Schaum’s Outline Statistics pdf Download 2023

Schaum’s outline statistics pdf is provided here which anyone can download easily from below. Schaum outline of statistics sixth edition is the latest edition of the book helpful for math enthusiast.

Schaum’s Outline Statistics pdf Download
Schaum’s Outline Statistics pdf Download

MURRAY R. SPIEGEL and LARRY J. STEPHENS are author of this Schaum’s outline statistics pdf. This book is specially Designed for undergraduate and postgraduate students of mathematics, the book can also be used by those preparing for various competitive examinations such as IIT-JAM, Csir-net, JEST, JRF etc.

The book is clear and comprehensible, It looks like a big and complicated book, but frankly if you have a minimum knowledge in statistics and probabilities you will find it easy and simple to follow. And it will help you update your skills and clarify some parts you had difficulties. The exercises are clear, well explained, with the solutions laid out right after the questions. It’s basic to medium statistics, not a very advanced level.

SCHAUM’S OUTline More Book pdf

List of chapters in schaum series statistics pdf:

CHAPTER 1 Variables and Graphs

Population and Sample; Inductive and Descriptive Statistics
Variables: Discrete and Continuous
Rounding of Data
Scientific Notation
Significant Figures
Rectangular Coordinates
Properties of Logarithms
Logarithmic Equations

CHAPTER 2 Frequency Distributions

Raw Data
Frequency Distributions
Class Intervals and Class Limits
Class Boundaries
The Size, or Width, of a Class Interval
The Class Mark
General Rules for Forming Frequency Distributions
Histograms and Frequency Polygons
Relative-Frequency Distributions
Cumulative-Frequency Distributions and Ogives
Relative Cumulative-Frequency Distributions and
Percentage Ogives
Frequency Curves and Smoothed Ogives
Types of Frequency Curves

CHAPTER 3 The Mean, Median, Mode, and Other Measures of
Central Tendency

Index, or Subscript, Notation
Summation Notation
Averages, or Measures of Central Tendency
The Arithmetic Mean
The Weighted Arithmetic Mean
Properties of the Arithmetic Mean
The Arithmetic Mean Computed from Grouped Data
The Median
The Mode
The Empirical Relation Between the Mean, Median, and Mode
The Geometric Mean G
The Harmonic Mean H
The Relation Between the Arithmetic, Geometric, and Harmonic
The Root Mean Square
Quartiles, Deciles, and Percentiles
Software and Measures of Central Tendency

CHAPTER 4 The Standard Deviation and Other Measures of

Dispersion, or Variation
The Range
The Mean Deviation
The Semi-Interquartile Range
The 10–90 Percentile Range
The Standard Deviation
The Variance
Short Methods for Computing the Standard Deviation
Properties of the Standard Deviation
Charlier’s Check
Sheppard’s Correction for Variance
Empirical Relations Between Measures of Dispersion
Absolute and Relative Dispersion; Coefficient of Variation
Standardized Variable; Standard Scores
Software and Measures of Dispersion

CHAPTER 5 Moments, Skewness, and Kurtosis

Moments for Grouped Data
Relations Between Moments
Computation of Moments for Grouped Data
Charlier’s Check and Sheppard’s Corrections
Moments in Dimensionless Form
Population Moments, Skewness, and Kurtosis
Software Computation of Skewness and Kurtosis

CHAPTER 6 Elementary Probability Theory

Definitions of Probability
Conditional Probability; Independent and
Dependent Events
Mutually Exclusive Events
Probability Distributions
Mathematical Expectation
Relation Between Population, Sample Mean, and Variance
Combinatorial Analysis
Stirling’s Approximation to n!
Relation of Probability to Point Set Theory
Euler or Venn Diagrams and Probability

CHAPTER 7 The Binomial, Normal, and Poisson Distributions

The Binomial Distribution
The Normal Distribution
Relation Between the Binomial and Normal Distributions
The Poisson Distribution
Relation Between the Binomial and Poisson Distributions
The Multinomial Distribution
Fitting Theoretical Distributions to Sample Frequency

CHAPTER 8 Elementary Sampling Theory

Sampling Theory
Random Samples and Random Numbers
Sampling With and Without Replacement
Sampling Distributions
Sampling Distribution of Means
Sampling Distribution of Proportions
Sampling Distributions of Differences and Sums
Standard Errors
Software Demonstration of Elementary Sampling Theory

