Vector Analysis Schaum Series PDF Free Download 2022

Download the latest edition of Vector Analysis Schaum Series PDF for free here. In this book, everything has been discussed from basic to advanced about Vector.

Vector Analysis Schaum Series PDF starts with the basic introduction of a vector that what is vector and how it forms. The further chapters explained the various process of Vector Transformation from one coordinate to other coordinates. Also, discussed the applications of Vector. This book is a complete package of vector analysis.

Vector Analysis Schaum Series PDF Free Download 2022

Schaum series Vector Analysis Book pdf Download 2022

Outlines of Vector Analysis Schaum Series PDF

  • This book is designed to be used either as a textbook for a formal course in vector analysis or as a useful supplement to all current standard texts.
  • Each chapter begins with a clear statement of pertinent definitions, principles, and theorems together with illustrated and other descriptive material.
  • This is followed by graded sets of solved and supplementary problems. Numerous proofs of theorems and derivations of formulas are included among the solved problems.
  • A large number of supplementary problems with answers serve as a complete review of the material of each chapter.
  • Topics covered include the algebra and the differential and integral calculus of vectors, Stokes’ theorem, the divergence theorem, and other integral theorems together with many applications drawn from various fields.
  • Added features are the chapters on curvilinear coordinates and tensor analysis. Considerable more material has been included here than can be covered in most first courses.
  • This has been done to make the book more flexible, to provide a more useful book of reference, and to stimulate further interest in the topics.”

Vector Analysis Schaum Series PDF: Book Contents

Chapter 01: VECTORS AND SCALAR.Vectors. Scalars. Vector algebra. Laws of vector algebra. Unit vectors. Rectangular unit vectors, Components of a vector. Scalar fields. Vector fields.
Chapter 02: THE DOT AND CROSS PRODUCTDot or scalar products. Cross or vector products. Triple products. Reciprocal sets of
Chapter 03: VECTOR DIFFERENTIATIONOrdinary derivatives of vectors. Space curves. Continuity and differentiability. Differentiation formulas. Partial derivatives of vectors Differentials of vectors. Differential geometry. Mechanics.
Chapter 04: GRADIENT, DIVERGENCE, AND CURLThe vector differential operator del. Gradient. Divergence. Curl. Formulas involving del.
Chapter 05: VECTOR INTEGRATIONOrdinary integrals of vectors. Line integrals. Surface integrals. Volume integrals.
Chapter 06: THE DiVERGENCE THEOREM, STOKES’ THEOREM, AND RELATED INTEGRAL THEOREMThe divergence theorem of Gauss. Stokes’ theorem,. Green’s theorem in the plane. Related integral theorems. Integral operator form for del.
Chapter 07: CURVILINEAR COORDINATESTransformation of coordinates. Orthogonal curvilinear_coordinates. Unit vectors in curvilinear systems. Arc length and volume elements, Gradient, divergence, and curl. Special orthogonal coordinate systems. Cylindrical coordinates. Spherical coordinates. Parabolic cylindrical coordinates. Paraboloidal coordinates. Elliptic cylindrical coordinates. Prolate spheroidal coordinates. Oblate spheroidal coordinates. Ellipsoidal coordinates. Bipolar coordinates.
Chapter 08: TENSOR ANALYSISPhysical laws. Spaces of N dimensions. Coordinate transformations.The summation convention. Contravariant and covariant vectors. Contravariant, covariant, and mixed tensors. The Kronecker delta. Tensors of rank greater than two. Scalars or invariants. Tensor fields. Symmetric and skew-symmetric tensors. Fundamental operations with tensors. Matrices. Matrix algebra. The line element and metric tensor. conjugate or reciprocal tensors. Associated tensors. Length of a vector. The angle between vectors. Physical components. Christoffel’s symbols. Transformation laws of Christoffel’s symbols. Geodesics. Covariant derivatives. Permutation symbols and tensors Tensor form of gradient, divergence, and curl. The intrinsic or absolute derivative. Relative and absolute tensors.

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Vector Analysis Schaum Series PDF Free Download 2022

Download the Vector Analysis Schaum Series PDF for Free here. Also, you can grab a hard copy of the book from the given link below.

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