Pathfinder Life Science Book PDF Free Download

Preparing for CSIR NET Life science, then you must have a quality textbook like pathfinder. In preparation of any competitive exam their is a need of best book and in case of CSIR NET Life science the Pathfinder CSIR-NET Life Science Book pdf is the most popular. Understanding its popularity and its searches by the students on the internet in this post we have provided its both volume pdf which can be download as well for free.

Pathfinder Life Science Book PDF Free Download
Pathfinder Life Science Book PDF Free Download

The life science pathfinder book pdf covers the complete syllabus which is needed by anyone who are preparing for CSIR NET. Additionally it can also be helpful for getting a deep knowledge of the subject matter which is needed in the post-graduation or for a subject enthusiast. Have a look on more details about the book and download the pdf via the link provided below in this article.

Content Overview of Pathfinder CSIR NET Life Science Books Free Download PDF:

In volume-1 of pathfinder life science book pdf you will get units like biochemistry, cell biology, microbiology, genetics divided into 14 chapters which is further divided into topics so that it would be easier for you guys to learn the concept. Look at the list of chapter of CSIE NET Pathfinder life science volume-1 book pdf below.

  • Chapter-01: Amino acids and Proteins
  • Chapter – 02: Nucleic acids
  • Chapter – 03: Biophysical techniques
  • Chapter-04 : Carbohydrates
  • Chapter-05: Lipids
  • Chapter – 06: Enzyme and Vitamins
  • Chapter-07: Respiration
  • Chapter – 08: Photosynthesis
  • Chapter-09: Cell structure and functions
  • Chapter – 10: Cell Cycle and Cancer
  • Chapter – 11: Prokaryotes and Virus
  • Chapter – 12: Immunology
  • Chapter – 13: Classical Genetics
  • Chapter – 14: Cytogenetics and Population 

In the volume-2 of pathfinder life science book pdf you will get total 8 chapters whose list is provided below. In each chapter the concept is well elaborated by dividing them into topics.

  • Chapter – 01. Molecular Genetics
  • Chapter – 02. Biotechnology
  • Chapter – 03. Plant Physiology
  • Chapter – 04. Human Physiology
  • Chapter – 05. Plant and Fungi: General Features
  • Chapter – 06. Animal: General Features
  • Chapter – 07. Ecology
  • Chapter 08. Evolution

Pathfinder CSIR NET Life Science Books Free Download PDF:

Book NamePathfinder Life science
AuthorUsha mina and pravan kumar
SizeVolume 1 (30.5 MB), Volume 2 ( 28.6 MB)
Useful forCSIR NET, IIT JAM etc

Is Pathfinder Life Science is good for CSIR NET ?

You might think that is pathfinder life science book is really good for CSIR NET or any other related competition exam. Let me clear your doubt and the answer of this question is very simple which you can understand very easily by knowing its features which i am going to describe you further.

In the pathfinder life science book the topics content is explained using simple and easy to understand language which is well elaborated using pictures, diagram and graphs which make very easy to understand the difficult concept with ease. It includes all the units and chapters making it ideal for your CSIR NET or any similar competition exam. The book also includes previous year questions and practice problems whose solution is also provided so that it would be easier for student to analyze their mistake.

Overall, it have everything which is needed in a textbook designed for any competition exam making pathfinder life science book pdf a good option for CSIR NET. Additionally, you must keep one thing in mind that the exam Like CSIR NET is difficult which can not be qualified using a single book. So, Life science pathfinder book is good but not enough for CSIR NET Preparation.

Wrap up:

Based on the popularity of CSIR NET Pathfinder life science book pdf make it a recommended study material to use. The book covers all the important topics in details such as molecular biology, cell biology, genetics, ecology, and evolution in a simple and easy to understand language making it ideal for any type of student. Hope you like this and able to download the book pdf in case you have demand of any specific study material, suggestion or feedback then let us know in the comment.

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