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Download NDA Study material pdf free 2023

NDA Study Material pdf Download free 2022

NDA 2023 study materials and study notes are crucial as choosing the proper NDA books while preparing for the NDA written exam. The exam has two stages- a written exam and an SSB interview. In the NDA written exam, there is a negative marking of 1/3 marks for the incorrect answer. The NDA exam pattern consists of two papers – Mathematics consists of 120 MCQs and General Ability Test (GAT) has 150 MCQs. The NDA study notes for both GAT and Mathematics papers have been provided in PDF files which can be downloaded as per the requirements.

EXAMFLAME is not the owner of the material, we picked this material from the Internet and attached them to this post. We do not want to violate any kind of copyright law.  And if anybody has any issue/problem then please contact us at [email protected], or you can also leave a comment below with your original proof to request to remove the link/file/pdf/video.

The notes provided here will also be helpful during the last minute preparation as well. Candidates also can start practising the NDA previous years papers along with the study notes.

Download NDA Geography Notes pdf for free 2023

Geography is one of the most important sub-sections of the general awareness part in the UPSC NDA Exam. Questions can be asked on the topics and facts related to national as well as world geography. It may include sub-topics such as Environmental Geography, Biogeography, Important Rivers etc.

Here, we have provided complete topic-wise study notes for the Geography section of the NDA Syllabus.

NDA Geography TopicsNDA Geography Study Material PDFs
Earth and its Origin and Movement (latitudes and longitudes)Earth and its Origin and Movement
Rocks and Its classificationRocks and Its classification
Types of ClimateTypes of Climate
Agricultural and IndustriesAgricultural and Industries
Imports and Exports of IndiaInternational Trade of India, Top Export & Import Commodities and Services
Tides and Oceanic CurrentsMeaning, Impact, Types, Characteristics of Tides
The atmosphere and Atmospheric PressureThe atmosphere and Atmospheric Pressure
Regional Geography of IndiaRegional Geography of India
Transportation and Trading routes of IndiaTransportation and Trading routes of India

Download NDA Economics Notes pdf for free 2023

As per the last years’ NDA Exam Papers, questions are often asked from the topics of economics such as World and Indian Economics, Economic Reforms and Various Policies, Information about Various Economic Organizations etc.

Here, we have provided the topic-wise economics notes for the UPSC NDA Exam that will help you till the last moments of preparation.

NDA Economy TopicsNDA Economy Study Notes PDFs
Five Year Plans of IndiaFive Year plans of India
Union Budget of IndiaUnion Budget, Revenue Receipts, Budget Terms & Definitions
Highlights of Union Budget – 2020-21Coming Soon
Economic Survey: Important PointsKey Highlights of Economic Survey 2020-21

Download Here NDA Indian Polity Notes pdf for free 2023

The candidates aspiring for the NDA Exam 2023 must have basic knowledge about Indian Polity as some questions are asked from the topics such as the Constitution of India, Preamble of India, Fundamental Rights, Political Hierarchy, etc.

Indian Polity by Laxmikant is a highly preferred material for the preparation of Indian Polity. Here, we have provided the Indian Polity Notes for NDA Exam that you can download for free.

NDA Indian Polity TopicNDA Indian Polity Study Notes PDFs
Important Articles of the ConstitutionImportant Articles of the Constitution
Features of ConstitutionFeatures of Constitution
Making of Indian ConstitutionMaking of Indian Constitution
The Indian Constitution – PreambleThe Indian Constitution – Preamble
Indian Constitution- Union and its TerritoriesIndian Constitution- Union and its Territories
Fundamental Rights & DutiesFundamental Rights & Duties
Directive Principles & State Policies (DPSP)Directive Principles & State Policies (DPSP)
Indian Constitution: President of IndiaIndian Constitution: President of India
Indian Constitution: Vice President of IndiaIndian Constitution: Vice President of India
Indian Constitution: ParliamentIndian Constitution: Parliament
Judiciary System of IndiaJudiciary System of India
Constitutional BodiesConstitutional Bodies
Non-Constitutional BodiesNon-Constitutional Bodies
Important Notes on Lok SabhaImportant Notes on Lok Sabha
Indian Constitution: Chief Minister & Council of MinistersDetails about Chief Ministers; Organization & Composition of State Legislature
Indian Constitution: GovernorIndian Constitution: Governor

