Samvedna Publication Modern Physics Book PDF Download 2022

Samvedna Publication is a Good Study Material for IIT JAM and many other M.Sc. Level Entrances. In this post, we will provide you the Samvedna Publication Modern Physics Book PDF for free.

Samvedna Publication Books are the High Quality printed Notes which can help to crack many M.Sc. Level competitive Exams. Additionally, these books contain a lot of Numerical Questions for enough practice before the final exam.

Samvedna Publication Modern Physics Book , Iit jam PHYSICS

So, if you want study Modern Physics for M.Sc. Level Competitive Exams and revision the unit by practicing enough Numerical Questions then must read this book. This book provides a good quality content with varieties  of  solved  and  unsolved numericals  after  each  unit  or  chapter for the entrance exams like IIT JAM, TIFR, ISRO, KVPY, etc.

Samvedna Publication Modern Physics Book: Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Oigin of Quantun
》Solved Examples (Subjective)
》Solved Examples (Objective)
》Exercise : 1 – 6
Chapter 2. Mathematical Tools》Solved Examples (Subjective)
》Exercise : 1 – 2
Chapter 3. Postulates of Quantum
》Solved Examples (Subjective)
》Solved Examples (Objective)
》Exercise : 1 – 2
Chapter 4. Applications of Schrodinger
Wave Equations
》Solved Examples (Subjective)
》Solved Examples (Objective)
》Exercise : 1 – 2
Chapter 5. Three Dimensional
》Solved Examples (Subjective)
》Solved Examples (Objective)
》Exercise : 1 – 2
Chapter 6. Nuclear Physics》Solved Examples (Subjective)
》Solved Examples (Objective)
》Exercise : 1 – 2
Chapter 7. Relativistic Mechanics》Solved Examples (Subjective)
》Solved Examples (Objective)
》Exercise : 1 – 3

Syllabus Covered in Samvedna Publication Modern Physics Book PDF

This Book totally Covers the syllabus of Modern Physics at the Undergraduate Level. The syllabus is tabulated below.

》Inertial frames and Galilean invariance.
》Postulates of special  relativity.
》Lorentz transformations.
》Length contraction,
》Time dilation.
》Relativistic velocity addition theorem,
》Mass energy equivalence.
》Blackbody  radiation,
》Photoelectric effect,
》Compton effect,
》Bohr’s atomic model,
》Wave-particle duality,
》Uncertainty principle,
》The superposition principle,
》Calculation of expectation values,
》Schrodinger equation and its solution for one, two and three dimensional boxes.
》Solution of Schrodinger equation for the one dimensional harmonic oscillator.
》Reflection and transmission at a step potential,
》Pauli exclusion principle.
》Structure of atomic nucleus,
》Mass and binding energy.
》Radioactivity and its applications.
》Laws of radioactive decay.

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Samvedna Publication Modern Physics Book PDF DOWNLOAD

Book nameSamvedna Publication Modern Physics
AuthorsVishal Deoarshi & Vikas Deorashi
PublicationSamvedna Publication
File size (in MB)89.00 MB

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