Thermodynamics MCQs ( The Phase Transition) Practice Questions for IIT JAM, JEST, TIFR, BHU, JNU, DU, HCU, ISRO etc.

Here is a compilation of Free MCQs of THERMODYNAMICS MCQs Practice Questions for IIT JAM, JEST, TIFR, BHU, JNU, DU, HCU, ISRO etc. Candidates can practice free MCQs . At the end of Multiple Choice Questions, the answer key has also been provided for your reference. So, you can test yourself HERE.

Thermodynamics MCQs ( The Phase Transition) Practice Questions for IIT JAM, JEST, TIFR, BHU, JNU, DU, HCU, ISRO etc.

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Thermodynamics MCQs ( The Phase Transition) Practice Questions for IIT JAM, JEST, TIFR, BHU, JNU, DU, HCU, ISRO etc.

The Thermodynamics MCQs Practice Questions  with Answers is very important for students who want to score good marks in their examinations like IIT JAM, JEST, TIFR, BHU, JNU, DU, HCU, ISRO etc.

We have compiled the MCQs Questions for the Candidates/Students who are preparing for IIT JAM, JEST, TIFR, BHU, JNU, DU, HCU, ISRO etc. Practice Thermodynamics MCQs  (Multiple Choice Questions) with Answers on a daily basis and score well in exams.

There is total 30 The Modern Physics MCQs with answers given  below So , attempt these  The Modern Physics MCQs and test yourself , at the last correct and incorrect answers will be  highlighted.


#1. Identity which one is a first order phase transition ?

#2. Consider the transition of liquid water to steam as water boils at a temperature of 100°C under àpressure of 1 atmosphere. Which one ofthe following quantities does not change discontinuously at the transition ?

#3. A quantity ofwater is completely converted into steam by boiling :

#4. Identify which one is a first order phase transition ?

#5. Which of the following is an example of a first order phase transition ?

#6. Which one of the following is a first order phase transition ?

#7. In a first order phase transition, at the transition temperature, specific heat of the system

#8. Across a first order phase transition, the free energy is

#9. A second order phase transition is one in which

#10. The transition from ordinary liquid helium (He I) to superfluid helium (He II) is an example ofa second order lambda point transition. The quantities that remain constant in such a transition at the transitionpoint are

#11. The pressure versus temperature diagram ofa given system at certain low temperature range is found to be parallel to the temperature axis inthe liquid to solid transitionregion The change in the specific volume remains constant in this region. The conclusion one can get from the above is

#12. For a liquid to vapour phase transition at Ttr which of the plots betwecn specific Gibbs free energy 'g' and temperature T is correct ?

#13. When two phases 1 and 2 of a system are in thermodynamic equilibrium, their temperature T, pressure p and chemical potential μ satisfy

#14. The vapour pressure (p), in mm of Hg. of solid ammonia is given by the relation: In p=23.01-(3754/T), where T is the absolute temperature. The vapour pressurc, in mm of Hg, of liquid ammonia is given by the relation In p = 19.49-(3063/T). The temperature of the triple point is about

#15. The ratio (∂V/∂T)p ,  is negative for


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How can I start preparing for IIT JAM for Physics ?

Step-wise IIT JAM Physics 2022 Preparation Plan

Aspirants should check the following steps to start with the preparation process of IIT JAM 2022.

  • Step 1 : Know the IIT JAM 2022 syllabus thoroughly.
  • Step 2 : Understand the IIT JAM exam pattern and marking scheme.
  • Step 3 : Get the best books to study for IIT JAM and other study material.
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Kinetic Theory and Thermodynamics Important Topics for IIT JAM PHYSICS

There are some important topics of Thermodynamics for IIT JAM PHYSICS preperation are listed below : –

  • Kinetic theory of Gases
  • Calorimetry
  • The Gas Laws and Laws of Thermodynamics
  • The Carnot Engine
  • The Entropy and Second Law of Thermodynamics
  • Thermodynamics Potentials and Maxwell Relation
  • The Phase Transition
  • Statistical Physics

IIT JAM Physics Books to Study for Kinetic Theory and Thermodynamics Preparation 2022

Books that aspirants should consider reading for the topic, Kinetic Theory and Thermodynamics, are as mentioned below:

Name of BookAuthor
Thermal PhysicsGarg, Bansal & Ghosh
Thermal Physics: Heat & ThermodynamicsHP Roy & AB Gupta
Fundamentals of Statistical Mechanics & Thermal PhysicsF Reif


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