CHAPTER 9 Statistical Estimation Theory

Estimation of Parameters
Unbiased Estimates
Efficient Estimates
Point Estimates and Interval Estimates; Their Reliability
Confidence-Interval Estimates of Population Parameters
Probable Error

CHAPTER 10 Statistical Decision Theory

Statistical Decisions
Statistical Hypotheses
Tests of Hypotheses and Significance, or Decision Rules
Type I and Type II Errors
Level of Significance
Tests Involving Normal Distributions
Two-Tailed and One-Tailed Tests
Special Tests
Operating-Characteristic Curves; the Power of a Test
p-Values for Hypotheses Tests
Control Charts
Tests Involving Sample Differences
Tests Involving Binomial Distributions

CHAPTER 11 Small Sampling Theory

Small Samples
Student’s t Distribution
Confidence Intervals
Tests of Hypotheses and Significance
The Chi-Square Distribution
Confidence Intervals for 
Degrees of Freedom
The F Distribution

CHAPTER 12 The Chi-Square Test

Observed and Theoretical Frequencies
Definition of χ2
Significance Tests
The Chi-Square Test for Goodness of Fit
Contingency Tables
Yates’ Correction for Continuity
Simple Formulas for Computing χ2
Coefficient of Contingency
Correlation of Attributes
Additive Property of χ2

CHAPTER 13 Curve Fitting and the Method of Least Squares

Relationship Between Variables
Curve Fitting
Equations of Approximating Curves
Freehand Method of Curve Fitting
The Straight Line
The Method of Least Squares
The Least-Squares Line
Nonlinear Relationships
The Least-Squares Parabola
Applications to Time Series
Problems Involving More Than Two Variables

CHAPTER 14 Correlation Theory

Correlation and Regression
Linear Correlation
Measures of Correlation
The Least-Squares Regression Lines
Standard Error of Estimate
Explained and Unexplained Variation
Coefficient of Correlation
Remarks Concerning the Correlation Coefficient
Product-Moment Formula for the Linear
Correlation Coefficient
Short Computational Formulas
Regression Lines and the Linear Correlation Coefficient
Correlation of Time Series
Correlation of Attributes
Sampling Theory of Correlation
Sampling Theory of Regression

CHAPTER 15 Multiple and Partial Correlation

Multiple Correlation
Subscript Notation
Regression Equations and Regression Planes
Normal Equations for the Least-Squares Regression Plane
Regression Planes and Correlation Coefficients
Standard Error of Estimate
Coefficient of Multiple Correlation
Change of Dependent Variable
Generalizations to More Than Three Variables
Partial Correlation
Relationships Between Multiple and Partial Correlation
Nonlinear Multiple Regression

CHAPTER 16 Analysis of Variance

The Purpose of Analysis of Variance
One-Way Classification, or One-Factor Experiments
Total Variation, Variation Within Treatments, and Variation
Between Treatments
Shortcut Methods for Obtaining Variations
Mathematical Model for Analysis of Variance
Expected Values of the Variations
Distributions of the Variations
The F Test for the Null Hypothesis of Equal Means
Analysis-of-Variance Tables
Modifications for Unequal Numbers of Observations
Two-Way Classification, or Two-Factor Experiments
Notation for Two-Factor Experiments
Variations for Two-Factor Experiments
Analysis of Variance for Two-Factor Experiments
Two-Factor Experiments with Replication
Experimental Design

CHAPTER 17 Nonparametric tests

The Sign Test
The Mann–Whitney U Test
The Kruskal–Wallis H Test
The H Test Corrected for Ties
The Runs Test for Randomness
Further Applications of the Runs Test
Spearman’s Rank Correlation

CHAPTER 18 Statistical Process Control and Process Capability

General Discussion of Control Charts
Variables and Attributes Control Charts
X-bar and R Charts
Tests for Special Causes
Process Capability
P- and NP-Charts
Other Control Charts
Answers to Supplementary Problems

I Ordinates (Y) of the Standard Normal Curve at z
II Areas Under the Standard Normal Curve from 0 to z
III Percentile Values (tp) for Student’s t Distribution with  Degrees of Freedom
IV Percentile Values (-2p) for the Chi-Square Distribution with  Degrees of Freedom
V 95th Percentile Values for the F Distribution
VI 99th Percentile Values for the F Distribution
VII Four-Place Common Logarithms
VIII Values of e
IX Random Numbers

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