Pharmacognosy Best Books For GPAT Preparation PDF Download 2023

Get the Pharmacognosy Best Books for GPAT 2023 Exam. These books will improve the core concepts of the topics which help you to solve competitive exam’s questions quickly. These can also help you in more Pharmacy related Competitive Examinations such as NIPER, D-Pharma , B-Pharma etc. Grab their hard copy links are listed below, also if you want these books in the PDF format then the download links are also available,. And If you haven’t find any post regarding your exam then let us know in the comment section below. Thus download or buy these books and enhance your preparation .

Best Books For GPAT Preparation 2023

Pharmacognosy Best Books For GPAT Preparation 2023

1. A Textbook of Pharmacognosy by Dr. C.K. Kokate

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A textbook of pharmacognosy PDF has already found wide recognition among teachers and students of pharmacy. Its subject matter has grown from a laboratory manual intended for use in practical classes, and now comprises the requirements for the Chemist and Druggist Qualifying Examination of the Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain.


  • Part 1 – History, Definition and Scope of Pharmacognosy
  • Part 2 – Drugs and Pharmaceutical Aids of Natural Origin
  • Part 3 – Classification of Natural Drugs
  • Part 4 – Introduction to A parts of plants
  • Part 5 – Scheme of Pharmacognostic Studies
  • Part 6 – Collection and Preparation of Natural Drugs for Market
  • Part 7 – adulteration, drug evaluation and significance of pharmacopeial standard.
  • Part 8 – Chemical Nature of Natural Drugs
  • Part 9 – Pharmacological Grouping of Natural Drugs
  • Part 10 – Surgical Fibres, Sutures and Surgical Dressings

2. The Pearson Guide to GPAT and Other Entrance Examination in Pharmacy by Akaberi Shah Baser

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The Pearson Guide to GPAT and Other Competitive Examinations in Pharmacy• The entire book is divided into six modules as per GPAT syllabus which also covers the syllabus of all other entrance examinations like NIPER, MAHCET and GUJCET and MANIPAL• Each chapter of the book summarizes with important definitions, explanations of important theory and converts theory portion into tabular form to enable students to learn and revise quickly • The Book also has NIPERJEE Special part which includes some important topics from where questions were frequently asked in NIPERJEE examination plus five model question papers

• This book also contains previous years’ solved GPAT question paper, GPSC and UPSC exams’ solved question paper for Drug Inspector, Pharmacist and various Academic recruitments Chapter presented in the form of summary covering important definitions, explanation of important concepts to enable students to learn and revised quickly• Theory includes Important points, notes as well as tables for quick revision• Ample number of solved and practice questions given as per GPAT, NIPER, MAHCET and GUJCET and MANIPAL entrance examinations

3. Pharmacognosy By trease and Evans

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‘Trease and Evans’ is an encyclopedic reference work on pharmacognosy – the study of those natural substances, principally plants, that find a use in medicine. Its popularity and longevity stem from the book’s balance between classical (crude and powdered drugs’ characterization and examination) and modern (phytochemistry and pharmacology) aspects of this branch of science, as well as the editor’s recognition in recent years of the growing importance of complementary medicines, including herbal, homeopathic and aromatherapy.

Key Points : –

  • No other book provides such a wealth of detail.
  • A reservoir of knowledge in a field where there is a resurgence of interest – plants as a source of drugs are of growing interest both in complementary medicine fields and in the pharmaceutical industry in their search for new ‘lead compounds’.
  • Dr Evans has been associated with the book for over 20 years and is a recognised authority in all parts of the world where pharmacognosy is studied, his knowledge and grasp of the subject matter is unique.
  • Meticulously referenced and kept up to date by the editor, new contributors brought in to cover new areas.
  • New chapter on ‘Neuroceuticals’.
  • Addition of many new compounds recently added to British Pharmacopoeia as a result of European harmonisation.
  • Considers development in legal control and standardisation of plant materials previously regarded as ‘herbal medicines’.
  • More on the study of safety and efficacy of Chinese and Asian drugs.
  • Quality control issues updated in line with latest guidelines (BP 2007).

4. A Textbook Of Pharmacognosy And Phytochemistry by Kumar G.S. , Jayaveera K.N.

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About the book: a textbook of pharmacognosy and phytochemistry you are holding a new textbook of pharmacognosy and phytochemistry for the students of pharmacy. Primarily this book has been written with the aim of meeting the needs and interests of undergraduate and postgraduate students of pharmacy course. This book is written according to the syllabi of various indian universities. The material has been chosen to meet the studentsandrsquo; expectation that is why only certain topics have been selected in the textbook. Each topic is presented in a similar way.


  • 1. Importance and scope of medicinal plants
  • 2. Classification of crude drugs
  • 3. Drug adulteration
  • 4. Biogenesis of phyto-pharmaceuticals and basic metabolic pathways
  • 5. Chemical nature of phytoconstituents
  • 6. Extraction techniques
  • 7. Industrial production and analysis of phytoconstituents
  • 8. Marine pharmacognosy
  • 9. Indigenous system of medicines
  • 10. Plant tissue culture
  • 11. Pharmaceutical enzymes
  • 12. Primary metabolites
    • 12.1 carbohydrates
    • 12.2 proteins
    • 12.3 lipids
  • 13. Secondary metabolites
    • 13.1 alkaloids
    • 13.2 glycosides
    • 13.3 tannins
    • 13.4 terpenoids
    • 13.5 resins and resin combinations
  • 14. Plant fibres
  • 15. Natural dyes question papers

5. Pharmacognosy: Fundamentals, Applications and Strategies By Simone Badal McCreath ,  Rupika Delgoda

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Pharmacognosy: Fundamentals, Applications and Strategies explores a basic understanding of the anatomy and physiology of plants and animals, their constituents and metabolites. This book also provides an in-depth look at natural sources from which medicines are derived, their pharmacological and chemical properties, safety aspects, and how they interact with humans.

The book is vital for future research planning, helping readers understand the makeup, function, and metabolites of plants in a way where the history of their usage can be linked to current drug development research, including in vitro, in vivo, and clinical research data.

By focusing on basic principles, current research, and global trends, this book provides a critical resource for students and researchers in the areas of pharmacognosy, pharmacy, botany, medicine, biotechnology, biochemistry, and chemistry.

  • Covers the differences between animal and plant cells to facilitate an easier transition to how the body interacts with these entities
  • Contains practice questions at the end of every chapter to test learning and retention
  • Provides a single source that covers fundamental topics and future strategies, with the goal of enabling further research that will contribute to the overall health and well-being of mankind

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