PPDT Stories with Answers PDF Free Download 2023

In this blog, you will get ppdt pic or image for SSB along with their sample story and solution. PPDT images for practice for SSB interview are provided below. PPDT stands for Picture Perception and Description Test conducted on day one of SSB process. Below we have provided 5 ppdt pictures with solutions for your practice regarding the screening test of SSB.

The ppdt images provided below are a little blurry and hazy which you may not like but the fact is that the actual image of ppdt is similarly blurry and hazy which will show you for 30 sec to the image details and then in 4 minutes you have to write a story. After writing the story there will be a narration round and a discussion round in the group. There can be different perceptions for a single image so just make your story yourself and just look at the solution of the below ppdt image as reference only.

5 PPDT Pictures with Stories PDF Download:-

5 PPDT Stories with Answers which you can use to practice for your ppdt test on day 1 of your SSB interview are given below. But before moving forward I want to explain to you the instruction to write the answer in ppdt test.

As per the latest trend, first of all, the assessor gives the candidates 1 minute to note down the details of the picture in a sheet provided for the purpose. All the details related to sex, gender, age, mood, etc of the characters in the picture have to be marked inside the box printed on the sheet provided for the purpose. In the next step, the candidate gets 4 minutes to write a story using the details jotted down and keeping the picture in the mind. The story should be written on the sheet provided for the same purpose.

5 ppdt pictures with sample stories and image details are provided below for your SSB ppdt practice:

PPDT Pictures 01 :

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PPDT Pictures

PPDT Pictures 01 Details:

Image details askedDetails noticed
Central CharacterA boy
Number of charactersThree
Age and Sex25 years to 30 years / all are male
What has happenedEnemies have started firing at the soldiers of
neighboring country
What is happeningSoldiers from neighboring countries are firing
back at the enemies
Future actionThe positive mood of the soldiers shows they
are at the winning point
Final outcomeProductive, courageous, and challenging

PPDT Pictures 01 Story:

Amit as a boy always dreamt of becoming a soldier in the Indian Army. Accordingly, he made all the efforts to become a soldier and was successful in his efforts. Now, he is serving as a soldier in the Indian Army and is recruited in border security.

While on the duty, one day he saw a few soldiers from the enemy country entering the border and approaching his troop. Suddenly, he alerted his comrades who got onto their feet. Thus, there was a firing between both sides. Finally, Amit was successful in capturing the enemy soldiers with the help of other soldiers. Amit made a sign of victory.

PPDT Pictures 02 :

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PPDT Pictures

PPDT Pictures 02 Details:

Image details Details noticed
Central Character2 boys
Number of charactersMore than 2 (Mainly 2)
Age and Sex22 years to 25 years, male and female
What has happenedJulie, Peter, and their friends went on trekking
and while returning home they lost their way
What is happeningBoth are searching for a way out of the woods
Future actionThey found a way out of darkness leading to the
main road
Final outcomeThey are successful in trekking and coming
home back safely

PPDT Pictures 02 Story:

Julie and Peter are good friends since their school days and had a habit of going on trekking to the nearby forest and mountains. One day when they were returning home after trekking, they lost their way home. They tried numerous ways but could not find the way. After moving around for several hours, they got tired and sat on high land. Suddenly they saw a light coming from the valley road but that way, the journey was very dangerous and slippery.

After thinking about it for a few minutes they decided to go ahead. On their way, Julie slipped but Peter hold her at the right moment. Finally, they reached the place from where the light was coming. It was a car which was there because of a punctured tire. The car owner repaired the tire with the help of Peter and he happily took them to their homes, Due to their courage and “never die attitude” they reached home safely.