Download NDA History Notes pdf for free 2023

In NDA Exam, questions can be asked from the historical topics under the general awareness section. Questions related to modern history as well as ancient history. The majority of the questions are asked from Indian history, however, questions can be asked from important worldwide historical events such as World War, Civil War, etc.

Here are the topic-wise study notes and study material in PDF format that will help you to prepare the history section for the NDA Exam.

NDA History TopicsNDA History Study Notes PDFs
Indian History: Culture and CivilisationIndian History: Culture and Civilisation
Constitution and Administration of IndiaConstitution and Administration of India
Nationalism in IndiaKhilafat and Non-Cooperation, Satyagraha, The Rawlatt Act, Jallianwala Bagh Massacre, Civil Disobedience Movement
Government of India at various levelsComing Soon
Five Year plans of IndiaFive Year plans of India
Renaissance and DiscoveryIntroduction, Renaissance in Italy, Revival of Classical Literature, Renaissance Literature, Art & Sculpture
French, Russian, and Industrial RevolutionCauses, Stages, Significance of French Revolution, Russian & Industrial Revolution
United Nations and the Concept of one worldHistory & Components of United Nations
Democracy in IndiaIntroduction, Philosophical basis & Idea of Democracy

Download NDA Maths Notes pdf for free 2023

In the NDA 2023 written exam, Mathematics occupies a major share of the total weightage of the NDA Exam. There are 300 marks out of a total of 900 marks. A total of 120 questions in one paper are asked from the NDA Maths section only.

Questions are generally based on the 10+2 standard Maths topics such as Algebraic Equations, Number Systems, Differentiation etc. As per the last few years of question paper analysis, this section had a higher level of difficulty than other sections.

Topics such as Set theory, Relations and Functions, Trigonometry, Geometry, Quadratic Equations and Inequality are crucial. There are around 11- 13 questions that can be expected from these topics, whereas approx 8-9 questions are asked from Probability, Calculus, and Vector Algebra.

Here, we have provided the NDA Exam topic-wise study notes for the Mathematics subject that will help you to ace the examination

