seating arrangement questions pdf download 2022

Seating Arrangement PDF latest edition download for CAT, IBPS, PO, Clerk and all other competition level exams. Seating Arrangement questions PDF with answers is available here which you can download easily from below .Seating Arrangement Questions PDF , Reasoning Sitting Problems PDF download .

seating arrangement questions pdf
seating arrangement questions pdf

Seating arrangement is one of the well-known topics of reasoning for all competitive exams.Many of the aspirants look for seating arrangement questions for SBI PO, seating arrangement questions for IBPS Clerk pdf, circular seating arrangement questions, seating arrangement questions for IBPS PO, and so on which we have tried to provide you below .Aspirant can improve their reasoning with the help of free seating arrangement questions for bank PO and seating arrangement questions for SBI clerk pdf.

seating arrangement questions pdf with answers:

Before solving the sitting arrangement questions pdf with answers candidate must be aware about the basic concept of this topic of reasoning.

sitting arrangement questions involves arrangement of persons in a circular table ,rectangular table or line arrangement with some given condition. In order to solve this types of questions best strategies to develop a rough pictorial diagram . Once a diagram is complete, questions that follow can be answer easily.

Types of sitting arrangement questions :

sitting arrangement questions are distinguished as follows :

  1. Circle Seating Arrangement
  2. Square Seating Arrangement
  3. Rectangle Seating Arrangement
  4. Triangle Seating Arrangement
  5. LINEAR Seating Arrangement
  6. Parallel rows Seating Arrangement
  7. A certain number of people CIRCLE
  8. A certain number of people LINEAR
  9. 3 row parallel
  10. Linear arrangements with meaningful words

These topics are common for both prelims and mains exam, only the number of given data and difficulty level of the questions may change to tier I and Tier II exams.

Other reasoning topic question pdf :

Benefits of solving sitting arrangement questions pdf :

There are various benefits of solving sitting arrangement question PDF such as:

  • solving sitting arrangement questions will help you to solve these type of reasoning questions accurately .
  • Competitive exams like Bank PO , ssc etc is all about practice . A person who practice more have a higher chance to qualify the exam as compared to the person who practice less .
  • The sitting arrangement question PDF with answer will help you to practice more and more.
  • Time management is one of the most typical problem faced by many student during the preparation of a competitive exam , the only solution of time management is of practicing questions from Google or from various sources which you can access . if you can manage your time you are able to solve more question in lesser time and get more marks.
  • We have also provided other topic questions of reasoning for various competitive examination which you can check on our website
  • If you solve this sitting arrangement questions PDF then you will able to identify your weak point through which you can improve that before the exam and will able to master the topic and get good marks .

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Download seating arrangement questions pdf below :-

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What are seating arrangement tips & tricks for Bank Exams?

1. First step is to take a quick glance on the given information and you will get an idea of the situation of the persons.
2. Second step is to pick the useful information which is “definite information” and fix the place accordingly. For e.g. – A is sitting second to the left of B.
3. Do not pick the negative information in first step. Negative information means – which information does not tell anything definitely but it gives an idea to eliminate a possibility. For e.g. – A is not sitting on the immediate left of B. or B is not opposite of E.
Important note: Meaning of – and, who and adjacent in seating arrangement.
1. If two information is joining by “and” , than the information is talking about the first person. For e.g. – A is third to the left of B and second to the right of D. Here it means – A is sitting third to the left of B and also A is sitting second to the right of D. Many student’s confuse here and take information as a – A is sitting third to the left of B and B is sitting second to the right of D, which is wrong.
2. If two information is joining by “who”, than the information given after “who” is talking about the second person. For e.g. – A is third to the left of B who is second to the right of D. Here it means – A is sitting third to the left of B and B is sitting second to the right of D. Many student’s confuse here and take information as a – A is sitting third to the left of B and also A is sitting second to the right of D, which is wrong.
3. Adjacent – means – next to each other not opposite to each other. A and B is adjacent to each other, which means they are immediate neighbor of each other.

What are the common mistakes to avoid in bank exams?

Below which are blunders and should be avoided at all costs.
Watching a lot of strategy videos of successful aspirants — Strategy videos are important but only to a certain extent, for certain tips and tricks . (Make your own strategy according to your strengths and weaknesses)
Preparing for mains after prelims. (Most common mistake, start writing mains mock from the start itself..and by mains mock i mean full length timed mocks in a single sitting)
Trying to complete the whole syllabus of arithmetic. (Trust me you don’t need to…you don’t have to become a pro at math..just be good enough to tackle mains level ques of some chap..)
Keeping your phone near you while studying. (Do not touch your phone while studying, use your laptop for studies)
Searching for different books for practice. ( Mocks are the true medicines for banking prep, rely solely on mocks and see the difference )
Improper analysis of mocks ( Its of utmost importance )
Leaving out on the easy picks — ( Paper attempting strategy is extremely important, you should know which ques to leave..this is mainly for mains )

Hope so these will help you to prepare for bank exam .

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