Samvedna Publication Mechanics Book PDF Download 2022

Samvedna Publication Mechanics Book PDF Download here for free, which is very helpful for M.Sc. level Entrance Examinations like IIT JAM, TIFR, ISRO, etc. This Mechanics book is considered as a really good book for Preparation Physics Preparation.

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So, if you are looking for a good Mechanics (Classical Mechanics) Book with enough Numerical Questions for the preparation of M.Sc. Level entrances then this Samvedna Publication Mechanics Book is a perfect book. Download here Samvedna Publication Mechanics Book PDF for free.

Samvedna Publication Mechanics Book PDF: Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1. Velocity and Acceleration
  • Chapter 2. Newton’s Laws of Motion
  • Chapter 3. Friction – A Necessary Evil
  • Chapter 4. Central Forces
  • Chapter 5. Uniformly Rotating Frame – Centrifugal and Coriolis Forces
  • Chapter 6. Work, Power, and Energy
  • Chapter 7.Centre of Mass
  • Chapter 8. Rigid Body Dynamics
  • Chapter 9. Fluid Dynamics

Syllabus Covered in Samvedna Publication Mechanics Book PDF

The Samvedna Publication Mechanics Book PDF covered the syllabus of Classical Mechanics (Mechanics and General Properties of Matter) at the Undergraduate level. The Syllabus is elaborated on below.

Newton’s laws of motion and applications,
》Velocity and acceleration in Cartesian,
》polar and cylindrical coordinate systems,
》uniformly rotating frame,
》centrifugal and Centripetal Forces
》Coriolis force,
》Motion under a central force,
》Kepler’s laws,
》Gravitational Law and field,
》Conservative and non-conservative forces.
》System of particles,
》Centre of mass,
》equation of motion of the CM,
》conservation of linear and angular momentum,
》conservation of energy,
》variable mass systems.
》Elastic and inelastic collisions.
》Rigid body motion,
》fixed axis rotations,
》rotation and translation,
》moments of Inertia and products of Inertia,
》parallel and perpendicular axes theorem.
》Principal moments and axes.
》Kinematics of moving fluids,
》equation of continuity,
》Euler’s equation,
》Bernoulli’s theorem.

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Download Samvedna Publication Mechanics Book PDF

Book nameSamvedna Publication Mechanics (Classical Mechanics)
AuthorsVishal Deoarshi & Vikas Deorashi
PublicationSamvedna Publication
File size (in MB)– – – MB

Download Samvedna Publication Mechanics Book PDF for free, also you can buy a hard copy of the book at the given link below.

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The Samvedna Publication Mechanics Book PDF is Available in Chapter-wise PDF format. The Chapter-wise Links are given below.

》Chapter 01 & 02: Velocity and Acceleration & Newton’s Laws of Motion

》Chapter 03: Friction – A Necessary Evil

》Chapter 04: Central Forces

》Chapter 05: Uniformly Rotating Frame – Centrifugal and Coriolis Forces

》Chapter 06: Work, Power, and Energy

》Chapter 07: Centre of Mass

》Chapter 08: Rigid Body Dynamics

》Chapter 09: Fluid Dynamics

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