NDA Mathematics TopicNDA Mathematics Study Notes PDF
Algebric EquationsLinear, Quadratic and Cubic Equations
Angle Between Two PlanesHow to Calculate, Calculation of Angle Between Two plane in the Cartesian Plane
Application Of DerivativesRate of Change of a Quantity, Increasing and Decreasing Functions, Tangent and Normal to a Curve
Area Under CurveHow to Determine the Area Under the Curve?
Arithmetic ProgressionMeaning, Concepts, Exercise
Bayes’ TheoremMeaning, Concepts, Bayes Theorem Proof, Bayes Theorem Formula
Binomial DistributionBinomial Probability Distribution, Formula, Mean & Variance
Binomial TheoremsMeaning, Concepts, Binomial Theorem if n is negative or fractional
Cartesian ProductCartesian Product of Sets, Ordered Pairs & Relatinal Algebra
Conditional ProbabilityMarginal, Joint Probability Formula
Continuity and DifferentiabilityDifferentiability Formula
Continuity and DiscontinuityDiscontinuity Definition, Types of Discontinuity
Conic SectionFocus, Eccentricity and Directrix of Conic
De Morgan LawComplement of Sets Properties, De Morgan’s Laws Statement and Proof
Definite IntegralsDefinite Integral as Limit of Sum, Properties of Definite Integrals Proofs
Differential EquationsClassification of Differential Equations, Differential Equations – Based on Homogeneity
DifferentiationWhat is Differentiation?, Differentiation Formulas & Derivative of Function as Limits
Direction Cosines and Direction RatiosDirection Cosines
Distance Between Two PointsDistance Between Point and Line Derivation, Distance Between Two Parallel Lines
Distance Between Two PointsWhat are the Coordinates of a point?, Distance Between Two Points – Using Pythagoras Theorem
Equation in a CircleEquation of a Circle When the Centre is not an Origin, Equation of a Circle in General Form
Equation in a LineGeneral Equation of a Line, Slope-intercept Form & Intercept Form
Equation in a PlaneEquation of a Plane in the Normal and Cartesian Form
Equation of SphereMeaning, Concepts, Volume of a Sphere Equation, Surface Area of a Sphere Equation
Events in ProbabilityEvents in Probability, Occurrence of an Event & Types of Events in Probability
Indefinite IntegralsIndefinite Integrals Definition, Indefinite Properties & Indefinite Integral Formulas
IntegrationIntegration – Inverse Process of Differentiation, Integrals in Maths & Integration Formulas
Introduction to Coordinate GeometryTypes of coordinates in analytical geometry & Equation of a Line in Cartesian Plane
Inverse Trigonometric FunctionsConcepts, Inverse Trigonometric Functions Graphs/Table
Limits and ContinuityMeaning, Concepts, Types of Discontinuity
Limits and DerivativesConcepts, Derivatives of a Function, Solved Examples
LogarithmsConcepts, Types, Rules & Properties
Matrices and DeterminantsMeaning, Types, Algebra Of Matrix
Maxima and MinimaMeaning, Concepts, Various Possibilities of Derivatives of a Function
Methods of IntegrationIntegration by Substitution, Integration By Parts, Integration Using Trigonometric Identities
Multiplication Rule of ProbabilityMultiplication Rule of Probability Statement and proof
Number SystemTypes, Integers, Fraction, Decimal, Divisibility Test
Permutation and CombinationMeaning, Concepts, Permutation vs Combination
Probability and Statistics – IntroductionMeaning, Terms Used, Formulas
Probability DistributionConcepts, Types, Formulas, Probability Distribution Function
Sets and Venn DiagramsMeaning, Concepts, Diagram, Symbols
SimplificationAddition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Square & Square Roots
Tangents and NormalsTangents and Normals Equations, Solved Examples
Total Probability TheoremLaw of Total Probability, Theorem Statement, Theorem Proof
Vector Algebra OperationsAddition, Subtraction, Multiplication & Vector Algebra Formulas
VectorsMeaning, Types, Magnitude of a Vector, Direction of a vector, Components of a Vector

Download NDA Physics Notes pdf for free 2023

Physics, being one of the important science subjects, forms a major part of the science section in the NDA syllabus. The numerical questions in the NDA Physics part can be tricky ones

Concept and logic-based questions are mainly asked in the numerical part. Therefore it is essential to go through the basic concepts and applicable formulas in Physics to score healthy marks in the exam.

It is advisable to prefer NCERT Physics Textbooks up to 12th standards for the basic concepts. Here, the study materials and study notes on Physics has been added as per the NDA syllabus for Physics.

NDA Physics TopicsNDA Physics Study Materials PDFs
Physical Properties and States of MatterPhysical Properties and States of Matter
Modes of transference of Heat, Heating, Lighting and Magnetic effects of CurrentComming Soon
Mass, Weight, Volume, Sound waves and their propertiesMass, Weight, Volume, Sound waves and their properties
Simple musical instrumentsProduction of Sound, Sound Waves, Types of Instruments
Rectilinear propagation of LightRectilinear propagation of Light
Density and Specific GravityDifference between Density and Specific Gravity
Reflection and refractionComing Soon
Principle of ArchimedesComing Soon
Pressure BarometerComing Soon
Human EyeHuman Eye
Motion of objects, Newton’s Laws of MotionMotion of objects, 

