need of handwritten notes which act as a quick revision resources helpful for preparation during the last time. Understanding the importance of quality handwritten notes in this post we have provided all the subject notes pdf especially designed according for NDA exam. The Notes are strictly according to the NDA syllabus and updated regularly to ensure its relevancy with the exam.

All Subject NDA Handwritten Notes PDF Download
All Subject NDA Handwritten Notes PDF Download

Overview of NDA Handwritten notes pdf:

We have provided all the subject notes of NDA from which questions are generally asked in both the paper. As you all are already aware that the NDA exam is consist of mainly two paper in which paper 1 is of mathematics in which questions are asked from mainly math’s of class 9 to 12 level whereas paper 2 is of GAT which stand for general ability test which include question from subject like general science (Physics, chemistry, biology) , general social science (History, civics, economics, geography), current affairs and static Gk.

So, understanding that we have provided the handwritten notes of subject history, polity, physics, chemistry, biology, geography & economics covering the complete syllabus whose pdf can be download separately below in this article. So, what are you waiting for let get started.

NDA History Notes PDF Download:

The first subject of NDA Handwritten notes pdf is History. It is one of the important section of general social science in which every year around 20 questions are asked for a total marks of 80. All the topics from which questions are generally formed in the exam are included in the notes pdf of history provided below. Some of the topics are like India’s freedom movement, Panchayati raj, World history, United Nations, Democracy and many other which you can check yourself in the notes provided below.

NDA Polity Notes PDF:

The second subject is the Indian polity or civics whose handwritten notes pdf is provided via the google drive link. From Indian polity in NDA exam every year around 9-10 questions are asked which make up around 36-40 marks in your exam. The questions are generally asked from topics such as Public administration, fundamental right and duties, Indian constitution etc which all are provided in the NDA Polity Notes pdf.

NDA Geography Notes PDF Download 2023:

Geography is the another subject from which every year around 22-24 question are asked in GAT paper of NDA. The Geography NDA notes pdf is designed according to the topics which are important and questions are generally asked such as Climate, Types of rocks, mountains, Mineral and energy and many other which you can check in the notes pdf.

Economics Notes PDF For NDA:

The last subject of the general social science is economics which is also important for the GAT paper of NDA exam. Generally, from economics around 5 to 6 questions are seen every in the NDA exam majorly from the topics such as Union Budget, economic survey etc. The Notes pdf provided below is made by keeping all this thing in mind so that it can ensure your better chances of giving answers.

NDA Physics Notes PDF:

Now, coming to the General science subjects we have first in the list is physics from which every year 20-25 questions are asked in GAT paper making it a important subject for the exam. The NDA Physics notes pdf is made by expert after analyzing the previous year question paper such that you will get the best quality to have better knowledge of the subject topics from which questions are mostly asked. Some of the important topics of physics for NDA are Gravitation, Modern physics, unit & dimension, resistance etc.

Download NDA Chemistry Notes PDF:

Chemistry is another important subject for your NDA General ability test paper from which generally 15 to 19 questions are asked from various topics such as atomic structures, chemical bonding, acide and bases etc. There are many more chapters which are important for NDA exam which you check in the NDA Chemistry Handwritten notes pdf. The notes are especially designed for the NDA exam.

NDA Biology Handwritten Notes pdf:

The last subject in NDA Handwritten notes pdf is biology from which you can easily see around 6 to 8 questions in the general ability test paper of NDA exam. The Questions are mostly asked from the topics like cells, biomolecules, health and disease etc. Understanding the importance of biology and its syllabus of NDA we have prepared this NDA biology notes pdf which covers all the important chapters and topics which are essential to have knowledge off to score better in the GAT exam.

Wrap up:

At last we hope so the NDA handwritten notes pdf provided is helpful for your preparation. The notes pdf plays a very good role in the preparation by providing you the concept in a short and crisp manner which is easy to learn and remember. Our notes is prepared by expert and especially designed for the NDA aspirants to ensure it should be 100% relevant to the latest exam pattern of NDA.

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