NDA Study Material | NDA Physics notes pdf Download free 2022

NDA Study Material | NDA Physics Notes pdf Download free 2022

NDA 2022 study materials and study notes are crucial as choosing the proper NDA books while preparing for the NDA written exam. The exam has two stages- a written exam and an SSB interview. In the NDA written exam, there is a negative marking of 1/3 marks for the incorrect answer. The NDA exam pattern consists of two papers – Mathematics consists of 120 MCQs and General Ability Test (GAT) has 150 MCQs. The NDA study notes for both GAT and Mathematics papers have been provided in PDF files which can be downloaded as per the requirements.

The notes provided here will also be helpful during the last minute preparation as well. Candidates also can start practising the NDA previous years papers along with the study notes.

Download NDA Physics Notes pdf for free 2022

NDA Study Material | NDA Physics pdf Download free 2022

Physics, being one of the important science subjects, forms a major part of the science section in the NDA syllabus. The numerical questions in the NDA Physics part can be tricky ones.

Concept and logic-based questions are mainly asked in the numerical part. Therefore it is essential to go through the basic concepts and applicable formulas in Physics to score healthy marks in the exam.

It is advisable to prefer NCERT Physics Textbooks up to 12th standards for the basic concepts. Here, the study materials and study notes on Physics has been added as per the NDA syllabus for Physics.

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Download NDA Physics Notes pdf for free 2022

NDA Physics TopicsNDA Physics Study Materials PDFs
Physical Properties and States of MatterPhysical Properties and States of Matter
Modes of transference of Heat, Heating, Lighting and Magnetic effects of CurrentComming Soon
Mass, Weight, Volume, Sound waves and their propertiesMass, Weight, Volume, Sound waves and their properties
Simple musical instrumentsProduction of Sound, Sound Waves, Types of Instruments
Rectilinear propagation of LightRectilinear propagation of Light
Density and Specific GravityDifference between Density and Specific Gravity
Reflection and refractionComing Soon
Principle of ArchimedesComing Soon
Pressure BarometerComing Soon
Human EyeHuman Eye
Motion of objects, Newton’s Laws of MotionMotion of objects, 

Newton’s Laws of Motion
Velocity and AccelerationVelocity and Acceleration
Natural and Artificial Magnets, Newton’s Laws of Motion and GravitationPoles, Magnetic Field, Properties & Types of Magnet
Force and MomentumForce and Momentum
Static and Current Electricity, Power and EnergyStatic and Current Electricity, Power and Energy
Conductors and Non-conductorsMeaning, Applications of Conductors, Examples of Insulators, Difference between Conductors & Insulators
Simple Electrical CircuitsKirchoff’s Law, Electric Cell, Solved Examples
Elementary ideas of workElementary ideas of work, power and energy
Stability and Equilibrium of bodies and Ohm’s LawStability and Equilibrium of bodies and Ohm’s Law
Primary and Secondary CellsMeaning of Primary and Secondary Cells, Difference between Primary and Secondary Cells
Use of X-RaysElectromagnetic Spectrum: X-rays, Property, Type, Uses of X-rays
General Principles in the working of Simple Pendulum, Simple Pulleys, Siphon, Levers, Balloon, Pumps, Hydrometer, Pressure Cooker, Thermos Flask, Gramophone, Telegraphs, Telephone, Periscope, Telescope, Microscope, Mariner’s Compass; Lightning Conductors, Safety FusesSimple Pulley, Types of Pulleys
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NDA 2022 Preparation Tips

Schedule your Study Plan Smartly

  • For better preparation, it is necessary to have a smart study plan. Here, smart study plan means to manage your time and NDA 2022 syllabus efficiently. Your preparation schedule must be well-organized so that you are able to score good marks.

Your Basics Should Be Clear

  • Firstly, do the analysis of your complete syllabus and mark the topics that require more concentration. Start preparing the topics from basics. If your basics are clear then only you are able to solve the high level questions. Clear you basics first then go through the exam pattern and syllabus.

Focus on General Knowledge and English Subject

  • Proficiency in English is required for clearing the NDA examination. Your English is not only tested in written test but if there is fluency in your English, then it may leave the good impression on selectors also at the time of interview.
  • As General Knowledge is the part of syllabus so prepare it well. You can strong your GK portion by reading newspapers, magazines, journals, refer books of prominent writers that focus on current affairs, etc.

Study Material

  • Preparation from right books is very necessary. Market is full of large number of book stocks but every book is worth, not possible. After the complete analysis, we have prepared some NDA books that help you for scoring good marks.

Solve Previous Year Question Papers

  • It is very important to do the preparation in right direction. By solving previous year questions, your speed will be enhanced as well as you will get the idea about the NDA exam pattern of the examination and difficulty level of the questions asked in the examination.

Health Maintenance and Personality

  • Selection through NDA is based not only on the written test but your personality and health also plays a major role in it. It is advised to all the aspirants to keep you fit and healthy through the intake of sufficient food and water. Besides this, also prefer yoga or some another exercise or meditation to relief stress.


  • Revision is a key to success. Candidates are advised to make short notes & revise them on regular basis. This will help candidates to remember it longer. On the other hand, keep atleast last one week before examination.
  • Do not study unnecessary topics at the last time . This will make you forgot even what you have studied earlier. In the last week before examination, revise all the topics & subjects you have studied properly. This will make help you to score in the examination

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