Newton’s Laws of Motion
Velocity and AccelerationVelocity and Acceleration
Natural and Artificial Magnets, Newton’s Laws of Motion and GravitationPoles, Magnetic Field, Properties & Types of Magnet
Force and MomentumForce and Momentum
Static and Current Electricity, Power and EnergyStatic and Current Electricity, Power and Energy
Conductors and Non-conductorsMeaning, Applications of Conductors, Examples of Insulators, Difference between Conductors & Insulators
Simple Electrical CircuitsKirchoff’s Law, Electric Cell, Solved Examples
Elementary ideas of workElementary ideas of work, power and energy
Stability and Equilibrium of bodies and Ohm’s LawStability and Equilibrium of bodies and Ohm’s Law
Primary and Secondary CellsMeaning of Primary and Secondary Cells, Difference between Primary and Secondary Cells
Use of X-RaysElectromagnetic Spectrum: X-rays, Property, Type, Uses of X-rays
General Principles in the working of Simple Pendulum, Simple Pulleys, Siphon, Levers, Balloon, Pumps, Hydrometer, Pressure Cooker, Thermos Flask, Gramophone, Telegraphs, Telephone, Periscope, Telescope, Microscope, Mariner’s Compass; Lightning Conductors, Safety FusesSimple Pulley, Types of Pulleys

DOWNLOAD NDA Study Material | NDA English Notes pdf Download free 2023

The English language holds a major share in the GAT paper of the NDA 2023 exam. About 50 questions are asked from the English language in the GAT Paper from different topics and sub-topics such as Error Spotting, Vocabulary, Idioms and Phrases, etc.

The most important topics are Vocabulary, Grammar Usage, and Sentence Arrangement. Around 12- 14 questions can be expected from these sections. Each question has a weightage of 4 marks.

The most important topics are Vocabulary, Grammar Usage, and Sentence Arrangement. Around 12- 14 questions can be expected from these sections. Each question has a weightage of 4 marks.

Here, we have provided the NDA English Notes pdf / NDA study notes of English subjects for free . So , download it and boost your preparation

NDA English TopicNDA English Study Notes PDFs
Error SpottingTips, Cut Solved Questions and Sample Questions for Error Spotting
One Word SubstitutionCategories, Terms, Solved Questions and MCQs on One Word Substitution
Synonyms & AntonymsList and Quiz on Synonyms & Antonyms
Idioms & PhrasesList of Important Idioms & Phrases with MCQs
Sentence CorrectionRules and Practice Questions on Sentence Corrections
Active and Passive VoiceDefinition, Types, and Practice Questions on Active & Passive Voice
Direct and Indirect SpeechDefinition, Rules, and Practice Questions on Direct & Indirect Speech
Sentence RearrangementTypes, Correct Approach, Sample Question with MCQs on Sentence Rearrangement
Reading comprehensionTypes, How to Tackle, Sample Comprehension with Practice Questions on Reading Comprehension
Para JumblesConcept, Types, Approach with Practice Questions on Para Jumbles
Cloze TestTips, Practice Questions with Sample MCQs on Cloze Test
Fill in the BlanksImportant Topics, Solved Question and MCQs on Fill in the Blanks
Paragraph CompletionApproaches, Tips & Tricks, Sample MCQs for Paragraph Completion
Sentence ConnectorsConcept, Solved Questions and Practice Questions on Sentence Connectors
Miscellaneous (Grammar) – VerbConcept, Rules, with Solved Examples on Verb
Miscellaneous (Grammar) – AdjectivesConcepts, Rules, with Solved Questions of Adjectives
Miscellaneous (Grammar) – AdverbsDefinition, Rules, with Examples on Adverbs
Miscellaneous (Grammar) – ArticlesNotions, Types, Rules with Solved Questions on Articles
Miscellaneous (Grammar) – ConjunctionsTypes, Rules, Concepts with Examples on Conjunctions
Miscellaneous (Grammar) – NounConcept, Types, Important Point with Examples on Noun
Miscellaneous (Grammar) – PrepositionUses of Preposition, Rules, Solved Question with Practice Questions
Miscellaneous (Grammar) – PronounTypes and Examples with Practice Questions on Pronoun

