Solid State Physics MCQ with Answers

Practice Solid State Physics MCQ with Answers.

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The Chapter/Unit Solid State Physics contains mainly 6 Major Topics which are

  • 1. Crystal Structure
  • 2. Semiconductor
  • 3. Crystal Diffraction
  • 4. Magnetic theory of Solid
  • 5. Crystal Theory and Bonding, Band theory
  • 6. Thermal Properties

Solid State Physics MCQ with Answers

There are Topic-wise MCQ are available for All the Units in the Chapter Real Analysis and those are arranged below in the Table. Go and practice all for Free

S. No.Topics/UnitsTest Links
》 01.Crystal Structure Click Here
》 02.SemiconductorsClick Here
》 03.Crystal DiffractionClick Here
》 04.Magnetic Properties of SolidClick Here
》 05.Crystal Theory & Bonding , Band Theory Click Here
》 06.Thermal PropertiesClick Here

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