PPDT Pictures 03 :

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PPDT Pictures

PPDT Pictures 03 Details:

Image details Details noticed
Central Character2 girls, 2 boys
Number of charactersMany (Mainly 4)
Age and Sex25 to 30, 2 females and 2 males
What has happenedFour friends on a weekend planned a picnic
and they are dancing
What is happeningIt is raining, friends are enjoying the day
Future actionThey had to return soon so that they don’t
get drenched
Final outcomeCome back home safely

PPDT Pictures 03 Story:

Rosy, Smitha, Raj, and Jacob went on a picnic on a weekend. The picnic was planned but on that day the atmosphere got cloudy. Still, it was enjoyable. Rosy carried an umbrella with her. They visited a nearby lake, and sat there for 2 to 3 hours enjoying the lake view, clicking snaps, and having snacks and juice in between.

It started drizzling and all four of them started to pack up things and moved towards the bus stop. On the way, Raj started to dance by lifting his legs and hands, but unfortunately, he slipped and fell down, getting his ankle fractured. Jacob with the help of Rosy and Smitha rushed Raj to the hospital where the doctor said that he would get well within a week. Thus, after a week Jacob got well and thanked his friends for their cooperation.

PPDT Pictures 04 :

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PPDT Pictures

PPDT Pictures 04 Details:

Image details Details noticed
Central CharacterA boy
Number of charactersMainly 3
Age and Sex25-30 years and 55 to 60 years male
What has happenedRavi Shankar along with his friend Mishra has
filed a case against their sons
What is happeningRavi Shankar is revealing his problem to the
young magistrate Siddarth
Future actionHe should come out with a solution for insecurity
Final outcomeSuccessful in setting solutions through district

PPDT Pictures 04 Story:

Siddarth had a dream of becoming a district magistrate which he made a reality. He was successful in his professional life and personal too. One day he received a grievance from an old aged person Ravi Shankar who filed a case that he was ignored by his son and daughter-in-law who were not taking care of him. He told the magistrate that he wanted his son to vacate the house if he could not take care of him, moreover, the house was in the name of Ravi Shankar.

The same was the case with his friend Jatin Mishra. Siddarth was so humane and humble that he wanted to give a permanent solution to their problems. First and foremost he wrote to the district administration to bring up an old age home in the city. Secondly, he asked the sons to summon the to court and said it was unlawful for them to neglect their parents and ordered that if they do not take care of their parents they should vacate the house as it is legal. As a result, Ravi Shankar and Jatin Mishra got due care in their life. Siddarth was successful in his effort.

PPDT Pictures 05 :

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PPDT Pictures

PPDT Pictures 05 Details:

Image details Details noticed
Central CharacterA boy
Number of charactersMore than 2
Age and SexAll are male aged 40-50 years and 25 years
What has happenedMr. Ganguly, retired Air Chief Marshal died
and Sujit has visited
What is happeningAll friends of ACM are mourning the death
Future actionTo come out of the sorrow of the death
Final outcomeSujit is successful in his attempt

PPDT Pictures 05 Story:

Sujit Verma had lost his father in the Civil War between India and China. But he was always guided by his father’s friend Mr. Ganguly who was a retired Air Chief Marshal and he always inspired Sujit to become an Air Chief Marshal. Thus Sujit was selected for his efforts to work as a Flight Lieutenant. He was so honest and hard-working that he got the promotion to the highest rank which is Air Chief Marshal.

He wanted to give this good news to Mr. Ganguly who would be happy to listen to this news, but he got the bad news that Mr. Ganguly expired due to a heart attack the same morning. Sujit visited the mourning house and did the last rites to Mr. Ganguly and decided to work for the nation throughout his life; it made him forget slowly the death of Mr Ganguly and Sujit successfully served the nation in the memories of Mr. Ganguly.

PPDT Stories with Answers PDF Free Download 2023

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Your story of the provided ppdt pic may vary as per your imagination and perspectives, it’s not compulsory for you to write the same story or your story needs to be similar to it the only thing you need to take care of while writing the story is that it is important to make a practical and rational story instead of being too imaginative. Make a rough outline of the story before writing. Imagine positively and make a story with a positive message. The story must have a positive direction with a positive message. Thanks for visiting our blog.

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