Download NDA Chemistry Notes pdf for free 2023

The questions in the NDA Chemistry section can be asked from the Chemistry Subject up to the level of Class 12th. The majority of the NDA questions are asked from the basics of Chemistry such as IUPAC Nomenclature of Chemicals, Various Chemical Reactions and their Products, Analytical Chemistry and Organic Chemistry

NDA Chemistry TopicsNDA Chemistry Study Material PDFs
Physical and Chemical ChangesDefinition, Example, Uses of Physical & Chemical Changes
Air and Water (properties)Chemical Composition, Properties of Air & Water
Chemical equations and Laws of Chemical CombinationChemical equations and Laws of Chemical Combination
Elements, Compounds, and MixturesElements, Compounds, and Mixtures
Acids, Bases, and SaltsAcids, Bases, and Salts
Properties of Oxygen, Hydrogen, etc. with Oxidation and ReductionProperties of Oxygen, Hydrogen, etc. with Oxidation and Reduction
Carbon and its formsCarbon and its forms
Atom and its structure (details)Atom and its structure (details)
FertilizersClassification, Types of Fertilizers

Download NDA Static General Knowledge Notes pdf for free 2023

Static General Knowledge (GK) is a broad section covering various sub-topics such as Monuments, Sanctuaries and National Parks, Culture and Heritage of India, etc. We have provided here a list of study notes for the static GK part that will help you during the exam.

NDA Static GK TopicsNDA Static GK Study Notes PDF
Static GK: Firsts in IndiaStatic GK: Firsts in India
Static GK: Largest, Smallest, Tallest, Highest in IndiaStatic GK: Largest, Smallest, Tallest, Highest in India
International Organisations NotesInternational Organisations Notes
List of Important Days & DatesList of Important Days & Dates
List of Important Days & DatesList of Important Days & Dates
NOTE : – If you need anything else more like ebooks, video lectures, syllabus  etc regarding  your Preperation / Examination  then do 📌 mention in the Comment Section below. 

NDA 2023 Preparation Tips

Schedule your Study Plan Smartly

  • For better preparation, it is necessary to have a smart study plan. Here, smart study plan means to manage your time and NDA 2023 syllabus efficiently. Your preparation schedule must be well-organized so that you are able to score good marks.

Your Basics Should Be Clear

  • Firstly, do the analysis of your complete syllabus and mark the topics that require more concentration. Start preparing the topics from basics. If your basics are clear then only you are able to solve the high level questions. Clear you basics first then go through the exam pattern and syllabus.

Focus on General Knowledge and English Subject

  • Proficiency in English is required for clearing the NDA examination. Your English is not only tested in written test but if there is fluency in your English, then it may leave the good impression on selectors also at the time of interview.
  • As General Knowledge is the part of syllabus so prepare it well. You can strong your GK portion by reading newspapers, magazines, journals, refer books of prominent writers that focus on current affairs, etc.

Study Material

  • Preparation from right books is very necessary. Market is full of large number of book stocks but every book is worth, not possible. After the complete analysis, we have prepared some NDA books that help you for scoring good marks.

Solve Previous Year Question Papers

  • It is very important to do the preparation in right direction. By solving previous year questions, your speed will be enhanced as well as you will get the idea about the NDA exam pattern of the examination and difficulty level of the questions asked in the examination.

Health Maintenance and Personality

  • Selection through NDA is based not only on the written test but your personality and health also plays a major role in it. It is advised to all the aspirants to keep you fit and healthy through the intake of sufficient food and water. Besides this, also prefer yoga or some another exercise or meditation to relief stress.


  • Revision is a key to success. Candidates are advised to make short notes & revise them on regular basis. This will help candidates to remember it longer. On the other hand, keep atleast last one week before examination.
  • Do not study unnecessary topics at the last time . This will make you forgot even what you have studied earlier. In the last week before examination, revise all the topics & subjects you have studied properly. This will make help you to score in the examination

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